Thirsty? Drink in The Word of God!

The first tip in my upcoming eBook to Avoid Single Mom Burnout is to “Schedule a Daily Date with God!” The world is a tough contender and will knock you out of the ring with a punch you never saw coming. You’ve been there right? You’re just going about your business and bam, you get sucker punched! We are like boxers stumbling back to our corner of the ring. Sitting there with our head hanging low, thirsty. I have this vision of Rocky Balboa sitting in the corner all bloodied up with Mickey wiping off his bloody face and squirting water into his mouth. After a tough bout with the world we are often left parched, and spiritually dehydrated.

Spiritual dehydration has serious side effects. When we are thirsty we lose the energy to do God’s will, we experience a lack of faith, and we start doubting our purpose as daughters of Christ. We enter dangerous territory when we try to quench that thirst with the water of the world and not the living water. When you’re really thirsty anything has a way of looking good, and you may drink it, but that temporary satisfaction only lasts for a while and in the end you are even thirstier than before. The only thirst quencher in this world is through the living water of God.

Health experts say we should drink a glass of water in the morning to rehydrate. I’m going to take a page out of their book, and say the first thing we should do in the morning is to drink in the word of God. Make God’s word a companion to that first cup of coffee in the morning, to kick start your day! I

God’s word is our shelter, armor, blueprint for life and a place of refuge from the storms. Scriptures guides and encourages us that God is present. He is alive and loves us in all our imperfections. The word is living and breathing and gives us life! Be like the deer panting near the water, pant for the water that feeds your soul. Be intentional about scheduling a date with God and drinking him in, so that your light continues to shine.