Tips on Beating Those Co-Parenting Holiday Blues for Single Moms

Do you share holidays? Feeling lost without the kids? I’ll be giving you suggestions on how to handle those  tough holidays when the kids are with the other parent. Don’t worry your momma heart will get through it!


30 Day Gratitude Project: Day 9 -Diversity

Day 9

I’m struggling today. I have a nasty cold, I’m frustrated and saddened by well… people. I thought about skipping day 9 to be honest with you. But, that didn’t feel right either. So I thought about the current climate of our nation  and where I could find some gratitude… and it’s in our diversity. If we allow ourselves to open our heart to each other’s uniqueness we can find empathy, understanding, connection and beauty in one another, enriching our lives and those lives we come in contact with. Through our differences we can tear down walls and build bridges, we can collaborate, we can share our stories and be stronger for it.

I took this photo on one of my morning walks. The different leaves overlapping one another reminded me of how we are as a society. We’re all kind of mixed in and piled on top each other fighting for space, in all different hues, making up this beautiful picture of diversity, not always lying perfectly next to one another, but yet we’re together. Right now we are not lying perfectly together, but we are in this together. So today, I’m grateful for our differences because that’s what makes life so extraordinary, surprising, odd and worth living.