30 Day Gratitude Project: Day 29

Day 29

I’m grateful for my neighborhood. It is a safe place to raise my daughter where she can play outside, where we can take walks down pretty pathways like the one below and enjoy a peaceful existence.


30 Day Gratitude Project: Day 21

Day 21

It may not be fancy, but I’m so grateful for my car! Funny thing happened today that reminded me of how thankful I am for my wheels. I parked in the parking lot of the Kennedy Center to take Anya to rehearsal. Afterward, I could not find my car! LOL! I actually had to have a a security guard help me! I started to panic, I thought who the heck wants to steal my car. We finally found it and had a good laugh. But, I’m ever so thankful for my reliable transportation that has taken me many many miles and I promise never to lose it again!


30 Day Gratitude Project: Day 5!

Day 5

Maybe this is shallow, but I am grateful for coffee y’all! I love it! I pre-set my alarm just so it will be ready for me to pour when I get up. There’s something indulgent about waking up to a hot cup of coffee and curling up to read the bible, or drinking it while I walk, or sit on the porch. Yes…I am grateful for coffee!