Free Bible Study Printables for Kids!

I have stepped outside my comfort zone and am teaching Sunday School! I have the pleasure of teaching the sweetest 4th and 5th graders. Can I tell you how much I love this age! I was completely nervous, but I am surprisingly loving this new endeavor! I told the kids I have three goals for this class.

  1. Learn about God
  2. Take what they learn and apply to their life outside of the church
  3. Have fun!

I’ve been praying about how I can teach these kids to start on their own independent faith walk. One of those ways is through journaling, so I bought each of them a journal, which I am so excited to hand out tomorrow. I also want to teach them how to dive deeply into the scriptures through what I call sticky words. These are those keywords in each verse that if we examine closer brings us deeper into the word of God and its meaning. I wanted to share a couple of PDFs that I’m giving the kids tomorrow. Feel free to share them with your kiddos!

Just a favor, please keep me in prayer as I try to step into this new role of Sunday school teacher!

Download (PDF, 32KB)

Download (PDF, 3.11MB)

Daily Dose of Scripture: Proverbs 15:1 Answering One Another in these Volatile Times

let-your-eyes-lookstraight-aheadThis election season has unfortunately brought out some unprecedented nastiness. Our nation is undeniably  under attack not by another nation, but by our very own citizens. We have turned against one another in the most unloving of ways. It is as though a dark cloud filled with anger, frustration and fear is about to burst with  an intensity that I haven’t experienced before in my lifetime. Proverbs 15:1 reminds us that when we respond to each other with a gentle answer we can turn away wrath.Words carry power and that power can be used to build or to tear down, to draw near or to separate, to show respect or to disrespect. In this season of our nation, I pray that regardless of your political party affiliation, that we remember that our primary affiliation is being followers of Jesus Christ. As followers, let’s reflect his love towards all people, let’s answer with kindness and gentleness. If we have an opportunity to diffuse anger than let’s do it because we are all here together. So, before we get all fired up, let’s step back and ask, “What would Jesus do?”




Friday’s Daily Dose of Scripture-Exodus 14:14 Put Your Dukes Down!

Exodus 14:14 “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.”

It’s Friday! Do you ever feel by the end of the week you went through a battlefield? Sometimes life does resemble a battlefield and we fight so hard to win and to overcome that we’re left feeling exhausted and depleted. Being a single mom can feel like a never-ending battle. You may battle with lack of resources, lack of time, exhaustion, loneliness, difficult situations with the father of your children, or not knowing how you can do it on your own. I’ve been there and I had my dukes up in the air many of times refusing to be defeated only to be left feeling drained and bruised. Sometimes we are so busy fighting on our own that we forget that we have the ultimate warrior on our side… God! We are always moving, moving, moving trying to stay one step ahead of the battle and to win all we need to do is to stand still and let the Lord fight for us. I’m not saying God doesn’t want us  or require us to participate in our life, but he does want us to hand our battles over to him. He desires  for you to rest your weary head and feel his presence in your life. Be still and take refuge in his  infinite love for you and your children. Some battles are too big for us to fight, but nothing is too big for God! These bumps in the road are just a speck to God in the bigger picture of what he has planned for you. So my sister warrior it is okay to lie down your weapons and surrender your burdens to God. Be still,  hand the battle over, and watch how God works!

Put Your Dukes Down and Give God Your Battles!
Put Your Dukes Down and Give God Your Battles!

Family Scripture Memorization Tip

I’m obsessed with chalkboards and there are so many ways you can use them. One way to use a chalkboard is for scripture memorization for you and the kids.We have a small chalkboard hanging in our entrance, so each week I’ll write a scripture on the board and we’ll memorize it. This is a good location for us because we’ll see it in the morning which is great because we’ll start our day out with scripture. If you have a chalkboard put it someplace central in your house and try this little tip!

Our Proverbs Scripture for this week
Our Proverbs Scripture for this week