Seek Him…God Hears You

Do you ever wonder if God hears you? Do you ever feel like you’re walking on a path alone? If you do you are not alone. This week, I’ve struggled. Struggled with life, with uncertainties, and difficulties. I’ve been feeling like the weight of the world is crushing me, like I just can’t do it all and I’m failing. I tried to distract myself with a number of to do’s and then I could no longer ignore what I had to do… I needed to surrender, to seek God and so I did. I cried, I read scripture and then I wrote a prayer. My prayer was of thanksgiving, but I also prayed for three specific things that have been heavy on my heart. I let it all out and made it clear that I felt alone and afraid. Afterward, I started working and have been in a kind of silent contemplative mood.

As the hours ticked past, each of my prayers were answered in different ways. I am in awe.  I’ve had to get on my knees and thank God for reminding me that I am not alone on this path. Today, God whispered to me as only he does, “When you are broken and weak I will give you hope, I will  sustain you, I will lift you up when you have fallen. Seek me and trust me with all your heart, because I am God.”  This sweet flow of grace overwhelmed my heart and I needed to share it with you.

If you are facing a difficult season, please believe that God hears you. He has not turned a deaf ear. His power is so great, so awesome and it is always at work. When you are broken don’t try to put the pieces back together, give them to God and he will arrange them perfectly.God is with you in your darkest and brightest moments, he will carry you beyond the heights you can ever lift yourself. Seek him, be vulnerable, and allow him to work in your life. I was blown away today and reminded that He hears me, He loves me and He is Sovereign.

This photo of my daughter reminds me of our walk. We may be walking down our own path, but as we are walking we’re surrounded by God’s beautiful grace that keeps falling on us like the petals around her.


Saturday’s Daily Dose of Scripture- Psalm 51:12 Restore Me to Joy

Psalm 51:12 ” Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”

Christians should be the happiest the people on earth because we have salvation in Christ! However, the daily stresses of our world can lie so heavily in our hearts that it can blot out that joy. When we become focused on the problems of this world which are temporary instead of focusing on the eternal we can find ourselves slipping into an apathetic attitude om our walk with Christ.  The enemy is constantly prowling and preying on us looking for ways to take our eyes away from God. So we have to protect our joy by asking God to always restore in us the joy of our salvation. There is an old song that goes, “roll back the curtain of memory now and then, show me where you brought me from and where I could have been, remember I’m human and sometimes forget so remind me, remind me dear Lord.” There are times when we need to roll back the curtain and remember our lives before knowing Christ. When you think back at where you were you may just want to drop to your knees praising him for the salvation you received when you said yes to Christ! How quickly we can forget and we do need to be reminded and restored sometimes often. Pray for a willing spirit because the flesh is weak but He who is the Great I AM will sustain you in your darkest days, he who gave you life when in your trespasses you were dead will restore in you the joy of your precious salvation in him.

Let the Joy in Your Salvation Overcome You
Let the Joy in Your Salvation Overcome You