Check Out The New Mom Mentor Post

I feel so blessed to be able to participate on the Mom Mentor panel with Graham Blanchard Publishing. I meant to tell you that there was a new post up from the Mom Mentors on how they take advantage of their hometowns! Check it out at

I talk about the fun things me and Anya like to do in our town and how although we have live so close to DC some of our best moments are the little ones like our picnic we had a few weeks back.


Shining Light On Christian Myths- The Post from the Mom Mentors is up on Graham Blanchard!

Take a look at how the mom’s on the Mom Mentor Panel answered this month’s topic, ‘Shining Light On Christian Myths,” I recognize all these myths! What are some Christian parenting myths you’d like to shine light on? Feel free to respond you can leave a comment here or on Graham Blanchard’s site below the answers. We’d love to hear from you! Thanks!!