Daily Dose of Scripture: Psalm 25:15, “How the Snares Fall Off”

Are you facing a difficult season? Does it seem like every time you take one step forward, you take five steps back? Are you stuck in a pit, that keeps pulling you in? If you feel hopeless in your situation you’re not alone. God is with you. It’s tempting to unload on your friends, family or even a counselor, but when you keep your eyes on the “Mighty Counselor,”that is when you will let go of the burdens and place them at Jesus’ feet. When our feet are in the snare we must humble ourselves at His… the only one who will release us.




Advent Ideas! How About An Advent Tree

I love love love our Advent Tree! This is a fairly new tradition that we started about two years ago. In addition to our real tree in the house, we have an additional tree on the porch that reminds us each day when we enter and leave our home why we we’re celebrating Christmas. This tree doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it has little pockets with numbers on them for each day leading up to Christmas. Inside those pockets are scriptures that we bring into the house to read during our lighting the Advent candles.

If you want to try this fun tradition, I suggest buying an inexpensive artificial tree big or small that you can put somewhere in your home. Let the kids find the scriptures and write the book of the Bible and verse on a slip of paper to put in little envelopes around the tree. I found my pockets at Michaels, but you can easily create them yourself. Every day let one of the kids pull out the scripture to bring into read for breakfast or dinner.




Advent Ideas! Try These DIY Advent Boxes

One of our Advent traditions is me hiding these Advent boxes I made for Anya a few years back. Basically, these were just different cardboard shaped boxes I got from Michaels that I painted red and green. Then I cut out Christmas scrap book paper and pasted it on top with stick on numbers and Christmas embellishments. She loves them! I put little trinkets in them and hide them around the house every day until Christmas!