Day 17

So grateful for these beautiful fall days! 


The New Mom Mentor Questions is Posted at Graham Blanchard!

This month’s question for the Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard   is ” What is the Bible passage that speaks the most into your life these days as a mom and why? If we want to keep sane in motherhood we need to dive into the word of God. That instruction and encouragement that is found in the pages of scripture is invaluable to us as mothers. What scripture do you find yourself reading that resonates with you in this season of motherhood in your life? I enjoyed reading what the other Mom Mentors wrote and I think you will also. Read what verse ring so prevalent in my life over at Mom Mentors and tell me which verse gets you through the day.

“To The Sea” An Engaging Book For Children!



If you are a lover of the sea and your children are too then you will adore “To The Sea,” a new board book published by Graham Blanchard. “To The Sea,” is a beautifully written and illustrated book that will make your little one swoon for the sea while admiring God’s wonderous creation. As you turn the pages of this book you and your tyke will be transported through the words and images to the ocean and all the sights, sounds, feelings and tastes that the sea evokes. I love how “To The Sea,” says so much through simple descriptive pages that reminds us of the awesomeness of the ocean and all that it embodies. What makes Graham Blanchard board books so unique is how they  beautifully bring God into your child’s world and opens the door to discussions on how God is at work in their world every day.

If you’re looking for a fun easy summer read to engage your little ones that is delightful to look at and inspires them to learn about God then I suggest picking up a copy of , “To The Sea.” 


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On February 2nd Graham Blanchard released the “Knowing my God Series Starter Set,” which includes three titles: Jesus Invites Me, based on Matthew 11:28 – 30, Jesus Shows Me, based on John 15: 9 – 14. and Jesus Saves Me, based on John 10: 14 – 16. I love that Graham Blanchard’s books aim to help kids make a personal connection with the words of Jesus, even from infancy. This makes a lovely gift for your children, grandchildren, friends, or even as a gift to your church’s children ministry. If you haven’t had a chance check out all of  the books from Graham Blanchard they are truly a delight!

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Knowing My God Gift Set

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Check Out The New Mom Mentor Post

I feel so blessed to be able to participate on the Mom Mentor panel with Graham Blanchard Publishing. I meant to tell you that there was a new post up from the Mom Mentors on how they take advantage of their hometowns! Check it out at

I talk about the fun things me and Anya like to do in our town and how although we have live so close to DC some of our best moments are the little ones like our picnic we had a few weeks back.


Shining Light On Christian Myths- The Post from the Mom Mentors is up on Graham Blanchard!

Take a look at how the mom’s on the Mom Mentor Panel answered this month’s topic, ‘Shining Light On Christian Myths,” I recognize all these myths! What are some Christian parenting myths you’d like to shine light on? Feel free to respond you can leave a comment here or on Graham Blanchard’s site below the answers. We’d love to hear from you! Thanks!!