Daily Dose of Scripture: Proverbs 15:1 Answering One Another in these Volatile Times

let-your-eyes-lookstraight-aheadThis election season has unfortunately brought out some unprecedented nastiness. Our nation is undeniably  under attack not by another nation, but by our very own citizens. We have turned against one another in the most unloving of ways. It is as though a dark cloud filled with anger, frustration and fear is about to burst with  an intensity that I haven’t experienced before in my lifetime. Proverbs 15:1 reminds us that when we respond to each other with a gentle answer we can turn away wrath.Words carry power and that power can be used to build or to tear down, to draw near or to separate, to show respect or to disrespect. In this season of our nation, I pray that regardless of your political party affiliation, that we remember that our primary affiliation is being followers of Jesus Christ. As followers, let’s reflect his love towards all people, let’s answer with kindness and gentleness. If we have an opportunity to diffuse anger than let’s do it because we are all here together. So, before we get all fired up, let’s step back and ask, “What would Jesus do?”




Who Inspires You? Take a Look at What Some Readers Are Saying



All of us have stories tucked in our heart of people who have inspired us. Inspiration may have come to you from people you’ve never met, but, they touched you through their words, actions, or resilient spirit. However, I find the most beautiful stories of  inspiration come from those that are closest to us, like these comments from my lovely readers. I was inspired by what they had to say about those who encouraged, inspired and strengthened them… I hope you are as well.


The person that inspires me is my grandmother. She was a black mother of 9, who became widowed after her husband was murdered due to racial motivation during a difficult time in our nation’s history. She was an incredibly strong woman nonetheless and went on to own her own restaurant. Now that I have to walk this road as a single mom too, she inspires me on those rough days. I miss her immensely, but I know she is in heaven with our Lord!


My Mom was my biggest inspiration in life. She was such a beautiful person, hard worker, and took such great care of my Dad and my brother and I until she passed away at the age of 48 from lung cancer. She fought so hard until the end.

I am now at the age when my Mom passed away and I, myself was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago. When I went through my 5 surgeries, year of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation, I looked back at how positive and strong my Mom remained throughout her cancer journey and that gave me the strength and inspiration to fight as hard as I could to beat mine. I miss her so much, but I know she is in my heart and I will see her again one day….


My Cousin Inspires Me. She suffered a stroke during pregnancy and never misses a beat.

Thank you for sharing who inspires you! 

Saturday’s Daily Dose of Scripture Romans 15:2 Build Up Don’t Tear Down!

Romans 5:12 “Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up.”

How much time do we spend building one another up? Sometimes I think not enough. Too often we’re quick to criticize or jump to judgement, instead of speaking words of encouragement. The body of Christ is supposed to edify one another, to build one another up and give encouragement so that each of us is inspired to do the will of God and to build up his kingdom. Unfortunately, even brothers and sister of Christ aren’t immune to tearing one another down, pointing out faults and dishing out harsh criticism instead of acting on the fruits of the spirit. When you make the choice to encourage rather than discourage you’re giving the person on the receiving end a beautiful gift that can linger permanently in their hearts. They can reach down and pull out that encouragement in the darkest of days and it can bring them through the roughest of times. Words carry so much power and if we don’t use them responsibly we can do some permanent damage. Dreams are ruined, work is left unfinished, hearts are broken sometimes all in part because of the words we say to one another. God is love and we should glorify him and be an example of his love to others. As children of Christ we are supposed to let our light shine, one of the easiest and most impactful ways of doing this is shining it on others. Let others feel the warmth of your spirit, the sincerity of your words, and the light from your heart. Never underestimate the influence of encouragement you can change a life with your words, so why not make them count?

Brighten Someone's World with your Words

Brighten Someone’s World with your Words