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I hope you had the chance to see the very sweet movie, “Goodbye Christopher Robin.” I am so excited to offer this great giveaway hosted by Grace Hill Media! You’ll receive a leather-bound journal that your kids can use to write their own stories and a lovely linen bag that can hold your family’s favorite literary treasures.

How Can You Win?

Enter by leaving a comment telling me your favorite childhood book. One Winner will be chosen on Wednesday, November 15th.

Thank  you for participating and good luck!

DVD Giveaway for the Inspirational Movies, ‘Hillsong-Let Hope Rise’ and ‘Greater’






Christmas to me is a time for hope, courage, inspiration, kindness and a reflection on our love for Christ and why his birth is significant not only in my life, but in a larger context to the world. Many of us may be finding it difficult to be encouraged during these uncertain times as we watch so much suffering in humanity. Just turn on the news at any given time and the world can appear pretty hopeless. But, what restores my hope are the stories people share in the midst of their own adversity. They aren’t giving up, instead they’re digging in deeper to their faith, into serving others and well, love. They are rising to the occasion, facing the odds with courage and believing in the purpose that God put in their hearts. Light does shine through darkness and the smallest glimmer can brighten our hearts just a little more, giving us inspiration to reach for the unattainable, not by our own strength, but through the strength of Jesus Christ. Over 2,000 years ago we received a miracle in the shape of a baby boy who came here to save all of us.

I believe in miracles and I find such comfort and  joy when people share their own miracles. That’s why  I’m thrilled to offer 2 DVD  Giveaways Sponsored through Grace Hill Media that embody hope, inspiration, courage and faith!

Enter by Friday, December 23rd for your Chance to Win the Movies:

Hillsong-Let Hope Rise


These are perfect movies to watch during the Christmas season with your family! Check out the preview and you’ll see why you should enter today!


The DVD’s releases on Monday, December 20th is sure to spread a little hope and give a whole lot of encouragement this Christmas season!