30 Day Gratitude Project- Day 6!

Day 6

I’m so grateful for my favorite book… The Bible. I love that some of the pages are hanging on by a thread, that there are notes written in its chapters, and there are scribbles on the front page from when Anya’s was a toddler. Everywhere I go my Bible follows. I’m eternally grateful for the book of life that has been so life-sustaining to me and is my blueprint for this journey.


New Broadcast: 1 Peter 1:10-13 ” Preparing Our Minds To Do God’s Work”

Listen to the New Broadcast!

Today, I talked about 1 Peter 1:10-13. There is so much practical wisdom and insight in these verses on self control, preparing our minds, and serving. Hope you enjoy! Oh and thank you to Dan, my first caller!

Study of 1 Peter Broadcast…Trials, Suffering and Faith. The Link is Up!

Happy Over the Hump Day!

Follow along with the PDF

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Broadcast Link is Available Study of 1 Peter! Join Me!

Hey Ladies! As you may have read, I’m studying 1 Peter and I’ve been feeling this urge to share my thoughts with you. I created a PDF and the archive audio is up!

Hereis the archive link: