Would You Rather…. A Fun Way To Get To Know Your Kid Better



My little one isn’t so little anymore! She is 10! I’ve had the pleasure of being in the company of this amazing, incredible and beautiful human being for a decade. Wow a decade flew by! It makes me really cognizant of how quickly she’s growing. Right now she still enjoys being around me and is somewhat of an open book so I’m taking advantage of it before those teen years roll around.

One fun way to get to know your kid is by playing the game, “Would You Rather?” I started playing this in the car on the way home from school. Basically, I ask her questions like, “Would you rather eat salmon or chicken?” or “ Would you rather visit California or NY?” or you can get silly and ask questions like,” Would you rather eat a worm or an ant?” It is just a fun way to keep the lines of communication open and find out some pretty interesting things about how their minds work. She also asks me questions as well and finds out stuff about her momma too!

Fun Friday!

Every Friday in our house we have Fun Friday! It is a free day to do whatever we want! Maybe eat ice cream for dinner or make cotton candy and watch movies, whatever our hearts desire on Fun Friday we do! If you want to take the stress out of the week, I suggest implementing a day like Fund Friday in your week! Today Fun Friday is:

Baking Cookies and Curled Up on the Couch Watching Netflix!

Baking Cookies and Curled Up on the Couch Watching Netflix!