June Series on Cheap Summer Fun: It’s S’more Fun Under the Stars! Try Backyard Camping!

Camp In Your Own Backyard!


Who doesn’t enjoy sleeping under the stars? Setting up camp in your own backyard is a simple and inexpensive way to have fun with the kids this summer. A few years ago I invited a couple of Anya’s friends over for a campout. I grilled out, made some fruit kabobs, fresh lemonade, threw up a tent and squirted them with the hose. We painted, told stories, and made yummy smores over the fire-pit.

If you don’t own a tent, no worries! Ask to borrow one from a friend or neighbor. Bring board games into the tent and be armed with a few stories to share. If you live in an apartment ask a friend or family member if you can use their backyard and invite them to join in on the fun.

It's S'more Fun When You're Under the Stars

15 Habits of Happy Single Moms


Here is my list of 15 Habits of Happy Single Moms! 

  1. Find Time to Spend with God-Get recharged by spending time with God daily, he is your main source of happiness!
  2. Give Themselves Grace- We’re all full of flaws and it’s okay! Learn to give yourself grace everyday and give it to your kids as well. Treat yourself with gently and don’t beat yourself up! You’re a great gal!
  3. Are Not Too Proud to Ask for Help-This is a huge one! You aren’t meant to carry the world on your shoulders. Asking for help isn’t an indication that you’re weak instead it means you know when you need a hand, and won’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed and grouch because you’re too proud to ask!
  4. Creates a Community of Girlfriends-Girl power still rocks! Create your community of girlfriends. We all need friends, a shoulder to lean on and to cry on. Try to reach out to other single moms so you can be a support to one another. This support can come in the form of carpools, babysitting, having family dinners together, game night, or just some good old fashion girl talk.
  5. Can Forgive-Forgiveness is so much more about your well being than the other person. Whatever your situation is with your children’s father find a way to forgive and release bitterness and resentment. Holding on to anger only festers anger, robbing you of precious moments. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is beneficial to everyone involved.
  6. Pursue Their Passion-Life is short! Find something you love and take action. Pursue your passion. Not only will you be happier, but you are being a great example to your children, who will be inspired to follow their dreams.
  7. Takes Care of Themselves Physically, Spiritually, and Emotionally-When you feel good about yourself you are able to take care of others. When your temple is in good shape you feel better about yourself. Don’t neglect your body, mind or spirit. Take time each day to nourish these areas.
  8. Knows When to Take a Time Out– Let’s admit it sometimes we all just want to blow! Know when to take a time out. It’s okay to tell your kids that mommy needs a moment. Maybe this means sitting in your car in the garage listening to music or lying in the tub. Find what gives you a little peace and grab hold  of it!
  9. Designates Household Responsibilities– Mom isn’t a workhorse! Learn how to designate chores without apology. It’s good for you and the kids. Create a list of age appropriate chores for your children and stick to it daily. Families work together this is a good lesson to instill in the heart and minds of your kids.
  10. Know the Importance of Maintenance in their Household– Organization and maintenance are key  in running a smooth household. I’m not saying you should turn into the Stepfords, but find a system that works for you and once you do figure out how maintenance can work for you. The more you maintain the more time you have to spend with the ones you love!
  11. Doesn’t Compare Themselves to Other Families– Please don’t look at other families and think about what you are lacking. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Focus on your family, what you hope to create and all your blessings and in that you will find all the abundance you need.
  12. Maintains an Emergency Fund-Money may be tight, but try to put away even $20 a month, if you can’t do that put away what you can afford and build an emergency fund. When you have a nest egg, it can eliminate a lot of headaches.
  13. Doesn’t Take Life too Seriously- You are one busy lady, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to laugh! Laugh with others, laugh at yourself and just have fun. Find something to laugh about everyday!
  14. Lives Within Their Means– I know, we came back to money. But, I understand the financial strains that single moms are under and the stress it brings. Living within our means brings about freedom which in turn brings happiness when we aren’t a slave to the lender.
  15. Lives Generously But Knows How to Say No- Give and live generously. But, don’t always be a yes girl. Know when to say no and don’t feel like a bad person if you can’t do something. There are only 24 hours in a day and we have to squeeze in a number of things that matter to us, so sometimes we have to say no so we aren’t neglecting the things that matter most. This doesn’t make you selfish it makes you a good mom.