The New Mom Mentor Questions is Posted at Graham Blanchard!

This month’s question for the Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard   is ” What is the Bible passage that speaks the most into your life these days as a mom and why? If we want to keep sane in motherhood we need to dive into the word of God. That instruction and encouragement that is found in the pages of scripture is invaluable to us as mothers. What scripture do you find yourself reading that resonates with you in this season of motherhood in your life? I enjoyed reading what the other Mom Mentors wrote and I think you will also. Read what verse ring so prevalent in my life over at Mom Mentors and tell me which verse gets you through the day.

Helping Kids Know Truth From Fantasy… Check Out What the Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard Had to Say!

The new question for the Mom Mentor Panel has posted on Graham Blanchard! This month myself and the other moms were asked how we help our kids with knowing the difference from truth and fantasy. An interesting question with some interesting answers! Check out what we said over at Graham Blanchard  and I would love to hear what you think!


Read the New Mom Mentor Posts at Graham Blanchard!

Who’s Your Mentor?

When I think about all the women have blessed me with their wisdom, grace, and love I am overwhelmed. So when this month’s Mom Mentor question was, “Who’s Your Mentor,” I could have wrote a book, but I chose the woman who means the most to me…my mom. Words can’t express the impact my mom has had on my life and I am beyond blessed with her. I could go on and on, but why don’t you read what I wrote this month over at Graham Blanchard and who the mentors are for the other moms. Your heart is sure to swell as you think about all the mentors have influenced your own life as  a mom.

My mom has always kept me from falling off the edge...
My mom has always kept me from falling off the edge…

Love that 70’s style don’t ya!

Read The New Mom Mentor Post on Graham Blanchard… First Memories of Jesus

Read The New Mom Mentor Post Over on Graham Blanchard!

The question this month for the Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard was, “What was your First Memory of Hearing Jesus’ Name?” This brought me back to such a sweet time in my life with my grandma. If you’ve read my blog then you know all about my Eva. I was so very blessed to have her as my grandmother. Read my memories along with the answers from the other Mom Mentors.

Me and my gram
Me and my gram

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How These Moms Cultivate Gratefulness-Check out Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard!

It’s that time of year again where everyone is talking about gratitude. Find out what myself and the Mom Mentors over at Graham Blanchard do to cultivate gratefulness in our families. I love reading how these moms instill thanksgiving in their homes and you will too! I think gratefulness is an every day practice. Here is part of our Blessings Box that me and Anya have to store our blessings that we write down. The poem on the box is by Anya 🙂



Check Out The New Mom Mentor Post

I feel so blessed to be able to participate on the Mom Mentor panel with Graham Blanchard Publishing. I meant to tell you that there was a new post up from the Mom Mentors on how they take advantage of their hometowns! Check it out at

I talk about the fun things me and Anya like to do in our town and how although we have live so close to DC some of our best moments are the little ones like our picnic we had a few weeks back.


Read How Other Moms Point Their Children To Jesus

I’m happy to announce that the question of the month for the Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard has been posted and answered by myself and the other moms on the panel. Read how we point our children to Jesus on a daily basis. Leave a comment and let us know what you do in your daily routine. The most powerful and impacting information is that which we share!


Shining Light On Christian Myths- The Post from the Mom Mentors is up on Graham Blanchard!

Take a look at how the mom’s on the Mom Mentor Panel answered this month’s topic, ‘Shining Light On Christian Myths,” I recognize all these myths! What are some Christian parenting myths you’d like to shine light on? Feel free to respond you can leave a comment here or on Graham Blanchard’s site below the answers. We’d love to hear from you! Thanks!!