Daily Dose of Scripture: Prayer… A Powerful Weapon


Matthew 26-41


Temptation is always beckoning to our flesh. Temptation says, “Come try this, cross that line, it’s not that bad.” It’s always whispering in our ear, hoping to weaken our spiritual consciousness, with its ultimate plan which is destruction. It aims to deafen us to the Lord’s word, by contradicting it with fallacies. It fools us into thinking that after a few victories it will disappear quietly into the night, but temptation is always lurking and ready to attack. But, we have a powerful weapon at our disposal if we choose to use it…prayer. Stay on watch, guard your heart and mind and above all pray because the Lord is on your side and his plan for you is

Stay on watch, guard your heart and mind and above all pray because the Lord is on your side and his plan for you is victory! The flesh is mighty but the spirit is mightier!

Day #100 of 100 Days of Happiness! The Final Day!

#100 is My Life Exactly The Way It Is!

Today is the last day of my 100 Days of Happiness Series! I can’t believe 100 days passes so quickly. This was a great exercise in seeking happiness. Even on rotten days I was able to find something that made me happy. So day #100 is I realized I am happy with my life exactly the way it is! I am so grateful to be alive,to have God in my life, to have a beautiful daughter, a cozy home, a flexible schedule, friends and health. I really have nothing to complain about even when I do complain because God has been so fantastically graciously good to me and I am so humbled by  his love and his provision.  Thank you for following my 100 days of happiness and I hope you try it sometime it really is a good eye opener! My final words… BE HAPPY! Love until you can’t love anymore and see all that is beautiful in your life, grab hold of it and cherish it greatly!

When she's around the sun is always shining!

When she’s around the sun is always shining!

#98 of 100 Days of Happiness

#98 Is My New Dining Room Table!

My dining room table holds many fond memories. I’ve had it for over 10 years and have had countless meals with friends gathered around the table. We have laughed, cried and sat there for hours pontificating about life. It is the table that Anya smeared yogurt on when she was 3 and all in all it has treated us well. But, I’ve been in a transformation phase in many areas of my life and my home is one of them. So I purchased a new table at a great price that totally suits my personality and I’m really happy!


I love it!

#97 of 100 Days of Happiness

#97 is Anya Made Straight A’s On Her Report Card

Even if Anya didn’t make straight A’s I’d be proud of  her. But, I’m especially happy because she was nervous about 3rd grade. She is being challenged and rising to the occasion. She takes ballet twice a week, has Nutcracker rehearsal and a no nonsense teacher and still managed a 4.11 grade average! Go Anya!


#95 of 100 Days of Happiness

#95 is Having a Sweet Snack Ready for My Sweet Girl

Yesterday I was going to give Anya a snack of celery and peanut butter, clementines, and grapes then I thought why not just go for the good old chocolate chip cookies and milk? Before I left I baked some cookies and set out a sweet little note and treat for her to enjoy! She was so happy and that of course made me happy!


Day # 94 of 100 Days of Happiness

#94 Is God’s Absolute Sovereign Control Over My Life
You know when I am at my happiest? When I totally relinquish control and hand it all over to God. When I release burdens, anxieties and fear I’m in my peaceful place. Acknowledging and accepting that God is the I AM and is sovereign gives me a great sense of calm. Happiness for me comes when I’m in tune with God, when I’m excited about his word and when I’m applying his word in every area of my life…that is Happiness!
His Love is Glorious

Day #93 of 100 Days of Happiness

#93 is Collecting Leaves with Anya and Getting a Tour of Where She Plays
Today after school Anya and I walked around the neighborhood at her school and we collected leaves and she showed me all the places her and her classmates play. She showed me her bakeries, where they played music class, and much more. It was such a good moment to just take in my daughter’s imagination and her love for life.
Collecting leaves
One of the bakeries