Get it Done Moms! Download Your FREE To Do List With Time Blocking!

This is one of my absolute favorite printables that I’m offering today for FREE! The Daily To Do List with Time Blocking helps me to stay on track and get things done! Moms, I know you are busy and this is a system that works! When you plan your to do’s in chunks of time it gives you a visual and a timeline of what you need to do and when, which helps you plan your day in a way that makes sense!

Download the Daily to Do in 3 Simple Steps!

  1. Click on this Link
  2. Click Purchase
  3. Enter the Code TODO19 (all in Caps)

That’s it! You will be sent an email confirmation and then your download in moments (see below)!

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Home Sweet Home Binders Has Launched! Receive a FREE Weekly Meal Plan Download!

I am excited to finally write that Home Sweet Home Binders is finally launched! This project has been a labor of love…long and a little painful, but I’m in love with the product. I am thrilled to share these products with you. As a single mom, order and organization helps me maintain my sanity! Not to mention it affords me to do the things I love and spend time with the people I love. A Home Binder is my command central. Everything I need is at my fingertips and I wanted to share this with you

Currently, there are over 60 individual products available at seriously affordable prices. The products include, weekly meal plans, cleaning plans, kitchen inventory checklists, to do lists, monthly budgets, expense trackers, savings trackers, summer bucket lists, account management, holiday planning, travel planning checklists, spring cleaning lists, home projects and more!

Once you purchase the download it is yours forever! If I update it you get a free update automatically sent to you! The printables come in sweet and attractive designs that I think you’re going to like 🙂 Check out the meal plan below!

Every day this week I be offering a small gift in celebration of the launch! You have options! Today’s offer is a FREE Weekly Meal Plan. Just click here to purchase and then enter the code Mealplan19. This is a fun collection, so please take a look at the other items!

Hard cover binders will be available mid July and I’m also launching Bible Binders, College Binders, and more printables. I’ve worked so hard on these printable because I know they will be helpful to you as a mom and as head of your home. If you have any questions, drop me a line.

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Experiencing Writers Block in Your Life? Hand the Pen Over To God!

Are you experiencing writer’s block in your life? Are you desperately trying to write this incredible story for you own life, that is filled with purpose and passion, a life you know in your heart your were destined to live and hitting a wall? You try so hard to fill the blank pages and you keep coming up short, or you write this story that doesn’t feel right, so what do you do?

It’s time to hand the pen over to the real author of your life…God. We fight so hard to be in control of everything, don’t we? After all we know ourselves best, so we should be able to write a story for our life that matches our vision. This is our first misstep. We do not know ourselves best. The Lord, our creator, the one who knitted us in our mother’s womb and knew our lives before we ever came into being, knows us more intimately than we can imagine. Why wouldn’t we trust God to write our story?

I’ve been in a season of uncertainty and frustration. Life is going by and I have all these dreams on my heart that I’m trying to bring to fruition and I’m stuck. The paper is laid out, I’m picking up the pen and nothing is happening. The enemy is whispering every day…give up, just settle, you’re not special, you will never be more than what you are right now. It is so easy to listen to that lie, to stop believing and trusting that God has an amazing story for my life. When we surrender and submit to God instead of hearing the enemy’s whispers we hear God loud and clear. He will guide our steps, he will remove the writer’s block and start writing your story with you.

If you feel as though you have nothing to give, that you don’t want to write this life story anymore, please do not give up! That is a lie from Satan. As long as you have breath in your body, and faith in God your story is still being written. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Let the powerfulness of this scripture marinate in your heart, spirit, and mind. You are taken care of…God has the plan and it is a good one. A plan that is full of hope and prosperity, that will have you glorify him and be a testimony to all that he is capable of doing in your life and those who believe in him. Your future is secure.

Hand the pen over and allow God to write a bestseller of your life!

Summer Bucket List Featured in Home Sweet Home Binders

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent it with my family and celebrated Father’s Day in hometown. We had a great time taking in the art and music at the Three Rivers Arts Festival. We had a bunch of laughs and made some sweet memories! It reminded me of why being intentional about squeezing out all fun you can in the summer months matter!

In my new business, Home Sweet Home Binders, one of the printables is the Summer Bucket List you see above. The printable has a space for your Top 10 activities, places to visit and a place for each family member to add their number one bucket list wish. Also available will be a more specific list that will have dates for those of you who want to get super specific!

New Business Launching! Home Sweet Home Binders!

I’m thrilled to announce that in addition to my eBook, “15 Tips to Avoid Single Mom Burnout,” I’ll be launching, Home Sweet Home Binders. Home Sweet Home Binders is a project that is dear to my homemaking heart! I now how much smoother life is when there is order, and that is why I am so passionate about creating these pretty printables that will be available on July 1st!

What resources can you expect?

  • Meal Planning
  • Short and Long Version Grocery List
  • Pantry, Fridge, and Freezer Inventory List
  • Home Project List
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist
  • Cleaning Overview
  • Weekly Cleaning List
  • Holiday Planners including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Labor Day Meal and Party Planning Lists
  • Gift Lists for Holidays
  • Important Dates
  • Budget Sheets
  • Account Number Sheets/Finance/Insurance
  • Login and Password Sheets
  • Back to School Lists
  • Important Phone Number List
  • Babysitter Checklist
  • Charitable Donation List
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Schedules
  • Blank Calendars
  • Co-parenting Schedules

You will also be able to purchase sheets individually and as a whole home binder. I will also have Bible Binders available in August and Back to School Binders at the end of July. I am working around the clock to make everything available to you (literally! It is 3:15 am right now), but I am absolutely determined to get this product in your hands! There will be a separate website and I will post it very soon! I hope you enjoy these products!

Why I Started Using Cash Envelopes for Budgeting!

I am so stoked to write this post about one of my new favorite things…Cash Envelopes! The idea of cash envelopes have been around for some time, but it is new for me! This has been a game changer for my finances. Let me tell you why I decided to use cash envelopes.

I have been putting out a ton of cash lately. Whether it is school tuition, bills, competition dance (don’t even get me started) or unexpected expenses that have popped out, my finances have been taking a hit! I came across The Budget Mom on Instagram and if you haven’t heard of her please run to her site because she is amazing! She has paid off over $77,000 in debt and is inspiring and motivating women to take control of their finances.

One of the first steps in creating a budget is to determine where your money goes. I printed out my bank statement and line by line I highlighted and grouped my expenses. I was appalled when I realized I spent over $400 in eating out in one month! This $400 was not from fine dining mind you. I only ate at one restaurant for my birthday lunch and it was $55! So, the rest were small purchases that added up to big money! I needed to get control over my finances, and the break the habit of using my debit card mindlessly. I am a visual person and the cash envelopes was the perfect choice for me. Actually, pulling out the cash kept me mindful of what exactly I was spending.

Here were the steps I took in creating the envelopes:

  1. I paid all the bills I had to pay from my first paycheck.
  2. Based on the spending from my bank account I took out cash and allotted it into categories, such as Grocery, Eating Out, Gas, Miscellaneous, Fun, and Dog.
  3. I used an envelope template from The Budget Mom and traced it onto some scrapbook paper I bought for 79 cents from Michaels to make the envelopes you see above.
  4. I added a ledger in the envelope, which is simply an index card where I recorded how much I spent, the date, and balance.

The result was I did not touch my debit card for 2 weeks! I was so much more conscientious of how I used my money. I was also less stressed about my finances and tucked away $130 in savings. If you are struggling with your finances, try using cash envelopes as a step toward understanding what you’re spending and getting more control over your budget.

Also, get the family onboard! This month when I took the cash out I had my daughter count the money and put them into envelopes. Last month, she was like, “mom please do not pull out those envelopes,” this month she found $2 in her room and told me to put it in the fun budget! Building good habits start early and this is a fun way to get kids involved!

In two weeks, I’ll share more with you about how the cash envelopes are working and share some of my finance goals with you. I love getting on the road to financial freedom!

Download My Free Weekly Meal Planner!

I’m so happy to share my Weekly Meal Planner with you! Use this free download to help you prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner! One of major stresses for moms is making sure our kids are fed. What’s worse than scouring the pantry and fridge for dinner after a long day? Ladies, save yourself some time and start planning your meals. Putting forethought into your meals is a great way to prepare for the upcoming week. Not to mention it save you money! Meal planning allows you to purchase exactly what you need at the grocery store, so you’re not aimlessly throwing items in a cart.

I’m creating a home binder that I can’t wait to share with you. It will be kind of like a… command central, that will help you stay organized in your very busy world!

Click Here to Download Your Free Resource!

Get Your Z’s On! 7 Tips to Help Moms Get to Sleep!

I don’t know about you, but I am one cranky mom when I am sleep deprived. The quickest way for single moms or any mom to burnout is to skimp out on getting sleep. In my upcoming e-Book, “15 Tips to Avoid Single Mom Burnout,” one of the tips is to nurture your temple physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Listen ladies, Jesus rested, so why do you think you can keep going without getting the z’s you need? I’m a night owl, so sleep doesn’t always come easy for me, so I have to be super intentional. When I get a good 7-8 hours of sleep I’m more focused, patient, and alert. Sleep affects our quality of life, so don’t sleep on sleeping!

Check out my 7 out of 10 tips that I discuss in the book to help you get your sleep on!

Thirsty? Drink in The Word of God!

Psalm 42:1 “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.”

The first tip in my upcoming eBook to Avoid Single Mom Burnout is to “Schedule a Daily Date with God! The world is a tough contender! It will knock you out of the ring with a punch you never saw coming. I’m sure you’ve had a few TKO’s in your life, right? You’re going about your business and bam, you get sucker punched! It makes me think about the movie Rocky. Poor Rock, bloodied, and bent over in the corner with Mickey wiping his face and squirting water into his mouth. That’s us after a tough bout with the world! We are left parched, bruised and spiritually dehydrated.

It’s tempting to drink the water the world offers. The enemy wants to keep you thirsty! It is all in Satan’s plan. You make a choice to follow the enemy’s plan instead of God’s plan when you start drinking anything that looks good! Don’t be fooled, by its empty promises it will never fulfill you like God’s living water. The satisfaction you receive from the world’s water is temporary. It may taste good, for awhile, but I promise you it will leave you thirstier than before. Only God is the permanent solution to spiritual dehydration.

Suffering From Spiritual Dehydration?

Do you feel hopeless? Do you feel spiritually lost? Is your faith floundering? Are you questioning your purpose? Do you feel a loss of joy? Does God seem far away from you? If you answered yes, you have the classic symptoms of spiritual dehydration.

Health experts suggest drinking a glass of water in the morning to rehydrate. But, if you’re suffering from spiritual dehydration, it will take more than water to replenish your spirit! You need a big gulp of God’s word to kick start your day! We need to nourish ourselves with the word of God on a daily basis. We need to be insatiable when it comes to drinking in the scriptures.

God’s word is our shelter, armor, blueprint for life and a place of refuge from the storms. Scriptures guides and reminds us that God is present. He is alive and loves us in all our imperfections. The word is living and breathing and gives us life, so drink it in! Be like the deer panting near the water, pant for the water that feeds your soul. Be intentional about scheduling a date with God and drinking him in, so that your light continues to shine and your faith is continually renewed.

What Are You Thinking About?

Stinking thinking is a beast! When one negative thought snowballs into another, and another, it is easy to fall into a downward spiral. Last week, it was though I was living in a show called the battle for my mind! The negative thoughts and self talk were so loud that all I could see was where I was failing. I was falling into the enemy’s trap! Don’t you know that the first place Satan tries to infiltrate is our mind? If he can snag space there, he can start to control our actions.

One of the tips in my upcoming, eBook, ““15 Tips to Avoid Single Mom Burnout,” is ‘Evict Stinking Thinking.’ When our mind is flooded with self sabotaging thoughts it’s impossible to be present and focus on our blessings. If all we see is the negative it renders us absolutely useless.

Paul gives us the perfect prescription in Philippians 4:8 on how we should think and what we should think about . In my book we take a look at what the enemy wants us to focus on in comparison to how Paul instructs us to think. Stinking thinking is exhausting and is a primary cause for burnout. It takes energy to treat ourselves badly! Stinking thinking are the chains that keep you from pursuing your dreams and you are too fabulous for that ladies!