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Hope you are having a great Wednesday! I’m thrilled that two articles I wrote are featured in the March edition of“My Daily Armor’s Christian Digest!” If you get a chance for some light reading take a  look a and them and dive into the many other articles from the authors they feature.

The two I wrote are:

Spring Clean Your Spirit

Leaving the Legacy That Matters Most

As always thank you for supporting me and I hope you like them!

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You Are…

You are…beautiful

You are…extraordinary

You are…exquisite

You are… complex

You are… a lover of God

You are…a protector

You are… a provider

You are…intelligent

You are.. creative

You are…timeless

You are…loving and caring

You are…funny

You are… strong

You are …fragile but not easily broken

You are…powerful

You are… more than your circumstances

You are… flawless and flawed

You are… perfect and imperfect

You are… capable

You are…determined

You are…resilient

You are…fearless

You are…memorable

You are…a blessing

You are…magical

You are…needed

You are…wanted

You are… a legacy

You are… an example to those that know you

You are… not easily defined

You are…loved

You are… God’s daughter

You are.. a woman

My sweet sisters YOU ARE so very beautiful in so many countless ways, I honor you!


Guest Post! Simple Household Management For Single Mothers

Being a single mother is certainly a great challenge, as you need to overcome the obstacles all by yourself and to manage to educate your children in the best possible way. The role of the parent is difficult enough and single mothers need to be armed with a lot of patience and strength when their daily routine is concerned. Apart from the cares around their children, single mothers also need to organize the household management in an effective way. Sometimes this turns out to be tiring, especially when they are too preoccupied with other issues such as helping the kids with their homework, or managing with other tasks connected with their work.




Thanks to this ultimate guide for single mothers you will be able to explore new ways in which to manage with the basic chores, even when your schedule is too tight.

Here are some innovative ideas that will definitely facilitate your schedule:

Establish Strict Schedule for the Household Duties

 It would be much easier if you have a schedule with the cleaning duties that you need to provide. This way you can fit other arrangements and you will become more organized and effective when managing with your tasks. Even if you are too busy during the week, make sure that you leave at least half an hour per day to check whether your rooms need some basic cleaning. Do not leave all the household chores for the weekend because two days are usually not enough to take up with all the tasks and to relax in the same way.

Involve the Children in the Household Chores

 Although you cannot completely count on children’s help when cleaning is concerned, they will help you to maintain your home sparkling clean. Ask them to be supportive and to handle some basic duties while you are at work or when you are preoccupied with other tasks. If you can count on your children for the household management, you will quickly find out that possessing shiny and well arranged home is possible even for single mothers.

Use Homemade Cleaning Products

Single mothers often have tight monthly budgets which is why the can turn to a cost effective decision when cleaning is concerned. Instead of spending a fortune on commercial cleaning products that often turn out to be ineffective, you can try to create homemade cleaners, that apart from being less expensive are also all natural. You can use natural products such as baking soda, white vinegar, borax and lemon juice- they are the basic ingredients in a wide range of green cleaning recipes.

Turn The Household Management Into A Fun Experience

 Do not feel depressed if you fail to manage with the cleaning tasks – after all every single mother deserves to take a break and to leave some time for relaxation. Turning your household management into a fun experience will definitely save you up a lot of nerves. Be a team with your children and find pleasure in the tiny cleaning tasks that you are required to do on a regular basis.

Organizing excellent household management for single mothers is possible in case you take into account the tips mentioned above. Single mothers often sacrifice their free time to provide the utmost care for their kids and for the house, without realizing that they also need a moment for relaxation. It is true that single mothers face a lot of difficulties but when they are organized and motivated they will be able to handle the household management in an excellent way. As long as single mothers make a suitable schedule for their duties they won’t meet difficulties in managing with the chores.

The article is contributed by Edna Thomson from MainCleaners Mill Hill

Like to Write? Be a Guest Blog Post Writer!

Be a Guest Blog Post Writer!

Let's write!
Let’s write!

Do you have some tips that you would love to share with other women? Is your testimony one that other single moms should read? Do you have some parenting secrets that you’re willing to share? Then you’ve come to the right place! Please accept this invitation to write a Guest Blog Post! Here are the general topics I’m looking for from a guest writer:

  • Single Parenting Joys and Challenges
  • Faith
  • Parenting tips
  • Recipes
  • Organizational tips
  • Cleaning tips
  • Kid’s Activities
  • Mentoring
  • Homemaking
  • Exercise, Diet, Nutrition
  • School
  • Crafts
  • Co-parenting
  • Health
  • Devotionals
  • Book and Movie Reviews

If you’re interested please contact me through the Contact Form on the blog with the title of the article you want to write for the blog. 

This is just a list, but I won’t limit it just to these topics. If there is something you think would be a good fit then I’d love to read it and put up on the blog. It’s all about sharing, so I hope I get flooded with requests! Thanks so much for reading and contributing to what has been a blessing for me.

Live Webinar Today By Kathi Lipp and Erin Macpherson! 50 Things to Blog About TODAY!

Do you struggle with ideas to blog about? Got writer’s block? Good news all my fellow Bloggers, help is on it’s way in just a few short hours!

Kathi Lipp and Erin Macpherson will be doing a live webinar entitled, ” But What do I Write About? 50 Things to Blog About TODAY!”

Listen in at 12:00 pm MT Today! To participate simply visit: to log in shortly beforehand.

If you’re going to miss it like I am (boo for meetings) They will also post the recording at

Take notes!
Take notes!

Are You a Christian Writer? Check Out These Opportunities from Christian Writer Submission Information

Writing Opportunities from Christian Writer Submission Information

I’m aware that some of you readers out there are also writers! So from one writer to another I always like to pass along opportunities that I find. The list below is from Christian Writers Submission Information, which is an informative resource for Christian writers who are looking for opportunities to submit articles, poems, books, etc.  These are the deadlines for September from Christian Writers I suggest going to their site and looking at all the deadlines for upcoming months.  Good luck!!

Sept. 01 – Not Your Mother’s Book: On Menopause – creative nonfiction 500-2500 words
               Chicagoland Poets and Patrons Annual Contest – one fee to enter 7 categories
               Guardian Angel Kids – kid-oriented fiction, nonfiction, poetry on theme Flying to the Moon
               Alive Now – devotional magazine; stories, poetry, prayers, meditations; theme is Poverty
               Not Your Mother’s Book: On Military Life – creative nonfiction 500-2500 words
               NANO Fiction Contest – enter up to 3 fiction stories, each no more than 300 words
               Parabola Literary Journal – fiction, nonfiction, & poetry on the theme of Goodness
               Good Housekeeping’s All About Love Writing Contest – 2500-3000 words stories
               2014 Houston Writers Guild Fall Contest – children’s, fiction, nonfiction, & poetry
               Jesus Talked to Me Today: Stories of Children’s Encounters with God, Angels, and Miracles – stories 1000 to 2000 words
               Oregon Poetry Association Fall Poetry Contest – 7 categories to enter
               Indiana State Poetry Association Fall Poetry Contest – 31 categories to enter
               Pockets: Hope – Christian children’s devotional magazine; fiction, nonfiction, poetry, recipes, games, activities
               Presbyterians Today Magazine – articles 500-1500 words on the theme “The Church That Stayed”
Sept. 12 – Foster City International Writer’s Contest – fiction, personal essay & poetry
Sept. 15 – Springfield Writers’ Guild Annual Prose & Poetry Contest – prose to 1000 words, poems to one page
               2014 Houston Writers Guild Fall Contest – children’s, fiction, nonfiction, & poetry
Sept. 18 – Real Life Simple Life Lessons Essay Contest – up to 1500 words about a eureka moment in your life
Sept. 23 – Arizona State Poetry Society Annual Contest – 12 categories to enter
Sept. 27 – Saturday Writers Anything Goes – Emotionally Speaking Contest – submit short story, essay or poetry
Sept. 29 – Sparkle – Christian magazine for girls in 1st to 3rd grades; fiction, nonfiction, & poetry, current theme is Creative Communication
                SHINE brightly Magazine – Christine magazine for girls 9-14; fiction, nonfiction, & poetry current theme is Be Yourself
Sept. 30 – Northern Colorado Writers Annual Poetry Contest – submit 3 poems, up to 250 lines
               Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks to My Mom – creative nonfiction up to 1200 words and poems
               Pelican Book Group Easter Lilies Special – historical or contemporary Christian romance, 15K to 25K words
               Palettes & Quills Biennial Poetry Chapbook Competition – submit between 14 and 50 pages of poetry
               Tethered by Letters Spring Literary Contest – for short stories, flash fiction, and poetry
               Writers Unlimited Mississippi Poetry Society Annual Literary Contest – 16 categories to enter for short story, poetry, & memoir

Hello 2014… Let’s Get it Started, Stop Slacking and Make it Happen!!

I’ve reflected on 2013 and have to say it wasn’t a bad year it was actually a good year. So many new things happened to us. We moved to a new house, Anya started a new school, I started a new job that allows me to work at home, I’ve been active at my church and Anya’s school, had great parties for Anya, plus I had opportunities from Grace Hill Media to review movies and interview the very sweet Pattie Mallette (Justin Bieber’s mom), became an affiliate with Bouqs, was in the top 25 single parenting blogs for Circle of Moms, and just found out that Earnest Parenting is listing me as one of their top picks for single parenting blogs!! Yes, 2013 didn’t treat me to shabbily. Of course there were challenges and heartbreaks, but it wasn’t bad. So what do I want to do in 2014??? Take a look…

Send out my book proposal again.

I have published over 938 blog posts and that doesn’t include the articles I wrote for Moms of Faith and Inspired Women Magazine along with a few other publications! That is a lot of words I have put out into cyber world and I’ve enjoyed writing every post. I love to write it is my passion! Writing is what I want to pursue as a career. Sure working from home is great and I am grateful for my job, but I want to actively do work that my heart is in, I want to touch people with words and share stories. In 2014 I want to get serious about trying to get my book published and maybe a few eBooks. I have a wealth of articles to pull from so why am I not doing it? Why am I not pursuing what I am sure is God’s purpose for me? There is no good reason! I don’t want to wake up complacent I want to wake up and say, “God work through me, let me be your instrument!” That is how I want to begin each morning.
Post my creative endeavors in my Etsy Shop
If you follow my blog you know I love a DIY! I can’t begin to express the joy I get in creating little lovely things! So I want to be more proactive in putting my creative endeavors in my Etsy Shop. It will mostly be goody bags, but we’ll see!
Read the Bible in a year
Ah, I love the scriptures. I want to really dive in and get a deeper knowledge of the word.
Record my favorite scriptures for Anya
I often speak about passing on a spiritual legacy to Anya. One of the ways I want to do this is recording my favorite scriptures and putting in a little note after. I started, but have waned so I want to continue this little love letter to my sweet girl.
 I’m keeping my other goals simple:
  • Get to the gym at least 2x a week or more
  • Continue to strengthen my relationship with God
  • Be attentive and present for Anya
  • Learn how to make Miso soup and sushi
  • Take a multi vitamin a day
  • Host a housewarming party for my dear friend
  • Send more handwritten cards
  • Create more order in my life and home
  • Host more gatherings
  • Start a magazine for single moms of faith (wouldn’t this be great!)
  • Be more patient
  • Continue to carve out time every day for bible and prayer
  • Volunteer more
  • Rest and play more
  • Write at least 4 posts a week
  • Be a better bunny parent
  • Take more road trips
  • Read one book a month and do a review
  • Save money and pay off some debt
  • Clean my car!
  • Plant a small garden
  • Be outdoors more
  • Smile and be more lighthearted!
Life is good isn’t it! Everyday s an opportunity to fulfill our dreams we just simply have to take the steps to make it happen.


Are You Happy With Your Harvest?

One of my favorite fall decorations is a wooden word that says, “Harvest.” Don’t you love that word? Harvest… I chose it because it was a cozy word that reminded me of autumn and it inspired me to reflect on what I was harvesting in my own life. With one more month left until the year is over I often find myself reflecting on the past ten months. I think about all my experiences.. the good, the bad, the ugly, the surprising, all of them. This is the time that I gather up those experience and think about what I learned from them. One of the definitions I found for the word harvest is: To receive (the benefits or consequences of an action). When I think back over the year about my actions I ask myself what were the consequences? What did I sow and what were the results?

Through my experiences I try to harvest wisdom. Sometimes that wisdom comes from being obedient and sometimes it is wisdom that comes in hindsight from being disobedient. I’ve been asking myself what am I sowing in my relationships with  myself, my family, friends and God. What kind of harvest will I receive from what I’m sowing within these relationships? I believe that God wants us to be abundant in every area of our life. In order for us to do this we need to be planting the seeds that will lead to a plentiful harvest. When we are planting those seeds whether they be our spiritual seeds or the seeds we plant for a strong family we can’t just drop them into a hole and walk away. We have to continually and consistently nurture those seeds if we expect them to have strong roots and grow. If we don’t take care of them they’ll never grow into what they were intended to evolve into.

This is an ideal time of year to think about the harvest in your life. What seeds did you plant this year with your family, friends, and with God ? How have you nurtured those seeds? Are you starting to see a harvest or a drought? What intentional steps do you need to make in your life to see the fruitful harvest that you envision? If we start to consciously think about the harvest we desire to produce in our lives than we are more likely to create it through our actions, thoughts, motivations, and intentions. If you find that you aren’t producing the harvest you hoped for it is never too late to start. Take some time to prayerfully ponder on and even privately write down the areas of your life that you feel need nurtured and start thinking about the seeds you may need to sow more diligently so that you can start to see a harvest in these areas.