Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves! Digging Out of the Snowzilla!

Hey Ladies! I hope if you lived in the target of the snow storm you are safe, warm and digging your way out! We’ve been hibernating since Friday and it hasn’t been that bad. Lots of cuddling, eating, playing games, and watching Netflix has kept us occupied. We ventured out today and although beautiful, 20+ inches of snow is a force to be reckoned with for sure! Today my theme was, “Sisters are doing it for themselves!” that is exactly what Anya and I were doing today as we dug our way out of snowzilla! Tonight I’ve never been happier to lie in bed after about 4 hours of digging! I’m thankful though hat we didn’t lose power, had enough to eat and were safe. Praying that you are as well, if you have an elderly neighbors don’t forget to check on them, I know they will appreciate your concern.

Wishing you sweet drums on this cold winter night~