Fun Advent Ideas!

One of our other Advent Traditions is our Advent Calendar. Every day I put a little Hershey Kiss in the boxes of our cute Santa Calendar and there are also small figures from the story of Jesus’ birth placed in the boxes. If she pulls one out than we talk about how that person figured into the birth of Jesus.  This is a sweet fun tradition the kids will love!


Advent Ideas! How About An Advent Tree

I love love love our Advent Tree! This is a fairly new tradition that we started about two years ago. In addition to our real tree in the house, we have an additional tree on the porch that reminds us each day when we enter and leave our home why we we’re celebrating Christmas. This tree doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it has little pockets with numbers on them for each day leading up to Christmas. Inside those pockets are scriptures that we bring into the house to read during our lighting the Advent candles.

If you want to try this fun tradition, I suggest buying an inexpensive artificial tree big or small that you can put somewhere in your home. Let the kids find the scriptures and write the book of the Bible and verse on a slip of paper to put in little envelopes around the tree. I found my pockets at Michaels, but you can easily create them yourself. Every day let one of the kids pull out the scripture to bring into read for breakfast or dinner.




Leaving a Spiritual Legacy for Your Kids -Create Sermon Journals

A few years ago I wrote an article for Just Between Us Magazine entitled, “The Legacy That Matters Most.” I wrote about the spiritual legacy my grandma left me and how it has inspired me to be intentional about the leaving one for my daughter. I’ll be writing more in-depth about how I think you can do this in the future, but today I want to share one simple way. When you go to church, if you’re like me I write notes about the sermon. I have a journal and I’ll write the name of the sermon, the date and my notes. It is amazing how these journals start to increase as each year passes and I’m always blessed when I read back over them. So I’m building a library of sorts for Anya of ‘Sermon Notes’ that I’ll eventually give to her. I think this is a wonderful way to pass down a blessing to your loved ones and all it requires is  going to church and taking notes to enrich your spiritual life as well!

Just a couple of my Sermon Note Journals
Just a couple of my Sermon Note Journals

The Countdown To Christmas Is On! Here is A Peek At One of Our Traditions!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends, family and lots of food! I had a blessed holiday and spent some serious quality time with friends and family. I’m excited that it is December 1st and the countdown to Christmas is on! I have a ton of fun traditions that start tomorrow! We celebrate Advent so I’ll be talking about Advent in some later posts, but here is one little fun tradition that you may want to try! I painted these small boxes, decorated them with holiday scrapbook paper along with felt stickers, and put snow inside. Each day I put a small trinket in the box and hide it for Anya to find. This year I’m going to add a scripture in the box for us to read that morning or evening. Share with me some of your traditions!

Our New School Tradition!

I genuinely value traditions. Even more so now that I have my own little family. So, I’m always looking to start a new tradition, but one that is meaningful. This year Anya is going to a new school so it is fitting that we start a new tradition. In the morning before we go to school we always say a prayer for the day, because I want her to begin her day in prayer and thanksgiving. I try to base many of our traditions on our faith. So this new school tradition falls into that pattern.

Anya brings her lunch to school, so Ive decided to put a scripture on a napkin in her lunchbox everyday with a little personal note (I have a thing with napkins/holders huh?). So every day she has a new scripture to read. She loves finding a new verse every day when she opens her lunchbox. These verses  are not for memorization, but just to read and keep them in her heart and encouage her throughout the day. I find the verse, which is ususally from Psalms or Proversrbs during the evening when I’m making her lunch. Sometimes I try to find a verse that will correlate to an issue we’ve discussed about school that day.  I enjoy intentionally searching for a verse that I know will give her some spiritual nourishment. For example, the girls at the school were doing something that I thought was kind of dangerous and Anya knows that it is also. I know that she isn’t quick to follow the crowd, but I also know she is 7 and when her peers are doing something it is easy for her to be tempted to give it a  try. I explained that if she follows the crowd remember there can be consequences. That evening I found a verse about making wise decisions and being in wise company and not following the crowd which fit our conversation perfectly. I then wrote a little not below the scripture about not being a follower, but doing what she knew was right. The next day she thanked me for that note.

Anyway that we can feed the word to our kids, I say do it! You’d be surprised how much they appreciate it our purposeful gestures. Hope your kids are having a great start to the new school year!

Celebrate Advent!

Christmas, ahh don’t you love it! The presents, the tree, the food, the fun and the priceless excitement in your children’s eyes on Christmas morning. It is a spectacular time of year. During all of the hoopla it is easy to loose sight of the real reason we are celebrating Christmas, which is the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Years ago,  I made it my mission that in our family we acknowledge and praise Jesus during the days leading up to Christmas. So I decided that Advent would become one of our holiday traditions. If you don’t already celebrate Advent, I encourage you to try it with your own kids. Here’s a quick rundown of what Advent is and what you’ll need.

What is Advent

Advent means, “the coming or the arrival.” It begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas. This year it begins on Sunday, November 27th. During the four weeks leading up to Christmas we celebrate the gift God gave us his son Jesus Christ our Savior! Advent is a time to reflect on how significant this gift to us as believers.

What do you Need for Advent Wreath Tradition?

1. A Wreath- the wreath is a circular garland of evergreens. The circle of the wreath represents eternity. You can buy the wreath that has the candle holders in them or you can just buy the candle holders separately

2. 5 Candles– You’ll light one candle every week and then all five on Christmas Eve or Day. The 1st 4 candles go outside of the wreath and the 5th candle is placed inside the circle.

1st Week- Purple Candle- represents Hope often called the Prophecy Candle
2nd Week- Purple Candle-represents Peace it is often called the Angel Candle
3rd Week- Rose Candle- represents Joy and is often called the Shepherds Candle
4th Week- Purple Candle- represents Love and is often called the Bethlehem Candle
White Candle- represents Christ

How do you Celebrate?

This is the fun part! Each Sunday you’ll light one candle that represents that week and read a verse of the bible for example, the 1st week is prophecy read Isaiah 9:1-7. I’ll be posting a calendar of suggested verses this week to help you along!

The second week light the second candle and so forth until Christmas Eve or Day and then light all five candles, this leads to lighting the white candle representing Christ and celebrating his final arrival. This is the perfect to read the scriptures on the birth of Christ, discuss the role each person played, and talk about the characteristics and virtues of those at the manger that blessed day.

Advent is a wonderful tradition to introduce your family to and to keep them focused on Christ.  I’ll be sharing our Advent traditions and would love to hear your traditions.