It Is The Little Things We Do As Moms That Matter Most!

The one big lesson I’ve learned as a mom is that it isn’t the grand gestures your kids remember most, but the small, kind, thoughtful ones that remain in their heart. One of those small gestures gave me the biggest smile after school today in the car when Anya opened up this cute little pumpkin and was surprised  by the warm chocolate chip cookies and milk I brought from home. It only took a few minutes to bake and put together but her smile made it totally worth it!(By the way cookies and milk are a hit with kids of any age and adults too 🙂



Healthy After School Snack

I try to prepare an after school snack for Anya before she gets home, so it is ready. Which means I need it to be healthy and easy to make since I’m working at home and often really busy. Today’s snack is rolled up turkey tolls, strawberries and a few grapes. I try to sneak some protein in there and to hold her off until dinner and turkey rolls are simple and healthy!


My Healthy Snack Tip for Kids! Keep it in Front of Them!

It might be easier to grab some chips instead of a healthy snack, but if you keep it in front of the kids there more like to grab it first. Keep the cookies on a higher shelf and a bowl of fruit on the table. It  not only looks pretty but tastes good too! Try dividing them into snack baggies and  keep them in the lower areas of your fridge for them grab, get creative and put little notes on them to make it fun!




Winding Down With This Yummy Trader Joe’s Cocoa Snack

I’m starting to wind down earlier and earlier. Yes, I know I shouldn’t be drinking coffee at 6:30 pm but it’s just soooo good! You know what else is good these Trader Joe’s Cocoa Batons snacks that are so light and yummy! They are the perfect fix for my sweet tooth. For a snack treat is under $2 I’m all for it and plan on serving them at Anya’s slumber party this weekend, oh yeah my kid is turning 9!!!

Coffee, chocolate, and Jesus Talking is a good way to start winding down.
Coffee, chocolate, and Jesus Talking is a good way to start winding down.

Trader Joe’s Pick of the Week! Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies! So Good!

I try to make my cookies homemade, just because I think they taste betters. But, when I don’t feel like baking these Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chunky Chip Cookies ($3.49) are fast and really delicious!There are 16 in a pack and you just throw them in the oven for about 10-12 minutes, serve them with some milk and your kids will be smiling ear to ear! These are great for unexpected company or play dates. Tomorrow I’m taking them on a field trip  for Anya’s class and I know they are will love them!

$3.49 but they taste better than any package cookie dough I've had!
$3.49 but they taste better than any package cookie dough I’ve had!
So Delicious! They won't last long!
So Delicious! They won’t last long!