Love Yourself Unconditionally


I was watching a show on Netflix and one of the main characters was evaluating her life after a series of unnerving events.  She asked her daughter if she felt loved unconditionally as a child. Her daughter’s answer was a resounding…no, but then she softened her reply by saying, “But, it’s okay mom, I understand because you are not unconditional with yourself.” Wow! I could totally relate. I love my daughter unconditionally, but I’m remiss at showing that same love to myself. How many of us when we do something wrong, fail, or just simply don’t live up to our own sometimes unrealistic standards are particularly harsh on ourselves? Not loving yourself unconditionally is such a sad way to live this precious life.

Why? It strips you of your confidence, it doesn’t allow you to take risks for fear of failing, it keeps score in the most relentless and excruciating way. Not loving yourself for all your imperfections keeps you in the chains of perfection…a standard that no one can ever reach. When you embrace who you are and love yourself unconditionally you give yourself the freedom to simply step fully into life. You give yourself permission to make mistakes, to learn and to move on from them to something better. We can be harder on ourselves than any judge and jury.

When your children misbehave badly or fail, do you hold it against them? Of course not, because they are more than their accomplishments, failures and actions. You love the true essence of them. You find them incredible, beautiful, amazing, and exquisite with all their faults. You can forgive them even when they are at their worst, because your love isn’t based on performance it is unconditional.

My prayer is that you love yourself unconditionally, that you give yourself grace and that you see your beauty through your imperfections and embrace them because it is who you are…wonderfully and perfectly created  by God.

10 Tips On Finding Your Rhythm As A Single Mom

Find Your Rhythm Through the Waves

Find Your Rhythm Through the Waves

Do you have a groove? I have a groove and it isn’t my awesome dance moves :) it’s my rhythm as a single mom. I found my rhythm and it works for me, but it didn’t come without some trial and error. Finding your groove takes time, practice and the ability to think outside the box, but your life runs so much smoother when you do, doesn’t it?

Today, I want to give you 10 Tips that may help you find your rhythm as a single mom and make life a little easier.

  1. Spend Time With God. Nothing, nothing, nothing made a bigger difference in my life than strengthening my relationship with God and spending time in the word and prayer. He is your partner, so go to Him every day and let God be your number one priority.
  2. Get Organized. You don’t have to be all OCD, but a little organization in your life will help you keep your head above water. There are different areas of your life that need to be organized, so start out with the one that seems to give you the most headaches. If it is your house, start a plan to organize it in a way that works for you. Then practice maintaining it by creating boundaries for you and the kids. Put systems in place that will make your day go smoother. Write lists, put up a central calendar with everyone’s activities and appointments, put a meal plan together, whatever will make your life smoother do it.
  3. Create Your Community. You need your people! It’s important to have good, reliable and kind people in your life. Reach out and create a community! Don’t go it alone. It’s important to have a support group and to be a support to others. Don’t be afraid to reach out because I can bet you some mom out there is needing you as much as you need her.
  4. Don’t Run on Overload. You are one person don’t try to be everything to everyone it doesn’t work. Know your priorities, don’t feel bad about saying  no, and know your limits. Saying yes to everything all the time will exhaust you and leave you feeling resentful. Evaluate what is important to you and spend your energy in the appropriate places.
  5. Don’t Compare Yourself. Comparisons are the devil. When you start comparing yourself you lose focus on your blessings. You lose the gratitude for all that God has done for you and instead you spend time wishing for a situation that isn’t yours. I’ve seen this time and again with single moms comparing themselves to other families and not believing their family is whole. Your family is as whole as you believe it to be, don’t allow your perception of others to form your reality. Listen, focus on creating the life you want for you and your family and do it!
  6. Keep Your Dreams Alive.Before you were a mom you had a life. You still have a life and it is enriched by your beautiful children, but don’t forget about the desires of your heart either. Go for your dreams! Be a role mode for your kids by teaching them to be tenacious in doing what they love.
  7. Stop Complaining About Your Ex. Listen, things happen, people get hurt and relationships end. All of it is hard. But, at some point you either make peace with your situation or you live in a state of conflict. This can be a long, arduous and painful process, but complaining doesn’t resolve anything it only keeps the hurt alive and leaves you angry and bitter. You are so much better than that! Take action, be an adult and remember what momma said, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.” Keeping the strife going  isn’t healthy and keeps you stuck. Also don’t get sucked into friendships with other single moms who make it their life’s mission to complain about their ex because it becomes contagious! Know when to move on.
  8. Communicate With Your Children’s Father. Communication is key and not always easy, but if you want your children to have the best life they can in this scenario then it is key. Follow the schedule, communicate about activities, and allow flexibility when it can be accommodated.  Everyone’s life will be better.
  9. Take Care of Yourself. Everything falls on your shoulders, but if you aren’t physically, mentally and emotionally healthy everything will fall apart. Ladies, take care of yourself. Eat well, exercise, and rest. Your kids need you more than anything so make loving yourself a priority and you will take care of everyone else by doing so.
  10. Think Outside the Box. When I become a single mom I started seriously thinking about how I wanted my life to look. My heart wanted to be at home. So, I started looking for telecommuting positions. Most people didn’t think it would work, but 3 contracts in and 3 years later it is working. Working at home has posed its own challenges, but I’m happier and I’m content with my lifestyle. Create the life you want and don’t allow anyone to discourage you on the journey. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try new ways that work for you.

Well, there are my tips! I hope you groove your way through this journey and find the rhythm that makes your life work for you!

10 Resolutions for Single Moms That Make Life a Little Lighter

Read 10 Resolutions for Single Moms to make in 2016 that I believe will make life a little lighter:

1) Make a Date With God Everyday: Regardless of how hectic and crazy life becomes make a promise to yourself and to God to spend time with Him in prayer, in His word, and His presence. Take a least 15 minutes to just sit with God and BE… You will be refreshed and reconnected in a way that will give you the energy you need to get through the day.

2) Say No and Don’t Make Apologies For It: If you find yourself overwhelmed by your responsibilities and other are asking to add more to your plate, say no and make no apology for it. Knowing your boundaries makes you happier and your life a lot more easier. Let your yes be yes and your no be no, kick maybe out of your vocabulary.

3) Take One Step Everyday Towards Manifesting Your Dreams or Goals: If you have a dream that you put up on the shelf, I want you to climb up that ladder, dust it off, and start making concrete steps to manifesting your dream! Too often single moms especially, tend to give up on their dreams because they don’t seem practical. Don’ worry if it seems impossible, if you think you don’t have the funds, or if you think you lack the talent all you have to do is take baby steps toward making it happen. When you change your perspective and pursue your passion, you’ll be surprised at the doors that start swinging open!

4) Be Present: Life is going by every so quickly, so give yourself and your family the gift of being present. Be aware of the things that distract you from the ones you love and remove them when i is necessary. Whatever it is you find yourself doing, give it your full attention… be present.

5) Don’t Compare Yourself: You are a flipping fantastic mom! Don’t compare yourself to anyone and don’t cave into any type of guilt or pressure to be something that you are not because you are simply exquisite the way you are. Comparing yourself only distracts you and takes away your light and your uniqueness!

6) Be at Peace with the Father of Your Children: I know this doesn’t apply to everyone, but if you are stuck in a dark place with the father of your children, prayerfully ask God how you can turn a corner in this relationship. Nothing will steal your joy quicker than anger, resentment, or bitterness. There is no quick fix for this and I know there are complex situations that only God can intervene and change, but make the first step it will change your life.

7) Accept Help: If you have the single supermom complex like I sometimes do, than you know that asking for and accepting help is anything but easy, bu think of how much more pleasant life would be if you could humbly ask and accept help when you need it? Don’t make life so hard! We all need help sometimes and it is OK!

8) Strengthen Your Community: Get intentional about creating community and being a support to other moms, especially single moms. Show hospitality, be open to meeting new people, and find your community!

9) Don’t Overcompensate with The Kids: Your kids just need your love, your time and your presence. I hate when I hear a single mom say, “Am I being a bad mom?” What constitutes a bad mom? Or I’ll hear, “I’m trying to be mom and dad,” well that’s not going to work because you are mom and you can’ t be 2 people and were never meant to be! Focus on your relationship with your children and know that you are enough! You don’t have to be anything more than who you are… MOM. Rest assure your kids love you for being mom.

10) Let Your Hair Down!: Give yourself the permission and freedom to do and try new things, to have fun, to be spontaneous and to enjoy life! Jump in the car with your kids and drive to a new destination in a moments notice, take that voice class you always wanted to take but felt like you had other more serious things to do, accept that date and open your heart up, just live a little and have some fun!


Choices Matter…Are We Bringing Good Or Harm? Are We Reaping a Harvest or a Famine?



Are you excited for 2017? Have you already started jotting down your New Year’s resolutions with  gusto? Or have you given up on resolutions that stick for the first couple weeks than fall quietly to the wayside? My resolution is not to make resolutions! Instead I want to focus on making better choices. Awhile back I attended a  Ladies Bible Class and we were reading Donna Partow’s book, “Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be.” Day 8 was, ‘Being Consciously Selective,’ which really resonated with me, especially the verse below.

Proverbs 31:12-13
She brings him good, not harm,
all the days of her life
she selects wool and flax
and works with eager hands

I got to thinking, what do I want to reap in my life? What do I want to sow? And how can I bring good and not harm into the lives I touch? How do my choices reflect how I view myself? These are the questions I’m reflecting on.

I believe becoming the woman God intended me to be starts with the choices I make daily, regardless of  how big or small. I realize that my position in life  right now is an accumulation of my choices. .. some good and some bad. I haven’t always used discernment or smart judgement and because of that I’ve hit some serious potholes along the road more like craters! I’ve experienced more consequences for poor choices than I care to admit. Looking back I realize those poor choices are often a reflection of how I was feeling about myself. Your choices are a clear reflection of how you value yourself.

Choices can lead to a harvest or a famine if we don’t use wisdom. I’ve experienced both and I can pinpoint the specific choices I made when I decided to forego wisdom and discernment that led me to a wasteland. The thing about a bad choice is they aren’t always easy to bounce back from and can lead you down a rabbit hole of more destructive choices.

I want my choices to reflect my values, self-care, my love for God, and my faith. Are you following me here? Maybe you’re in the same boat. If so then you’ll agree with me that it is utter insanity being aware that you’re making a foolish choice, but you choose to do so anyway. I’m over it to be honest! So in 2017 what I want most to do is some serious self-examination and reflection on how I currently make choices and how I want to proceed.

Here are my personal guidelines that I intend to follow:

1) Does this choice reap or have the potential to reap a harvest or be fruitful?

2) Does this choice fall in line with God’s word? 

3) What are the consequences of this choice?

4) Is what I’m choosing to do a wise investment of my time?

5) Can I be lead into sin by this choice?

6) Does this choice honor who I am? Does it disrespect me or cut down my self-worth?

7) Will this choice lead me closer to God’s will for my life?

8) Does my choice hurt or impact another person(s) in a negative way?

9) Am I being honest?

10) Does this choice bring me closer to accomplishing my goal or take me further away from them?

Our choices can either lead us into a peaceful life with integrity and fulfillment or drain, frustrate and exhaust us. When we choose well  we honor who God and we stop shortchanging ourselves. We are precious, capable and virtuous women who have the God-given potential to create the beautiful life we desire, we just have to intentionally and carefully select it!


Saying, “I Can’t,” Is a Colossal Waste of Time

I shudder when I think of how many opportunities pass us by because we say, “I can’t.” Why can’t you? Why can’t you be happy? Why can’t you create the life you want? Why can’t you pursue a dream that’s been stirring deep inside? You can! But, when we focus our attention on all the reasons we can’t do something it becomes a colossal waste of time and energy. Instead of focusing on why you can the can’ts get  you caught up in doubt, fear, anxiety and the impossibility of making something happen.

When I was working in the office I hated it, it wasn’t the people or the boss, but I knew my heart was at home. I wanted to be able to pick my daughter up at 3:15 and not 6:00, I wanted to work in the comfort of my home and not spend hours of my day commuting and I craved the flexibility as a single mom. For years my mindset was that those work at home jobs were scarce and  most likely I would never find one. So although I searched for them I never had faith that I’d find one. But, God has a way of pushing us out of our comfort zone and he did that with me, big time! I found a virtual position, but it was nothing that I ever did before and I was worried! But, I did it and then I got laid off! Oh no the idea of going back into the office and changing our schedule literally made me feel ill. But, this time around I decided to say, “I can.” I can find another virtual position.I prayed and took on the attitude that there was no other option. Guess what? I interviewed for 3 virtual positions and landed one!

This isn’t a post promoting telecommuting, but what I want to get across is that if there is something you desire, that is in God’s will, stop saying I can’t and start saying you can and you will. Start investing that energy in pursuing whatever is you want to do and stop pouring it into the, “I can’t attitude.” Nothing is impossible with Christ, the only impossibilities come from our own insecurities. Think about a time in your life where a situation seemed impossible and God turned it around you in your favor or any other time when you thought there wasn’t a chance something you wanted would come to fruition but it did. We can be our own worst enemy!

The “I can’t attitude,” will leave you stuck, stagnant, unhappy, and unproductive. The “I can attitude,” will push you beyond your limits, inspire you, and give you hope and fulfillment. You’re a child of Christ and his spirit dwells within you remember how powerful that is! There is no can’t in Christ! So today say, “I can,” because YOU CAN!

Thank You To My Soul Sisters!

I experienced an incredible lunch with three of my friends this weekend. What was so incredible was the bonding, sharing and sacred conversation that took place for 12 hours, yes 12 nonstop hours filled with words that made us laugh, cry and get to know one another on a soul level. There was no shallowness no masks just us four women sitting around a table peeling back some of our deepest layers. I love being a woman and experiencing the magic that happens between us. Our conversation was organic and just flowed, with no judgment just appreciation. I loved that each one of my girlfriends is so complex, brave, vulnerable and willing to share themselves, to let their voices be heard their stories be told and that they inspire me to let the walls I’ve built around myself to tumble down. I hope they know how absolutely much I adore them and every facet that makes them into the beautiful women who make my life whole lot more colorful. Thank you my sisters for your inspiration, encouragement,  faith, and your acceptance of me just the way I am.

Did you ever have an evening like that with your girlfriends? If you haven't please call them up, set up a date and do it! 

Did you ever have an evening like that with your girlfriends? If you haven’t please call them up, set up a date and do it!

15 Habits of Happy Single Moms


Here is my list of 15 Habits of Happy Single Moms! 

  1. Find Time to Spend with God-Get recharged by spending time with God daily, he is your main source of happiness!
  2. Give Themselves Grace- We’re all full of flaws and it’s okay! Learn to give yourself grace everyday and give it to your kids as well. Treat yourself with gently and don’t beat yourself up! You’re a great gal!
  3. Are Not Too Proud to Ask for Help-This is a huge one! You aren’t meant to carry the world on your shoulders. Asking for help isn’t an indication that you’re weak instead it means you know when you need a hand, and won’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed and grouch because you’re too proud to ask!
  4. Creates a Community of Girlfriends-Girl power still rocks! Create your community of girlfriends. We all need friends, a shoulder to lean on and to cry on. Try to reach out to other single moms so you can be a support to one another. This support can come in the form of carpools, babysitting, having family dinners together, game night, or just some good old fashion girl talk.
  5. Can Forgive-Forgiveness is so much more about your well being than the other person. Whatever your situation is with your children’s father find a way to forgive and release bitterness and resentment. Holding on to anger only festers anger, robbing you of precious moments. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is beneficial to everyone involved.
  6. Pursue Their Passion-Life is short! Find something you love and take action. Pursue your passion. Not only will you be happier, but you are being a great example to your children, who will be inspired to follow their dreams.
  7. Takes Care of Themselves Physically, Spiritually, and Emotionally-When you feel good about yourself you are able to take care of others. When your temple is in good shape you feel better about yourself. Don’t neglect your body, mind or spirit. Take time each day to nourish these areas.
  8. Knows When to Take a Time Out– Let’s admit it sometimes we all just want to blow! Know when to take a time out. It’s okay to tell your kids that mommy needs a moment. Maybe this means sitting in your car in the garage listening to music or lying in the tub. Find what gives you a little peace and grab hold  of it!
  9. Designates Household Responsibilities– Mom isn’t a workhorse! Learn how to designate chores without apology. It’s good for you and the kids. Create a list of age appropriate chores for your children and stick to it daily. Families work together this is a good lesson to instill in the heart and minds of your kids.
  10. Know the Importance of Maintenance in their Household– Organization and maintenance are key  in running a smooth household. I’m not saying you should turn into the Stepfords, but find a system that works for you and once you do figure out how maintenance can work for you. The more you maintain the more time you have to spend with the ones you love!
  11. Doesn’t Compare Themselves to Other Families– Please don’t look at other families and think about what you are lacking. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Focus on your family, what you hope to create and all your blessings and in that you will find all the abundance you need.
  12. Maintains an Emergency Fund-Money may be tight, but try to put away even $20 a month, if you can’t do that put away what you can afford and build an emergency fund. When you have a nest egg, it can eliminate a lot of headaches.
  13. Doesn’t Take Life too Seriously- You are one busy lady, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to laugh! Laugh with others, laugh at yourself and just have fun. Find something to laugh about everyday!
  14. Lives Within Their Means– I know, we came back to money. But, I understand the financial strains that single moms are under and the stress it brings. Living within our means brings about freedom which in turn brings happiness when we aren’t a slave to the lender.
  15. Lives Generously But Knows How to Say No- Give and live generously. But, don’t always be a yes girl. Know when to say no and don’t feel like a bad person if you can’t do something. There are only 24 hours in a day and we have to squeeze in a number of things that matter to us, so sometimes we have to say no so we aren’t neglecting the things that matter most. This doesn’t make you selfish it makes you a good mom.

Guilt Free Shame Free Single Parenting as a Christian

My daughter is my heartbeat. She’s a part of my fiber and intricately entwined in the essence of who I am. I’m a mom. Yes, I’m a single mom, but more importantly I’m a mom, a Christian mom who loves God and wants to raise my child in his will and give her a firm spiritual foundation. I’ve met and heard from many other single moms who desire to do the same thing. Unfortunately, I also know of Christian moms who feel guilt and shame for not raising their children in a nuclear family with mom and dad under the same roof and my heart aches for them. I will be honest and  the first one to tell you I took the nontraditional route when it came to having a child. I wasn’t married and to be frank I didn’t have the kind of strong and stable relationship that you should have when you decide to bring a child in the world. My life was different back then, I wasn’t a Christian, although I believed in God, grew up with strong faithful mentors I didn’t fully understand or step into my faith until after I had my daughter. I do not for one second regret my daughter, but I do understand the consequences involved for everyone when our actions are not well thought out and not rooted in Christ. With all that being said, being a single mom actually feels very natural  for me. I think it’s because I’ve come to accept that God is my partner on this journey and I’m extraordinarily blessed with a daughter that doesn’t see me as”the single mom,” but as a mom who loves the stuffing right out of her!

Unfortunately, some of the harshest criticism and judgment that single moms face occur from their brothers and sisters in Christ. This isn’t always the case, but it is hurtful when it does happen. I remember a woman at church criticizing me because I had mentioned  that I had to call my daughter who was at her dad’s house for the weekend. She thought that was selfish, that he should have his time with her without me calling. Little did she know that it was the first full weekend she had stayed and to ease her into the transition, we had agreed on me calling to say hi. I hope she is never put in that situation with her family, and usually people really don’t understand until they’re walking in your shoes.

If you find yourself succumbing to guilt or shame because of any of these reasons, I want you to stop immediately and give yourself permission to enjoy your life as a single Christian mom and kick guilt and shame to the curb!

  1. God is disappointed in me– Sweet sister friend, nothing is further from the truth! God is not disappointed in you. His love for you is unconditional and is impossible to alter. God knows your life, your heart, your desires and whatever circumstances led you to where you are today. When you hold onto this false belief you’re only hurting yourself and putting a wall up between you and God. Our Father wants you to draw nearer not further away because of our own faulty thinking. The disappointment you  experience is not coming from God it is probably being on yourself from yourself. Please, treat yourself with kindness, gentleness, patience, and most of all grace.

2. My family will never be a “real family”- I know so many women who struggle with this myth. You’re family is absolutely a real family! I’m sure you do everything that ‘real families’ do. You love one another, you take care of each other, you eat dinner together, you cry together, you laugh, you play and everything else. Let me share something with you, I know of a two parent home where their child will come to my house and not want to leave because she said, “it’s a real home.” What I’m saying is don’t allow anyone to define your family for you, when you do that you’re stepping into dangerous territory. If you don’t feel like you have a real family then your kids won’t feel it either.

3. My kids are at a deficit Let’s face it the statistics for kids of divorce aren’t pretty, but do you look at your kid and yourself as a number? God is in control of your family and if you are in his will and in obedience I truly believe that you can raise your children to be happy and healthy. I don’t feel that my daughter is at a deficit, are there challenges absolutely, but every family has them. God has equipped you with everything you need to raise your children, never forget that!

4. I will never have enough to give my kids what they need- God sustains us and in his divine providence he will provide. I’ve had people say to me, “how do you do it?” “Aren’t you afraid you can’t do it on your own?” Well, I’m not on my own and that’s key for you to know. I have seen God’s providence in ways that brings me to my knees. Don’t let anyone plant this negative thought in your mind. Live in abundance, in God’s abundance. Watch him work you’ll be amazed.

5. Are we still good Christians– The worst thing you can do is get caught up in a label. Being Christian is not a label, it is our life in our walk with Christ. No one has the right to rate your Christianess! God got rid of the law and replaced it with the love of his son. Don’t put standards on yourself that God doesn’t put on you. Be firm and confident in your faith and in your relationship with Christ and nothing can rock you.

6. I deserved to be judged by others because I messed up- No one has the right to judge you, but God. Friends, be so careful who you associate with and don’t allow judgment from others to cloud your view of who you are as a mom and as a child of Christ. Those who judge typically do so because they don’t want to look in the mirror, so do keep them in your prayers.

These are just a few of the ways we feel guilt and shame. My prayer is that you free yourself of those chains and let God work. Know that you are a wonderful mother and that your family is just as beautiful as anyone else’s. Don’t rush to change it, allow God to guide you and find peace and contentment in your circumstances as they are right this second. Be kind to yourself and if others do judge you that’s not your problem. Lean into God where there is no shame or guilt only freedom!

Love my family

Love my family

Moms, Is Your Best Causing You Stress? Maybe It’s Time to Stop

We’re always told to do our best. I’ve said it to my friends, my daughter and even myself. Just do your best and that covers it all basically. But, what is our best? What do we measure our best against? I’m thinking specifically in terms of being a mom. When I ask myself am I doing my best at being a mom what does that mean? Is there a set of standards that I have put in place for what constitutes my best as a mom?  Is there a mental checklist that I keep tucked away that compares my best to my reality? I was reading an old book by Wayne Dyer, “Your Sacred Self,” and he talks about the stigma of having to reach a certain ‘level,’of  your best and how this puts us under enormous pressure and stress. Our inner being simply wants to be at peace, feel purposeful and be blissful. When I read that I thought bingo! That is exactly how I want to feel as a woman and as a mother.

When you become a mom there is this internal and external pressure to perform and I think it is even magnified if you’re a single mom. I feel like I have to work extra hard as a single mother, but why is that? It’s because I”m trying to be at and do my best, which is an invisible level that I can’t even measure up to because how do I really know what that is? I do know however, what feels right, what feels good and gives me peace. I know when I don’t put pressure on myself and just lean into what is natural my purpose feels very clear. Doing my best is a pattern I hope to break. Striving to do my best is where so much of the guilt, anxiety and stress stems from that makes me feel less than, something that God never intended me to feel. Doing my best often takes me away from the present making me emotionally absent, because my focus is on measuring up. If I focus on what gives me peace and purpose I’m fully in the present enjoying and experiencing the moment. This is where the joy originates from in that deep place of contentment.

We can become so busy in striving to do our best that we stop enjoying being a mom and life itself. We aren’t in a competition we’re on a journey. A God given journey. God  wants us to be gentle and loving not only to others but to ourselves. We are saved through his grace not by our deeds, so are we giving ourselves this grace? Or are we up against that phantom best that we can never really live up to or measure, leaving us constantly striving for an ideal instead of listening to that inner voice that leads us to peace, purpose and bliss? Maybe our best isn’t so great after all.

This is when I feel at peace, just simply being in the moment

This is when I feel at peace, just simply being in the moment

A Much Needed Sabbath Day

Did you ever have one of those weeks where the wind has just been knocked out of your sails? I did. It was a combination of things, but mainly one old thing that keeps cropping up and continues to be a thorn in my side. I ended the week feeling emotionally exhausted, physically blah, annoyed and just well plain old mad. I really try to keep it positive, but I have to keep it real too. Sometimes when you feel like the whole load is on your shoulders you just feel beat down and that’s where I found myself. I spent most of the weekend watching Parenthood and eating cereal (it’s what I eat when I don’t want to cook) and just lying around thinking about my situation.

When Sunday morning rolled around, the alarm went off at  8 and I fell back asleep until 9:30 when church actually begins and when I got up I had a killer headache. But my yearning for God’s word was so great that I knew I had to  immerse myself in the Lord whether I went to church or not and that’s exactly what I did in bed all day. I read the bible, listened to sermons, talked to God and wrote some ideas down for a book I want to write. It was my Sabbath day that I set aside for me and the Lord and it was sweet for my soul.

Moms, it is so important to our spiritual well-being to get lost in the word and just bask in his presence. It doesn’t matter what day, how long, but I know that it matters, its necessary and we need that time to breathe him in and breathe everything else out. Take a Sabbath and give yourself a wonderful and loving gift that is priceless.