Homeschooling? I Would Love To!

This summer, I’ve been able to telecommute for work from home on Monday and Friday and Anya attended summer camp on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I have a great boss! Well, then Anya fractured her ankle so I’ll be working from home at least until the 19th every day. When I found out I was able to work from home on Monday and Friday I wanted to make it fun for her to be home, but also to learn. Now, I’m not drowning her in work, but I do have a flexible schedule in place. I bought her two 1st Grade workbooks for reading and math for $3.99 at Borders. She is going to Kindergarten in the fall, but since her pre-k class was so advanced the books for kindergarten were actually too easy. She loves the books and actually looks forward to doing 2-3 pages a day. She actually said to me she likes summer camp but she wants to keep learning! Wow, I was happy about that! Here is a our flexible schedule we follow:

  • Breakfast
  • Get Dressed
  • Free Time
  • Reading Workbook
  • Math Workbook
  • Writing
  • Lunch
  • Free Time
  • Crafts are switched out with science projects and music appreciation
  • Nap
  • Bible Study
  • Reading- She’s working on reading one whole book by herself
  • Playtime
  • Dinner

We also will do field trips such as plays, puppet shows, museums, and gardens that I’m fitting in on my lunch hour. Since she hurt her foot I’m going day by day with the field trips.  I immensely enjoy being home with my daughter and teaching her while she’s home. I really see the value in homeschooling. I know this isn’t homeschooling and it would be much more challenging, but I feel like I’m getting a little taste of it and see the benefits.

Good friends of our family have been homeschooling since there children have reached school age and they are doing great! I know how hard she works to teach her children and some of the sacrifices she’s had to make and I’m in complete awe of her.  I felt as though if I homeschooled my child would miss the social interaction that’s necessary at this age. However, once you put them in enrichment classes I believe that void is filled. Will I home school? If I was able to work at home and devote the proper amount of time, absolutely! My perception has been altered and now I’m wishing this was feasible! So ode to all you home school moms out there!! I admire you for your dedication to your children’s education!!

Show Your Kid’s Teacher A Little Love

One of the most difficult issues I’ve faced as a single mom is putting my child in the hands of someone else while I went to work to make a living. My mom worked outside of the home when I was growing up, but I went to my grandma’s house. My grandma’s house was a safe haven where I played, ate, and was loved unconditionally. I never thought much about my mom working because the nurturing environment I was in. When, I became a mom I dreaded the decision of putting my daughter in a daycare with strangers. Luckily, I was blessed with wonderful caregivers who took excellent care of my daughter while I worked. Of course there is a rarely a moment that passes byI don’t think about Anya while I’m working and my goal is to eventually work at home. But, until then I have to put my faith in God and trust her teachers to take care of her. Teachers carry a huge responsibility and in my opinion are grossly underpaid.

Recently, I was speaking to one of Anya’s previous teachers and she mentioned wanting a journal to record her students in. I told Anya and we bought Miss Rosemary a journal and a thank you card. The smile on her face was priceless. She was touched by our gesture and I was grateful for her giving me peace of mind when Anya was in her care. Teachers have one of the most important jobs around, taking care of our precious children. Here are a few ideas on how to show that special teacher in your child’s life just how much you appreciate their dedication to your children.

Start a Teacher Appreciation Day or Week
If you belong to a Parent Teacher’s Association bring up the idea of starting a teacher’s appreciation day or week if one isn’t in place. You can have a potluck for a luncheon, do a raffle to buy each teacher a small gift, or do a teacher of the year award. Here is a great website that will give you some ideas on how to make teacher appreciation week a success.This year teacher appreciation week is from May 2-6th.

Thank You Cards and Letters
Nothing says thank you more than a handmade card from your child to their teacher. Encourage your children to write thank you notes or cards to their teachers letting them know how much they appreciate them. You may want to talk to other parents in the classroom and ask them to have their child write a short letter of thank you to their teacher at the end of the year, then compile them and put them in an album or scrapbook. If you have pictures from events add them to the photo album, this is a great keepsake.

Give Them a Basket
If you are able to find out their favorite desserts, why not surprise them with a homemade or store bought tasty dessert. You can cheaply buy a basket and fill it with yummy treats and tie it up with a bow. The kids can participate by baking or assembling the basket. Another basket their teacher is sure to love is a basket full of delightful spa goodies. If it is a male you may want to stick to edible treats, not sure if he’ll enjoy a body scrub, but hey you never know! In my previous post I mentioned Heavenly Blessings which have baskets for every occassion.

Gift Certificates
Money is tight, but if you have a few extra dollars a gift certificate for a meal, movie, or bookstore always makes a great gift because it gives them the freedom to choose something they’ll enjoy.

The simplest way to show your appreciation to your child’s teacher is to take the time to say good morning, ask them about their day, and be an involved parent if you’re able volunteer every once in awhile to help out . Take time to cultivate a relationship with your children’s teacher. Encourage your children to respect their teacher and give them an understanding that their teachers work hard to teach them and to protect them when they’re away from you.