Dealing with Bullying

Bully is such an awful word isn’t if? It even sounds mean. Well, I hope your children never have to deal with a bully or any unnecessary teasing or harmful behavior from another child, but unfortunately it happens.  I’m not an expert on  bullying, but I had to deal with a situation last year and I thought I’d share how I handled it with you all.

Basically, a girl at Anya’s school wasn’t being very nice to her and some of the other girls. I caught wind of the situation and spoke to her teacher, but when it continued I went to the principal to get the other parent involved and then it got resolved. I can’t begin to tell you how my blood was boiling when I picked up my daughter  from school and noticed a bruise on her cheekbone. Mama bear was in full force! I found out that the girl had grabbed Anya’s arm and Anya slipped and hit a table. There was another incident that she kicked Anya while she was walking down the stairs. Now, I don’t condone violence, but I will be honest here and say part of me wanted to tell Anya to whop her. But, I know that is absolutely the wrong thing to do, but again I’m being honest. Anya on the other hand is very sweet and said that she didn’t want to do anything back to her because this girl was younger than her. Good kid, right? So here is what I did to get the bullying to stop:

1. First, talk to your child and find out exactly what is taking place. You may want to ask them a couple times to repeat the story just so you have all the facts. Also, really pay attention to how they act when they come home. I didn’t notice anything different, but when I volunteered at school she was  a little clingy and that is when I found out this was happening.

2. Speak to their teacher and present them with the facts. It is just as important to get both sides of the story. Your child’s teacher is with them all day, get her opinion and observations is important to fully piece what’s going on together. In my case her teacher was aware and addressed the issue, but that still wasn’t working.

3. Take it to the principal. Get the principal involved and have the teacher there as well if it doesn’t stop. Be clear on what your expectations are and if needed ask for a meeting with the parents. Make sure the parents are contacted. I found out that they hadn’t been when I thought they were which could’ve put a stop to the situation earlier.

4. Talk to your child on how they should proceed. I told Anya at that point to basically to avoid her until the situation was resolved, not to be afraid of her but to stay clear. I also told her to go directly to the teacher if anything else occurred.

5. Pray about the situation. Anya later told me that she prayed for this particular little girl, which made me really proud of her. We always pray before school and asked for this situation to be resolved.

6. Protect your child. Do whatever it is that needs to be done to protect your child, if that means going higher than the principal do it! Be present and let everyone involved know that you aren’t going to go quietly in the night, this is the time to be bold and that’s okay! Don’t be afraid to make sure the bullying is addressed and it is stopped. It is so important for your children to see that you have their back and when they come to you with this type of problem that you will do whatever you can to protect them. I found it amazing that this girl was doing this to other children and I was the only parent who brought it to the attention of the principal.

In the end, her parents were contacted and made aware of the situation and that it had to stop. The girl wrote Anya a letter and said that she was sorry and she hoped they could be friends and as a peace offering she gave her a flower. Anya forgave her and even ended up standing up for her when someone was being mean to her, which says a lot about her character.

Kids will argue, but there is a fine line between a spat and being bullied. Obviously there are 2 kids in pain, the one bullied and the bully because usually there is something deeper to the acting out. I had told the principal this needed to be resolved not only for my daughter but for this girl because she was isolating herself from the kids and a pattern and a reputation was being formed that would end up hurting her. Our schools have a responsibility to protect our kids. Hold your school accountable.


One last thing, talk to your kids about bullying and how to recognize the signs of bullying. We also want to make sure our kids never become the bullies! So have a talk about behavior that is unacceptable and the consequences. We all have to take a stand against bullying.

Staples Deals for Back to School Supplies… I”m Impressed

Staples Deals for Back to School Supplies
I’ve been looking for the best deals on school supplies and I have to say I’m surprised that Staples has some really good deals. As of today below are some of the common items on the supply list I found to have really reasonable prices. I also looked at Target and Walmart, but can’t say I was that impressed. I’ll post some of those deals tomorrow, but thought I’d share these tonight! I’m in Maryland so you will want to confirm prices in your area. Also for my Maryland mommas don’t forget this is tax free time! This is only a sample of the supplies so check out their site at:
.50 Cents Each

.68 Each

.96 For a 3 pack

.68 for a dozen #2 pencils

$3.75 for 25 in a Box
.97 For a Pack of 12 
.82 Each

.17 Each
$1.25 for a 4 Pack

BACK TO SCHOOL SALE, 30% OFF Everything – 5 DAYS ONLY at Kiddo Tags

BACK TO SCHOOL SALE, 30% OFF Everything – 5 DAYS ONLY at Kiddo Tags

The new school year is right around the corner! I can’t believe some kids are going back next week, so that means time to shop for school supplies. My daughter’s school asks that we label everything and I mean everything so last year I bought labels from Kiddo Tags and was more than pleased. Actually, the labels I used from September are still sticking and I have more left.
If you need to label your kid’s clothes, school supplies, lunch boxes, etc. Go here and order them! They are affordable and durable. For 5 days you can get 30% off of everything! Great deal right?


Visit their site at and when you check out use the Coupon code: B2S30


Tax Breaks in August for MD and VA Shoppers! Just in Time for Back to School Shopping!

If you live in the MD and VA area then you may want to mark your calendars for the tax breaks that are coming up just in time for back to school shopping! Save some dollars and don’t forget these dates!

  • Maryland’s Tax Break begins on August 10th until August 16th for shoes and clothing items costing less than $100.
  • Virginia’s Tax Break Begins this Friday, August 1st and continues for 3 days.

If you don’t live in these areas check out this great blog Passion for Savings for a complete list of states who provide Tax Free Shopping days.

Take a look at the Washington Post article for more in depth details and happy shopping!

Celebrate the Last Day of School!

School’s out! Well my daughter’s school is out and soon many of your children will have their last day too, are you excited? The last day of school is an important milestone, it means another year down and a new grade on the horizon. In our house it is a time to celebrate! Anya will be going to the 3rd grade and I can hardly believe it, seriously I remember KG like it was yesterday. I’m so proud of  her! Not only academically did she do great, but she adapted to a new school after attending the same school for 7 years (she was at the previous school since daycare), made new friends, faced challenges like a pro, and grew into a lovely 3rd grader! So we must celebrate and we did!

We went strawberry picking on the last day of school along with a fun evening filled with crafting at a couple shops in our area and hitting the bookstore late night. The next day we went to a quaint little town called Solomon’s Island and walked around just enjoying the beautiful day. Take a look at the pictures, we had a to of fun!

I think we need to celebrate more! Life is so short and the years are flying by aren’t they? So why not celebrate life and these milestones like finishing another school year. Celebrating doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. I spent about $40 bucks tops for those two days! Here are some ways to celebrate the end of the year that won’t break your budget:

  • Have a picnic
  • Go berry picking
  • Catch a movie, better yet go the drive in
  • Cook a special dinner and dessert 
  • Host a sleepover with a few of your kid’s close friends and make it special
  • Host an end of the year party
  • Go camping
  • Go to an amusement park (look for coupons online)
  • Take a quick daytrip
  • Go for a hike
  • Soak in some rays at the pool, beach or lake
  • Get them a small gift that commemorates the year

Whatever, you do make it special and have fun! Get excited about celebrating the end of the year and let your kids know how proud you are of their accomplishment!

Strawberry Picking

Solomons Island

Flags Pond beach

Shark teeth discovery

Our New School Tradition!

I genuinely value traditions. Even more so now that I have my own little family. So, I’m always looking to start a new tradition, but one that is meaningful. This year Anya is going to a new school so it is fitting that we start a new tradition. In the morning before we go to school we always say a prayer for the day, because I want her to begin her day in prayer and thanksgiving. I try to base many of our traditions on our faith. So this new school tradition falls into that pattern.

Anya brings her lunch to school, so Ive decided to put a scripture on a napkin in her lunchbox everyday with a little personal note (I have a thing with napkins/holders huh?). So every day she has a new scripture to read. She loves finding a new verse every day when she opens her lunchbox. These verses  are not for memorization, but just to read and keep them in her heart and encouage her throughout the day. I find the verse, which is ususally from Psalms or Proversrbs during the evening when I’m making her lunch. Sometimes I try to find a verse that will correlate to an issue we’ve discussed about school that day.  I enjoy intentionally searching for a verse that I know will give her some spiritual nourishment. For example, the girls at the school were doing something that I thought was kind of dangerous and Anya knows that it is also. I know that she isn’t quick to follow the crowd, but I also know she is 7 and when her peers are doing something it is easy for her to be tempted to give it a  try. I explained that if she follows the crowd remember there can be consequences. That evening I found a verse about making wise decisions and being in wise company and not following the crowd which fit our conversation perfectly. I then wrote a little not below the scripture about not being a follower, but doing what she knew was right. The next day she thanked me for that note.

Anyway that we can feed the word to our kids, I say do it! You’d be surprised how much they appreciate it our purposeful gestures. Hope your kids are having a great start to the new school year!

Try Kiddo Tags for Back to School Labels!

Kiddo Tags

This past weekend when Anya’s friend stayed over I noticed that she had these cute little names tags on her PJs. I have to label everything for Anya’s new school including clothes, supplies, etc. I’m not into writing all these labels with a felt tip pen, mainly becausehandwriting isn’t my strongsuit.  So, I asked my friend, Alicia where she found these adorable labels and she told me she purchased them at KiddoTags. I went to the site and very quickly customized my labels without touching a felt tip pen!

If you need to label all your child’s belongings I suggest checking out this site. You can also get your kids involved and let them design the label they want which is what we did. They can choose the font, the color and the picture they want on the tag.They also have health and safety tags and wristbands which many of you may find useful, especially if your kids have allergies or medical issues. Here is a quick list of the products they offer:

The price is reasonable for the amount you get and there are coupons available. Check out their Facebook  page also!

Back to School Sales! Every Penny Saved Matters!

Anya proudly displaying her new school’s sweatshirt!

August is here and it is BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! I loved buying school supplies and getting ready for the brand new school year when I was a kid and I am still excited as a parent for my kid!! Here are a few deals to check out to save some dollars!

Shop around and think about buying in bulk with a friend and split the costs. Every penny matters! Take time to visit Passion for Savings it is an incredible resource for savings and coupons! Happy School Shopping!

Quick Kid Nutrition Tip!

Are you kids ravenous when they get home from school? If your child is like mine they want a snack as soon as they get home or get in the car! Here are a few of my tips on providing a quick healthy snack:

  • Keep granola bars, nuts, crackers and other snacks that don’t need to be kept cold in the car. Keep a few bottles of water in the car also. Designate a small box the snack box and pack it with all kind of nutritional goodies ready for to be eaten after school.
  • Put all the healthier snacks in the front of the refrigerator. If you put fruits, yogurt, and other healthy snacks in the front of the refrigerator it is the the first thing your kids will see and they’ll be more likely to grab them rather than the chips.
  • Pack a little extra in their lunch box. Pack a healthy end of the day snack in their lunchbox. Throw in an extra piece of fruit, some carrots, or another granola bar.