Watch the Exclusive Trailer of “Born This Way,” Premiering Tuesday, July 26th on A&E

Catch, “Born This Way,” on A&E  Tomorrow at 10/9 c!

I must admit, I’ve been avoiding watching television these days like the plague. It just hasn’t been appealing to me with all the politics, anger, aggression, and bad news, it’s been somewhat depressing, so I’ve kept my distance. But,Born This Way,” on A&E  has given me a reason to dust off the remote control and tune in into a reality show that is inspiring, funny, heartwarming and endearing. I’m normally not a fan of reality t.v. however A&E has broken the mold in the most beautiful way!

“Born This Way,” follows the lives of seven young adults with Down Syndrome as they pursue their dreams, navigate through romantic relationships, and  explore friendships. It is evident quite early on in,Born This Way,” that although Down Syndrome is undeniably a part of their life it doesn’t limit them from pursuing their passions. We have these unfortunate expectations in society, that when someone has a disability that they are starkly different from us, when in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth!  You’ll find yourself quickly, falling in love with the cast and their parents because of their raw honesty with their struggles and their joys.

One of my favorite quotes, is in the season opener, when one of the parents says,  It’s important to recognize, even though we all have abilities and we all have disabilities, that we don’t define and describe ourselves by those,” which so accurately reflects the heart of this meaningful show. In a world where everyone seems so focused on our differences, “Born This Way, reminds us that although we are all different, there are similarities that we all share such as; the desire to be loved, the bonds of friendship, disappointments, challenges, successes and well…just life.

Watch the Preview and Tune in tomorrow, Tuesday, July 26th at 10 PM/9 PM c for “Born This Way.”

Get ready to fall in love with this lovely, funny and talented cast. 

*Clip provided through courtsey of Grace Hill Media and A&E.

Watch the Documentary “Living On One Dollar” You’ll Be Motivated to Make A Difference

Anya and I just watched a beautiful and humbling documentary on Netflix called, “Living on One Dollar” If you want yourself and your children to gain a deeper appreciation for your blessings watch this movie. Basically, these four young college friends studying international development decided to travel to rural Pena Blanca, a town in Guatemala. There they live on $1 a day to experience what life is like for those living there. They experience hunger, sickness, and poverty, but what they gain is so much more. They friendships they make and what they are now doing to help those in the village is nothing less than incredibly humane and wonderful.

First, I suggest watching the movie. Second, visit Living On One the organization they’ve started to improve the lives of the people in Pena Blanca and also in  Za’atari a refugee camp in Syria. There are a number of ways you can help from donating items, to buying goods, to learning how to spread awareness. I’ve already signed up to be alerted for when their next documentary is released and to buy a t-shirt to support Rosa, a woman in the film who is working towards being a nurse. Talk about pursuing your dream! Rosa had to quit school in 6th grade to work to help support her family. She was finally able to get a micro-loan to start a weaving business and just graduated high school in December at age 26!

If you want to watch a documentary that will settle in your heart and touch your humanness watch Living On One Dollar

A must watch documentary
A must watch documentary


My Top 5 Favorite Christian Broadcasts/Podcasts

Technology has given us one gift and that is being able to hear the word of God everyday, anytime and anywhere! I listen to broadcasts and podcasts daily.  I love how they recharge me spiritually and keep me uplifted. Here are some of my favorite broadcasts that I encourage you to listen to when you get a chance!

My Top 5 Favorite Christian Broadcasts/Podcasts

In Touch MinistriesCharles Stanley is hands down my favorite minister.Every morning I tune into Charles Stanley and get my spiritual breakfast! Visit his website and dive into all the rich resources In Touch offers. Take time to listen and watch the television and radio broadcasts, and don’t forget to sign up for the free monthly magazine.

Beth Moore on Life Today- Who doesn’t love Beth Moore’s style of witty honest teaching of the bible? I could listen to her all day and sometimes on a Sunday it’s me, Beth and a cup of coffee. Every Wednesday you can tune into Beth Moore on Life Today and watch her previous shows in the archives, it’s a real treat.

Focus on the Family – These daily broadcasts cover a number of topics that are relevant, practical and useful in parenting and in the Christian life. I love Focus on the Family so much I have their app on my phone. If you’re looking for practical application of the word to your family’s daily life this is your go to broadcast.

Homemakers By Choice– This podcast has a special place in my heart. I’ve been listening to Donna Otto, the founder of Homemakers by Choice for at least 7 years now. I have devoured her books, implemented her Otto Mottos in my home, and have enjoyed her podcast immensely. Mrs. Otto gets you excited about the many aspects of being a mom, wife and Christian. Once you start listening you’ll be hooked.

Revive Our Hearts– Nancy Leigh DeMoss provides us daily broadcasts on a number of topics that speak to the heart. I always come away from this broadcast encouraged and with a deeper insight into the word of God.

focus on fam
Check out all of the resources that Focus on the Family offers Christian families!


My Interview With Pattie Mallette! Read What She Says About Justin Bieber’s New Movie Believe!

When I saw, “Never Say Never,” a couple years ago, I was impressed behind the young phenomena known as Justin Bieber. What struck me most was the footage with the people that were closest to Justin, especially his mother Pattie Mallette. Pattie was a young, single mother when she had Justin and her love and devotion to him was clearly evident in the documentary just as it was when I had the chance to interview her this month for Justin’s new movie, “Believe,” was released on December 25th, Christmas day. I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of “Believe,” and believe me you are going to love it! With all the excitement and busy press schedule surrounding the release, Pattie was gracious enough to take a few minutes to answer some of my questions about the movie and a few additional questions also!

Hi Pattie, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me today.
I had the opportunity to watch “Believe,” and I was so impressed with Justin’s dedication to his craft. I was equally impressed with his honesty and candidness. What do you hope people take away from this movie or learn about Justin, both his fans and those who are rather negative towards him?

I hope that people take away from this film, Justin’s humanity and how much he cares for people. I hope people see his vulnerable side and how he is learning. I don’t always agree with some of his choices, but, he is learning and growing up in front of the world and he will make mistakes, but he is learning. Unfortunately, in our society we have a tendency to build people up and we like to tear them down. Justin always strives for excellence  to be the best and he is much harder on himself than anyone else is.

 I love the name for Justin’s new movie, ‘Believe,’ how did he come up with the name?
Well, Believe was the name of his album which came from a You Tube video that a fan had made who told him how much she was inspired by him and how he made her believe in herself. So he decided to name his album and the movie,  ‘Believe,’ because he wanted it to inspire people and encourage them.

As a Christian mom, I find great value in lying down a spiritual foundation for my daughter. In the movie, when asked if he thought he could become a Hollywood train wreck, he said, no that wouldn’t happen to him because of the way he was raised. He mentioned how you would take him to Sunday school every Sunday, and how you taught him to forgive and pray. How intentional where you in lying down a spiritual foundation for Justin? How do you think it continues to play out in his life?

I was definitely intentional. I always prayed for Justin. I took him to Sunday school, we had prayer time, I taught him scripture and we and read the bible. We did homeschooling for a couple of years so it was part of our daily routine. My faith is such a big part of my life that it was only natural it came out in my parenting. The bible says train a child up in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it, and I believe that.

Pattie, I know that many people refer to you as Justin Bieber’s mom, but you’ve really carved out your own identity and have reached out to so many though your autobiography, ‘Nowhere But Up,’ and your philanthropy. You’ve recently launched Round 2, what was your inspiration?

I’ve always wanted to do something that was my own. So the idea behind Round 2 is that when life knocks you down there is always round 2. We focus on things that in life that discourage people such as addiction, depression, abuse and suicides. One of our first campaigns is Speak up, Listen Up. We want to encourage people not to keep things bottled up inside  and to share their story. We also want to provide counseling for those who can’t afford it.

My blog speaks to Christian moms, especially single Christian mothers. What advice would you give a mom who is really struggling and going through a dark time.

I would tell her, don’t give up, reach out and don’t do it alone. For me on my journey I’m always trying to encourage people to never give up. I went through years of addiction and sexual abuse and I will always be healing, so I’ve shared my story with the hope that I can help others who have been through abuse and trauma.

Ok, for a fun holiday question. I’m a big advocate of traditions. Do you have any traditions during the Christmas holiday that you and Justin share?

Not so much traditions, but we do all gather at my parent’s house on Christmas Eve and celebrate Christmas together!

Thanks so much Pattie, have a great Christmas!
Thank you and you too!

Treat yourself to a gift and check out Believe!
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A New Type of Reality Show… National Geographic’s Church Rescue is Worth Watching!

The Church Hoppers!

I had the privilege of viewing a pre-screening of National Geographic’s new reality show, “Church Rescue,” that actually premiered on November 11th. I was a bit skeptical because of the nature of most reality shows. However, Church Rescue, “ is a refreshing twist on reality shows. Many churches fall on hard times whether it is the deterioration of the building itself, the inner conflict that can emerge among it’s members in the congregation, or it’s overall structure.  Church Rescue  offers a lending hand by having it’s Church Hoppers intervene. The Church Hoppers  are a team of three men,  Kevin “Rev Kev”, Annas, Anthony “Gladamere “ Lockhart, and Jerry “Doc” Bentley.  Rev Kevin handles the business side of the church. Gladamere is the sales and marketing specialist. He helps to refine churches’ brands and promote their message to the community. Doc is a counselor, whose job is to get to the deeper issues that lie beneath the surface of the individuals they are working with in the church. All three are likable, enthusiastic, and willing to explore the root of the church’s issue and to assist in making the meaningful changes the church requires to flourish.

In the first episode we find the Church Hoppers travelling to North Carolina to a Bapticostal sanctuary under the leadership of Pastor Roseboro. Pastor Roseboro is passionate about preaching the word of God, so passionate in fact the sermon lasts 4 hours in the sweltering heat of the church! He is also passionate about building a bigger church that would cost a whopping $1.4 million dollars. He believes a bigger building will grow his congregation. The Church Hoppers discuss the issues with Pastor Roseboro and tell him that he should focus on fixing some of the structural issues in the current church instead of building a new church. He doesn’t take too kindly to their suggestion.  He also isn’t receptive to their advice on having two services with a concise message and having a deacon to assist him. The Pastor refuses to put anymore money into this current church. Instead he can only envision the benefits of building a new sanctuary which he clearly can’t afford.

We come to find out after some prodding by the Doc, that the bigger sanctuary was also the vision of his deceased wife and deacon which fueled his passion to fulfill their dream and honor their memory. Once that wall was broken down the real work got started. They convinced him that the building wouldn’t bring the people in it was the word of God that would get them in the doors. Once the Pastor was convince, they started the repairs to the current church, built a playground, and made some cosmetic changes that made a huge difference.  Then they had the Pastor make amends with a previous deacon to come back to the church and serve. Finally, they had him do some street evangelism to hone in on his sermons skills.

Finally, the big reveal! Pastor Roseboro was happy to see all the changes made to his church and finally seemed to be at peace with building itself. His two sermons were concise and to the point and his previous deacon decided to come back. I couldn’t help thinking about the verse in the bible that talks about being faithful with the small things that God gives us before he gives us anything greater. The Church Hoppers were able to show the Pastor that it wasn’t about the size of the building it was about being grateful and faithful to what God had already blessed him with. They also helped him to see that his ego was getting in the way of doing what was best for his congregation.

Church Rescue is a reality show worth watching.  It isn’t about throwing money at a church to make it into a million dollar building. It is about helping smaller ministries, building up congregations and churches. It was refreshing to watch a reality show that wasn’t full of vulgarity, immorality and exploitation. Kudos to National Geographic!

Catch it on Mondays at 10pm on the National Geographic Channel

For more information, visit and follow them on Twitter at @NGC_PR.