An Act of Kindness That Tastes Good Too!

This is a great time of year to show a little hospitality and just simple acts of kindness. One yummy way to do this is to make cinnamon buns for your kids, neighbors, teachers, friends, or coworkers. There are some great recipes to make them from scratch or…you can simply buy some Pillsbury Dough Cinnamon Buns that are pretty darn good as well! These go perfect with coffee and girl talk so invite your girlfriends over! Want to surprise someone? Put them on a tray, wrap them up in a little bag and drop them off at the doorstep of some lucky unsuspecting friend! Someone will be very happy!


Random Acts of Kindness Idea #11

Idea # 11 is Make a Big Pot of Soup and Drop it Off at a Neighbor’s House
With a chill in the fall air nothing warms a tummy or heart more than a yummy bowl of homemade soup. Soup is simple and cheap to make and a nice way to tell a neighbor you’re thinking about them. Add a fresh loaf of bread to the meal and you’ll make someone’s day!

Random Acts of Kindness Idea #10

Idea #10 Is Let Someone Cut in Front of You in Line
This cost $0 and it is so simple and nice to do. Believe me someone will appreciate that you let them get in front of you. Today I was at Barnes and Nobel and a woman had gone around to the wrong entrance to pay. I was in line and cashier said, that I was in front. I told her to go ahead in front of me. She was so appreciative and thanked me twice. It is the little kind things that can have a big impact in the day of a stranger’s life. Kindness can be so hard to come by, so why not just do the small, gracious, courteous acts that speak from our hearts.

Random Act of Kindness Idea #9

Idea # 9 is Deliver Some Surprised Goodies to Your Child’s School
Teachers do an amazing job and it is a tough one! Why not show your appreciation with some goodies! Bring in a box of donuts or homemade muffins in a pretty basket and leave them on your child’s teacher’s desk. Get your kids in on it too, it is a nice way for them to think about how wonderful their teacher is to them!

Random Acts of Kindness Idea #8

Idea # 8 Tape a Dollar to a Vending Machine
This is an inexpensive way to show kindness! Just tape $1 or $2 dollars to a vending machine so that the next person that comes by can get a treat from you!
SourceI love that Shannon Brown another blogger decided to do 33 Random Acts of Kindness for the 33 years she’s been alive. What a great idea!

30 Day Random Acts of Challenge Idea#7

Idea # 7 Surprise a Friend With Their Favorite Coffee Drink!
I love pumpkin spice lattes, it is actually the only thing I’ll get from Starbucks and their Gingerbread lattes. So I would always be thrilled if  someone surprised me with my favorite cup of joe! One time when my daughter was sick and I couldn’t leave the house a friend brought me a huge cup of coffee when I ran out at home. That saved me! Another idea is to get a gift card from her favorite coffee shop for an amount your comfortable with so she can have a little pick me up!

30 Day Random Acts of Challenge Idea #6

Idea # 6 Bring Cookies or Cupcakes for Your Kid’s Classroom
Almost every kid I know loves cookies! Why not bring some yummy cookies or cupcakes as a surprise to your child’s classroom for no specific reason! You may want to check it out with the teacher to make sure there are no allergies or if anyone is gluten intolerant. Also don’ forget to give the teacher her own little goody! The kids we love it and you’ll be given some serious love for that one!

30 Day Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Idea #5

Idea #5 Bring Your Neighbor’s Trash Can Back to Their House From The Sidewalk
You may be thinking, what are you talking about? LOL. Well, we all have a trash day where we have to put our trash cans out in front of our house then the it’s picked up right? Well, we have to pull them back to our house, why not pull the trash cans back to your neighbor’s house? It is something so small, but it is one less thing they have to do, so it is a little thing that helps!