I Have A Confession

Okay, I have a confession, I’m putting myself out there. There is something I do that I’m not proud of, I don’t necessarily mean to do it, it slips out. I’m ashamed about it and well here it is…. I swear. Yes I do. It isn’t all the time and it isn’t in front of Anya, but I do it. I sometimes mutter it when I’m in traffic or accidentally hurt myself. I noticed when I’m talking with girlfriends and get excited about something or passionate(heated) I slip in some choice words. It is really an awful habit and I’m going to try and stop. Because, I feel awful about it, especially afterward and it isn’t of God. I don’t want to be a hypocrite and believe in one thing and do another. I know God doesn’t want these words coming out of my mouth. The bible says how can you use the same mouth you bless with to curse with? Unfortunately, in the flesh it isn’t hard.

SO I’m going to make a conscious effort to stop swearing. Am I swearing like a sailor? No, but I should be more in control of the words that come out of my mouth. So to all my friends who I have conversations with, if a swear word comes out of my  mouth, please call me out! Not, only that I apologize because I should know better and do better. This is a personal flaw I really want to work on, so I’m going to pray on it and start being more cognizant of  what comes out of my mouth. Thanks for reading my confession. Hope you don’t judge me to harshly.  Don’t worry this is a completely swear free blog so I hope you keep reading 🙂

Please Pray for a Sweet Baby Boy- Malachi Joseph


One of our fellow bloggers, Laura who writes 10 Million Miles is need of your prayers. Her baby son Malachi was admitted to the hospital after he wasn’t acting like himself. They discovered his white blood cell count was low and he’s had to take blood tests and had to give spinal fluid a nightmare for any mom. This is just a small precious baby so you can imagine the toll it has taken on Laura and her husband Ryan. Ryan has asked for prayers. Below are their prayer requests:

  • Malachi’s complete recovery. That all scheme’s of Satan and his servants to hinder this mighty little messenger would be thwarted at every turn.
  • For the doctor’s skill and care. We’re thankful that they didn’t brush us off as over cautious parents last night.
  • For Laura’s rest and continued recovery. She was just starting to relax a little at home and, if nothing else, this is simply forced recovery time.
  • For our faith to be strengthened. The Holy Spirit has been challenging us both on what faith really looks like recently and giving us yet more opportunity to grow in it. It’s exhausting (and yet I know we still have it easy compared to so many brothers and sisters)

Here is the link to the post http://www.10millionmiles.com/ . Let’s show them some love!

God is Good! Joanne Heim is Home!!


I just had to take a moment to say GOD IS AWESOME!! Joanne Heim is home after 4 months with her family! I’m amazed at how God has worked in Joanne’s life and how many people she has inspired and touched through her journey. I pray for Joanne’s quick complete recovery and for her family to continue to be strong and faithful! Today is a beautiful day for Joanne and proof that with GOD ALL IS POSSIBLE!!! Never cease praying. Joanne, I hope you have a wonderful homecoming!

Continue to support Joanne by visiting her blog and buying her fabulous books at http://thesimplewife.typepad.com/

Please Pray for Joanne Heim Today

Good Morning Everyone!!
I got another pray request for another very special mom, Joanne Heim. Joanne has to get surgery today to have her brain flap replaced. Understandably, she is experiencing some fear. Please pray for God to give her comfort and peace. Joanne has made such wonderful progress and this is going to be another stepping stone on her road to recovery. Thank you and please check out Joanne’s site, I love it and her blog is full of fabulous tips on everything from crafts to God to family.

Please Pray for My Friend Steffanie Feuer

Today a friend and colleague of mine Steffanie Feuer is getting brain surgery. She went into surgery at 8:40 am this morning. Steffanie is a 27 years old vibrant young woman full of life. She is handling this surgery with such courage and I’m praying for her full recovery. She is surrounded by her husband, family and friends.  If you can take a moment to pray for her it would be much appreciated. Thank you all!

Her site is http://steffaniefeuer.com/

A Family in Need- Cara Hobbs Young Mother and Wife Passes Away

Cara Hobbs

Hi Everyone,
One of the bloggers I follow Cooking Up Faith has asked us out there in cyber world to support a very special family in need. Cara Hobbs a young mother and wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor  and unfortunately the tumor spread. She passed away yesterday morning on March 15th. Her husband is now a single dad and Cooking Up Faith has asked for people to reach out him by sending a gift card of any amount to a restaurant or a Visa/Amex to help him out. Check out the whole story at the link below.

Here is more about this courageous mom http://boernestar.com/obituaries/article_3735aa50-4e86-11e0-b9c4-001cc4c03286.html
His address is:
Justin Hobbs

29314 Sumpter Drive
Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas 78015

Every day I’m reminded more and more to hug your loved one a little tighter, give them a few more kisses, and always say I love you. May we lift the Hobbs family up in prayer. I think even card with encouraging words would be a great gesture.

Praying for Japan-Ways to Help

Pic from CNN

My prayers go out to everyone affected today by the earthquake and Tsunami  today. I was shocked and saddened by the number of deaths,  injuries, and destruction this powerful  Tsunami left in its wake. I can’t imagine the terror of looking for a loved one in such chaos or having my home destroyed in minutes. I pray for those in Japan and hope they receive the aid needed to rebuild their community. May God watch over them and keep them during this tragic time. Life can change in instant thank God for everyday.

If you’re interested in helping check out this website it will direct you to a number of organizations providing assistance

Asking for Prayer

Today has been a bad day. Usually I try to be optimistic, but today is not a good day. It started in the morning with Anya wailing because she didn’t want to go to school. I finally get her there and settled walk to the car and it won’t start. So I get a jump but then I notice something is definitely wrong with the car, I’m thinking a fuel pump issue. Oh and I am trying to make more money with a part time job at home but I’m having technical issues so I haven’t been able to even work to earn the extra money.Normally, this wouldn’t be so upsetting to me but after spending about $400 on a hotel, my other bills coming up, and Anya’s birthday on Wednesday I am really feeling overwhelmed. Today I cried and I mean cried hard and I still feel like crying now.

I have my family and they’re great, but they’re in Pittsburgh. I’m not going to lie I feel as though I have no one here to depend on or help me and it is lonely. I know God is always with me and these are the times I just have to hang tight and have faith, but I’m having a hard time doing  it. I really try to be strong, but right now I feel so weak that I know only God can lift me up. I know it can be so much worse and I am grateful, but today is one of those days were I’m tired, stressed, and feel completely alone. So if you can please pray for me because I need it. Thank you.

Joanne Heim An Inspiration and Testament to God’s Miracles

Joanne Heim

Ever since I read about Joanne Heim I’ve been praying for her and her family. Joanne had a stroke and was in terrible condition. In all honesty it didn’t look good. But, today has been a month since she’s had her stroke and Toben, her husband is keeping everyone updated through her blog. She is making wonderful progress! It is amazing that people all over the world are praying for her restoration. The members of Christ are strong and it is a beautiful testament of our love and faith in God when we come together. I have no doubt that prayers work, that God is listening and through him everything is possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re lying in a coma God can LIFT you up, it doesn’t matter if you’re down to your last dollar God will PROVIDE everything that seems hopeless isn’t because God gives us hope through our faith and his promise to us.

Toben writes that through all of this he has been given peace and knows that wouldn’t be possible without his relationship with Jesus. AMEN! Jesus is our calm in the storm, isn’t he? Chaos can ensue around us but our Father gives us a tranquility inside. Please read his updates and continue to pray for Joanne and her family and never forget the AWESOME POWER OF GOD!

Update on Joanne Heim. God is Good!

Awhile back I asked everyone to pray for Joanne Heim. Joanne had a stroke which caused some brain trauma and landed her in coma. I am happy to say that Joanne is out of the coma and in a LTC facility getting therapy and making progress. Her husband Toben has been updating her followers through her blog and twitter. I’m so happy for this family and how God is taking care of them every step of the way. I’m praying for Joanne’s full and speedy recovery. Toben has prayer requests on her blog and I encourage you to visit. It is amazing how God  makes the impossible possible. I’m just reminded that we have to stand strong in our faith know that God is our author not man and not us.