A Whole Lot of You Are Eating Family Dinner at Home!

I love polls! Well, 50 % of you eat home 3-4 days a week and 50% of you eat home 5-7 days a week! It’s nice to see that families are eating dinner at home together. They say the benefits of sitting around the dinner table with your kids are numerous. I try my best to give Anya home cooked meals and make dinner meaningful. Don’t get me wrong we have our fair share of takeout, especially on Girl Scout nights. But, I always feel so blah after eating out especially if it is fast food. Even if I’m exhausted if I cook a nutritious meal I feel a little better about getting some greens in our diet. Plus all the magic happens at the dinner table right? Funny stories, laughs, and I even slip in games like bible trivia with Anya. Dinner time is also when we get a chance to thank God for our food and blessings, it is a great way to instill the habit of prayer.