Does Your Church Have A Single Mom Ministry?

I’m curious to know if your church has a Single Mom Ministry. I posted a poll on the side of the blog, so if you have a minute to answer please do so! I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. I believe that single Christian moms need to be supporting one another and church should be one of the main places this happens. It could be that there aren’t many single moms in your church, but if there are, I would love to hear your comments on some of these questions:

-Would you start a ministry or a single Christian mom group?
– If you did what are the kind of topics you’d discuss?
-Do you believe you’d face resistance to starting a single mom ministry?
-How would you get moms interested?
-What type of events would you have? For example, bible studies, outings, speakers, etc. 

Thanks so much and have a great evening!

The Poll Results Are In! You All Are Some Praying Parents!

It looks like 100% of you pray with your kids before school! Well, thank God for all of you praying mommas out there. Our kids need all the prayers they can get and they need to learn that God is available 24 hours a day! This is how we begin to teach our kids the power of prayer by doing it with them! Remember the greatest legacy is a spiritual one and teaching our children to develop their own relationship with God is invaluable! When we pray with our kids we are building a foundation for them that is long lasting and meaningful! We are accountable to God in how we raise our children, we may not be able to control what happens when they live our nest but we can give them the spiritual tools they need and pray for God to take care of the rest!

The Results To the Poll Are In! Do You Keep A To Do List?


The results are in and a whopping 83% of you do make to do lists! 16% said yes they keep a list but do not stick to them. I know when I have a to do list, I usually get more done. Maybe it is thrill of crossing things off! I’ll even write things down as I go and cross them off LOL! Yes, that is bad I know, but I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when I get something finished. One of my goals this year is to hold myself accountable and I find that to do lists are a good way to do just that. 

Prevention Magazine has an article on, “Why a To-Do List Keeps You Healthy,” that lists these 7 reasons:
Wow that is a lot of good reasons to keep a to do list, right? Read more in depth about these 7 reasons over at Prevention Magazine and then get your pen and paper out to start your list today!

The Poll Results Are In On Christmas Shopping….

The poll results indicated that 66% of you do Christmas shopping in November! You early birds you! 34% of you start your shopping in December and no one is done yet! Well, I hope you all have your lists made out and get some great deals this holiday season. Remember it isn’t the cost of the gifts it is the thought and the love you put in it that matters! Happy shopping!

The Drum Roll Please… The Reader’s Choice for Favorite Season Is…

Autumn is the winner!!! 62% of you say that fall is your favorite season! I too love the crisp weather and the warm fall colors! 25% said spring and 12% said summer was there favorite season. A big 0% voted for old man winter! Well, I hope all of you are sipping on a pumpkin spiced latte and enjoying the fall leaves with your loved ones~!

Does Your Child Have A Passport? The Results Are In

According to the poll you all  answered 75% of you said your kids don’t have a passport and 25% of you said they do have a passport. Getting my passport renewed before it expires is another thing I have to do on my to do list along with getting Anya hers. Can’t wait to fill it with stamps!