Tips for Living Clutter-Free with Kids- A Guest Post!

In case the cleaning of the house has always been a tedious task for you, just wait until you have to disinfect everything with your kids around. It seems impossible to keep everything in order when your little ones are constantly running around leaving all kinds of things here and there. You keep finding stuff in every room of your house and even after a deep cleaning the place still seems messy.

There is no need to panic because we can provide you with a solution to this problem. All you need is a good organisation and a little time, and you will have a clutter-free home. Leave the kids to play all they want and focus your attention on the cleaning and organizing of all of your possessions.


The cares for the children certainly take a lot of time. You often feel exhausted and when you have a couple of hours for yourself you just want to sit back and relax. Unfortunately, there is no time for that because you also have to take care of your house and its good looks. You will probably feel tempted to just collect everything, throw it out and get it over with but there is something else you could try as well. During the cleaning, you will notice that you have all kinds of useless things which only take valuable space. This means that it is time to declutter your home and organise everything. Here is how you can achieve that:

  • Find a special place for every object – You’ve probably heard this a million times before but it is truly a very important rule. Can you admit that you know where every object in your home is at the moment? This could be very hard, especially when your kids keep moving things around all the time. That is why you have to organise everything once and for all and take the time to explain to your kids the importance of that order. You can designate a special place for the toys, the photos, special collections and similar other things which are known as most problematic ones. Your kids have to learn that every time they take something, they have to put it back later in the same place.
  • Don’t keep things you don’t need – It is hard to part with some things which have a sentimental value for us. In order to be more organised, though, you have to learn to keep only the things that you truly need or cherish. When it comes to the kids, there are a lot of things which need your attention. From broken toys to school papers and pictures, it is best to find the time to sort through that stuff regularly. This will save you a lot of time and you can easily keep things in order.
  • Make your kids help you – It is very important to teach your kids to be responsible, especially when it comes to their own messes. Except the cleaning and organisation of their rooms, you can also ask them to participate in the disinfection of the rest of the house. This way they will realise that it is really important to keep the house clean and organised constantly.

After every major cleaning you will probably end up with piles of old clothes, shoes, old toys and various other items. This is the perfect time to get rid of all of those things that you don’t need any more and free some space in your home. You can donate some of your possessions which are preserved in good condition. You will feel better because you can help other people and declutter your home at the same time.

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Get A Jump Start on Breakfast! Have the Kids Help

Mornings… Some of us love them others not so much. One thing is for sure your day can start out a good note if your morning isn’t chaotic. Don’t take on all the responsibility of the morning routine hand some of it over to your kids. One of Anya’s chores is to set the table for breakfast, this consists of her putting out her plate, napkin, cup and if I’m eating breakfast she’ll put out my plate as well. This helps me out, gives her a little responsibility, and hey its one less thing I have to do! Get your kids to fix the table for breakfast the night before and shave a few minutes off of your mom routine in the am!


Don't you love how she makes the napkin a little fancy :)
Don’t you love how she makes the napkin a little fancy 🙂

Travelling on the Holidays? Get Your Car Ready

The holidays are right around the corner and that means hitting the highway for many of us. If you’re travelling this holiday season there are a few things you may want to equip your car with to make travelling less stressful!

First Aid Kits

Isn’t it  amazing how boo-boos can even happen in the car? A First Aid Kit is essential to pack away in your car. You can purchase a cheap or fairly cheap kit.   You can get either of these kits at Target. 

This kit is a little more at $12.39 but contains 117 pieces!
This kit is a little more at $12.39 but contains 117 pieces!
This no frill kit is only .97
This no frill kit is only .97

Clean it Up Items

Spills happen and you’ll be much happier if you have something to clean it up with! You can get any of these cheaply at the dollar store. Don’t forget these handy helpers:

  1. Paper Towels
  2. Disinfectant wipes
  3. Cleaning Spray
  4. 2 Garbage Bags

Keep Them From Killing Each Other Items!

Give the kids some ownership and have them pick out the items below, just give them a limit so you don’t have a car packed with toys!

  1. Favorite Books
  2. Games
  3. Audio Books ( I have bible stories on audio and Anya really enjoys them)
  4. Favorite Music CD
  5. Crayons, Colored Pencils, and Paper
  6. Portable DVD Player with Movies (each kid brings their favorite movie)

Keep Their Stomach From Grumbling!

  1. Bring a cooler with fruit (clementines are my favorite) and a couple of sandwiches and juice boxes. Put the fruit in snack bags the night before to keep it tidy
  2. Plenty of Water
  3. Granola bars, goldfish, crackers, and nuts make for great quick snacks

Car Essentials

  1. A couple extra pillows
  2. A warm blanket
  3. You probably won’t need extra clothes if you’re packed to go away for a few days, but it may be good habit of keeping an extra set of clothes, pajamas, and toothbrushes in a small overnight bag in the car anyway!
  4. Flashlight
  5. Make sure you have any road assistance cards kept conveniently in your glove compartment
  6. Spare tire

Road trips make great memories so don’t forget to schedule enough time to just enjoy the ride! Stop along the way in little towns that you’ve always wanted to visit, take pictures, act sill and have fun! Happy Road Tripping!


If I Can Get This Done This Week…

Now that life is not so crazy, I hope to be more intentional about my goals. So, I am going to try every week to list my goals and accomplish them! So if I can get the following done this week I’ll be a happy camper:

1. Workout at least 4x this week. (I had a great workout today and am reminded of how essential it is to my body and mind!)
2. Go Grocery shopping
3. Cook at home
4. Send evite for Anya’s campout next Saturday in our yard
5. Eat healthy
6. Write 3 blogs (hoping for more 🙂
7. Go to bible study
8. Read Romans and write in my prayer journal
9. Clean up (clean bathroom, bedroom, and clean my junk drawer in the kitchen)
10. Organize papers
11. Help Anya set her goals for the week
12.  Wash clothes
13. Do two helpful things for others
14. Send a hello card to my Aunt Mitzi with some picture of Anya
15. Put Anya’s Kindergarden pic/certificate in frame
16. Create a spiritual mission statement with Anya for our family
17. Begin writing a new article to submit to publications
18. Sewed on Girl Scout Patches
19. Prepare for Campout

Okay that’s enough some of this is simple enough others will take a concious effort, but I’m ready for the challenge!

Mom or Dad’s House?

One of the most difficult aspects for children to adjust to in a divorce or seperation is the new schedule. That is an unfortunate casulty that affects everyone. Kids want to know where they’ll be and they crave structure. It isn’t easy going from mom’s house to dad’s house and it can be confusing. I have a personal calendar in my planner that has the weekends and days that my daughter is with her dad. Anya  has expressed interest in wanting her own calendar to keep track of where she will be. At first, this made me sad, since my daughter is six, but then I realized that it would be a useful tool for her. She does deserve to know where she will be.

Depending upon the age of your child and your own personal situation, you may want to consider buying them a calendar to hang in their room, so they can keep track of when they will be at dad’s house. Make it fun, let them pick out the calendar and maybe use stickers to designate and distinguish between the days they will be with you and when they will be with their dad. Encourage them to write other events on their calendar, such as holidays, birthdays, school events, parties, etc. A calendar also encourages organization in your kids at an early age.

I don’t believe switching between mom and dad’s house is made all better by giving your kids  a calendar, but it does inform them and gives them a sense of structure that will at least help in the transtion.

ReUsing The Old

This is one of my favorite pitchers and unfortunately got chipped. I’ve tried to glue it back together, but it just isn’t cooperating. But, I couldn’t bear to get rid of it just yet so I used it for my kitchen utensils and it worked perfectly! Look at how you can can reuse some of the things you have in your own space, you’ll be surprised at just how creative you can get!

Get The Toys Off the Floor With a Hanging Shoe Organizer


Looking for a way to store those little toys that you keep tripping on? Use a hanging shoe organizer to neatly organize them so you they aren’t all over the place. You may want to get the shoe organizers that are clear so your kids can easily see what the pockets contain.Hang them over the door and get the clutter off the floor.

A Perfect Hanging Magazine/Book Holder

A friend of mine relocated and gave me this sturdy hanging magazine/book holder. I wasn’t sure where to put it, but I found the perfect place in our basement. It holds Anya’s books and looks great! (Thanks Jen!)

Organization is a Gift!

Organization is a gift!

About 4 years ago, I got bit by the organization bug. I devoured books about organization and came across a book written by Donna Otto, Secrets to Getting More Done in Less Time. I became obsessed with organizing, I craved order in my life, especially since everything else was so uncertain and organization was exactly what I needed to give some structure. I began to buy storage bins, magazine holders, binders, and anything that would help organize my belongings.  Now, I am so grateful for organization and it has become a gift to me at this time in my life. Unfortunately, I’m going through a custody case, and as exhausting as it can be I can’t imagine how much more painfully exhausting it would be if I didn’t keep my records orderly and have the information I need at my fingertips. I’m going through the discovery process and it is amazing how much I have to gather together for the lawyers. It is a royal inconvenience, but worth it because this is for my daughter and for her I can endure anything!

The one lesson I’ve learned is how crucial it is to keep my life orderly. I can’t imagine the tizzy I would be in if I couldn’t locate the documents I needed, it would just add more stress to an already stressful situation. I’m so grateful for those binders that house my important papers and has made this process a bit less overwhelming. I bought 50 plastic coverings to place the documents and copies in and I have 10 left and I still have some more items to fill them with! It is frustrating pulling my life apart, but I’m happy that God placed the desire in my heart to get organized when I did. So ladies, take some time out and file those W2s, receipts, insurance forms, and anything else that should have a home, you never know when you’ll need it. Hopefully, you won’t, but in case you do, take some stress off yourself and be prepared with a little pre-preparation!

What to do with your Kid’s Artwork?

 I have tons of artwork from Anya. Some pieces are on canvas which are hanging in her room and others are on paper which can get really out of hand. I have a line in my basement that runs almost the whole length of the space. I got some clothes clips and clipped her artwork up on the line. She loves seeing it when we’re downstairs and I change it often.