The Hardest Part of a Child’s Faith… Read What These Moms Say

Read the Newest Post, “The Hardest Part of A Child’s Faith.” From The Mom Mentors (one of them is me 🙂 at Graham Blanchard!

Mom Mentors discuss the biggest challenges they face with their children with faith

Anya's Spiritual Journal

Anya’s Spiritual Journal

How These Moms Cultivate Gratefulness-Check out Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard!

It’s that time of year again where everyone is talking about gratitude. Find out what myself and the Mom Mentors over at Graham Blanchard do to cultivate gratefulness in our families. I love reading how these moms instill thanksgiving in their homes and you will too! I think gratefulness is an every day practice. Here is part of our Blessings Box that me and Anya have to store our blessings that we write down. The poem on the box is by Anya 🙂



Check Out The New Mom Mentor Post

I feel so blessed to be able to participate on the Mom Mentor panel with Graham Blanchard Publishing. I meant to tell you that there was a new post up from the Mom Mentors on how they take advantage of their hometowns! Check it out at

I talk about the fun things me and Anya like to do in our town and how although we have live so close to DC some of our best moments are the little ones like our picnic we had a few weeks back.


Read How Other Moms Point Their Children To Jesus

I’m happy to announce that the question of the month for the Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard has been posted and answered by myself and the other moms on the panel. Read how we point our children to Jesus on a daily basis. Leave a comment and let us know what you do in your daily routine. The most powerful and impacting information is that which we share!


Shining Light On Christian Myths- The Post from the Mom Mentors is up on Graham Blanchard!

Take a look at how the mom’s on the Mom Mentor Panel answered this month’s topic, ‘Shining Light On Christian Myths,” I recognize all these myths! What are some Christian parenting myths you’d like to shine light on? Feel free to respond you can leave a comment here or on Graham Blanchard’s site below the answers. We’d love to hear from you! Thanks!!

My Biography is Up on The Mom Mentors Panel for Graham Blanchard!!

One of the most rewarding things about writing this blog besides connecting with readers is some of the cool opportunities that come along. I was so excited to be asked to participate on the Mom Mentors Panel for Graham Blanchard Publishing! I am in the midst of some pretty cool moms and I’m excited to be able to contribute. What I like about this panel is no one is claiming to be a perfect mom or have it all together by any means, but they are just every day moms who give their opinions on questions that a lot of moms are asking. My Biography is up and at some point today the question will be posted and you can see my answer along with the other moms! Take a moment to check out what we have to say! I’ll post when the August question is up later today.

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Great News! I’m Going to Be a Mom Mentor for Graham Blanchard Publishing!

I’m so excited to announce that I was asked to be a Mom Mentor for Graham Blanchard Publishing. I was asked last week and I couldn’t be happier to contribute to my thoughts to this great group of women! Basically, the Mom Mentor consists of a panel of women who are moms with different backgrounds that share their thoughts and answer questions relating to faith and parenting. I’m especially looking forward to giving a single Christian mom’s point of view. I already have my first question, so I’ll be posting soon to let you know when it is up on Graham Blanchard’s site.

If you’re looking for books that are faith based for children then you should take a look at Graham Blanchard. They publish books for children that are geared towards learning, absorbing and praising God. Their site is full of useful resources. There is a comprehensive tip sheet and guide you can download based of the books, along with a prayer wall for children, a blog and the Mom Mentors section. It is so refreshing to see  publishing company that is dedicated to spreading the word of God to children. I’m so looking forward to being a part of this inspiring group!

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