Read the New Mom Mentor Post Over at Graham Blanchard!

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I’m excited to announce the new Mom Mentor post after a long summer break! The question this month was, “How has your child’s participation in a Christian group, club, or camp supported you in spiritual parenting?” Trying to give Anya a Christian foundation is more than going to church, for me it’s also guiding her to her own spiritual discovery and personal relationship with God. I find that her interaction with other children, engaging in fellowship, and being part of something that she can call her own is tremendously helpful to me as I support and encourage her to seek God on her own. Read what the other moms have to say over at Graham Blanchard and check out her books and resources as well!

Be on the look out for Graham Blanchard’s Newborn Promise Project that will offer a Christian pre-parenting primer supported by online resources, and life group and video guide in April 2017!

Read the New Mom Mentor Post on Graham Blanchard


One of my favorite things to do each month is to participate on the Mom Mentor panel for Graham Blanchard. I love the questions we’re asked because it makes me take a moment to reflect on questions in my spiritual life, my life as a mom, and my child’s spiritual growth that I can easily overlook with the busyness of the day.

This month the question was, “As your children grow, what surprises or strikes you most about the way their spiritual life is developing?” It made me pause and reflect on how I’ve contributed to Anya’s spiritual foundation, but more importantly how she is developing her own relationship with Christ. This question also made me think about how as she moves through different stages in her life that her relationship with God will hopefully mature, and how I can encourage her in our day to day life to draw nearer to the Lord.

You can read my answer and what the other moms said over at Graham Blanchard. If you haven’t check out the website it is a great resource for all moms on this journey with their children. Also I would love to hear your answer to this question, so please feel free to comment!

What ‘Keep Your Eyes on Jesus’ Means to the Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard

Read October’s Mom Mentor Question at Graham Blanchard

October’s Mom Mentor question really hit home for me, especially last week when I didn’t know if I was coming or going! The question made me think about how intentional I have to be about keeping my eyes on Jesus if I hope to keep my sanity and not turn into a total basketcase. Keeping my eyes on Jesus helps me to focus on the bigger picture and not dwell on the little things in life that can throw me into a tailspin. I loved reading what the other moms had to say and hope you do too! I would love to know how you keep your eyes on Jesus in your day to day life.

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Read the Mom Mentor Question for September for Graham Blanchard

Do you have mini me? I do! Anya doesn’t just look like me she can act like me too! Does this pose a parenting challenge?

Read what myself and the other Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard had to say for September’s question, “How to Parent Kids That are Like Your or Not so Like You?” 

What do you think? What are some of the challenges you face raising a child who is either like you or the total opposite of you?


Read the August Mom Mentor Post!

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Summer is drawing to a close and the kids are heading back to school, if they haven’t already started. This month’s Mom Mentor question, “ What is your major focus of prayer for your child or children these days?” made me reflect on the new challenges facing my daughter as she grows older and faces different scenarios that will test her faith, beliefs and how she will respond to them. Read how myself and the other Mom Mentors responded to our focus of prayer in this new season.

I would love to hear what has been your major focus of prayer lately also! Have a blessed new school year!

The New Mom Mentor Questions is Posted at Graham Blanchard!

This month’s question for the Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard   is ” What is the Bible passage that speaks the most into your life these days as a mom and why? If we want to keep sane in motherhood we need to dive into the word of God. That instruction and encouragement that is found in the pages of scripture is invaluable to us as mothers. What scripture do you find yourself reading that resonates with you in this season of motherhood in your life? I enjoyed reading what the other Mom Mentors wrote and I think you will also. Read what verse ring so prevalent in my life over at Mom Mentors and tell me which verse gets you through the day.

Helping Kids Know Truth From Fantasy… Check Out What the Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard Had to Say!

The new question for the Mom Mentor Panel has posted on Graham Blanchard! This month myself and the other moms were asked how we help our kids with knowing the difference from truth and fantasy. An interesting question with some interesting answers! Check out what we said over at Graham Blanchard  and I would love to hear what you think!


Read The New Mom Mentor Post on Graham Blanchard… First Memories of Jesus

Read The New Mom Mentor Post Over on Graham Blanchard!

The question this month for the Mom Mentors at Graham Blanchard was, “What was your First Memory of Hearing Jesus’ Name?” This brought me back to such a sweet time in my life with my grandma. If you’ve read my blog then you know all about my Eva. I was so very blessed to have her as my grandmother. Read my memories along with the answers from the other Mom Mentors.

Me and my gram
Me and my gram

New Mom Mentor Post! What Would the Ideal Church Experience for Your Child Look Like?

New Mom Mentor Post!

Every month I’m so blessed by the thought provoking questions that I get asked for the Mom Mentor panel over at Graham Blanchard. This month the question was, “What Would the Ideal Church Experience for Your Child Look Like?” Take a minute and pop on over to Graham Blanchard to read what myself and the other moms wrote. We also have a new mom that has joined the panel! Her name is Jill Williams and I’m excited to have her join us! Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think!

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