Real Mom Moment: My Sweetest Place…

Sometimes we look so hard to find joy, contentment and happiness when it can be experienced in the most simple of ways. Yesterday the sun was beaming and that in itself put a smile on my face. But, the real joy came when I picked up my daughter from school and simply spent time  talking  about her day and laughing at all the silly things that happened at school. I watched her swinging high and thought these are the days… the minutes that matter that bring true contentment and gratitude. The simple act of watching my daughter swing in the sun without a care and just enjoying the afternoon with her mom. Yes… this is my sweet place… my contentment.

Cute Clipboard DIY Project That You and The Kids Can Make!

This is such a simple and cute project that you can do with your kids on a snowy day. These also make cute presents for and are totally affordable. All you need are mini clipboards (mine were $1.00 at AC Moore), scrapbook paper, and Modgepodge. That’s all it takes to make this adorable project happen! Just follow these steps:




Little Bits of Lovely

With only 2 days before school starts, I’m feeling nostalgic. My little girl is going to 3rd grade and I can’t believe it! It seems like only yesterday she was a tiny munchkin with little ponytails and now she’s a bigger munchkin with longer ponytails! But, she’s still my munchkin!

Little Bits of Lovely

When I visit my parent’s house I’m always looking for hidden little treasures that my grandmother left behind. Anything that reminds her makes me smile. So I’ve been at my parents house for about 12 days and was supposed to leave today but their house is a vortex that sucks me in so I’m staying one more day. To make the best use of my time I did a little treasure hunting and found this beauty. It is a serving platter my grandma used and I can’t wait to serve some sweet little desserts to my friends on this beauty. It costs absolutely nothing but yet to me is priceless.

Isn’t it pretty!

Tapping Into Me.. Take A Peek

I thought I’d share some things I do in my spare time… Every once in awhile I get a little crafty.. Take a peek..

I make goody bags for the writer…

I like them light and pretty…

bags that make one feel happy..

I make little cards

with messages inside

that make you want to discover what is in the next one..

Momma’s tap into your creative side, you never know what’s buried underneath!

Skip the Bubble Bath Add the Essential Oils!

I love my scents! Are you one of those women who love to soak in the bathtub? Well, instead of using bubble bath try soaking in a hot tub and putting in some essential oils. Tonight I splashed some of my eucalyptus oil into a hot bath and it was fabulous! Along with a good book it was the perfect ending to a Friday night! So find some oils, a good book, your favorite music and get in some you time!