You Have to Read These Blogs! My Top 10 Favorite Lifestyle Blogs


I have lost countless hours pouring over lifestyle blogs, they are such a treat for the eyes. If you’re looking for home decor, crafting, cooking, fashion or lifestyle tips you’ll want to check out these blogs.

My Top Ten Favorite Lifestyle Blogs

  1. The Glitter Guide– This is a chic site that covers everything from fashion, trends, beauty, and lifestyle. You could literally spend days on The Glitter Guide getting ideas that you could implement in your own lifestyle.
  2. The Jungalow– Justina Blakeney owner of The Jungalow will draw you in with her unique style of decorating. She makes you want to live life in color! After reading her blog you’ll be inspired to create your own  jungalow. Explore her recipes, crafts, decor and you may even be inspired to buy her book or take a course.
  3. Made By GirlJen Ramos is a hip New Yorker and Christian whose topics cover art, food, fashion, home and she’s absolutely lovely. She’s also an artist who creates these darling prints and sells them at Cocoa & Hearts. She and her husband just adopted a baby and I’m so happy for them! Read her story and you’ll be thrilled for her too!
  4. Thrifty Decor Chick– If spring has got you in the mood to renew the look of your house, check out Thrifty Decor Chick. The owner, Sarah has a billion posts on DIY projects where she gives you detailed step by step instructions. The best part is that these projects are affordable and doable!
  5. Poppytalk- I just came across this dream! Poppytalk is visually beautiful! Clear an afternoon on your schedule, brew a pot of coffee and dive into all the posts on home decor, entertaining, and DIY projects. Warning, don’t be surprised if you end up spending on a whole day on Poppytalk.
  6. iheart organizing– This site is invaluable to all you organizing lovers out there! The owner, Jen covers every aspect of organizing that you can imagine. iheart organizing is a must for all of us moms who are always looking for creative ways to utilize space.
  7. hi sugarplum-This website is as sweet as it’s name! There are tons of DIY projects for every area of your home along with posts on organizing, recipes, travel and fashion.
  8. Mrs. Potter -Who would’ve thought Monica Potter from Parenthood has a serious craft side? I was obsessed with Parenthood and I’m falling equally in love with Mrs. Potter. She covers holidays, crafting, cooking, gardening, and beauty. She also opened a store in Ohio so if you live there I’m so jealous! If you check it out let me know what you  think!
  9. Lauren Conrad– Lauren Conrad has come a long way from The Hills! I really love her website. She has some great ideas on dining, crafting and decorating! I made the flower crowns DIY for my daughter’s party and they we’re lovely!
  10. Young House Love– This adorable couple Sherry and John are the ultimate go to people if you are looking on ways to improve your home. Unfortunately, they aren’t really blogging anymore, but they don’t have to because of the wealth of projects that are stored up on Young House Love.  They’ve been featured on a number of television shows, wrote a book and another one being released in October 2015, along with their own collection of lighting, hooks, and rails being sold at Target. 

I hope you love these blogs as much as I do!

Real Mom Moment: My Sweetest Place…

Sometimes we look so hard to find joy, contentment and happiness when it can be experienced in the most simple of ways. Yesterday the sun was beaming and that in itself put a smile on my face. But, the real joy came when I picked up my daughter from school and simply spent time  talking  about her day and laughing at all the silly things that happened at school. I watched her swinging high and thought these are the days… the minutes that matter that bring true contentment and gratitude. The simple act of watching my daughter swing in the sun without a care and just enjoying the afternoon with her mom. Yes… this is my sweet place… my contentment.

Thank You To My Soul Sisters!

I experienced an incredible lunch with three of my friends this weekend. What was so incredible was the bonding, sharing and sacred conversation that took place for 12 hours, yes 12 nonstop hours filled with words that made us laugh, cry and get to know one another on a soul level. There was no shallowness no masks just us four women sitting around a table peeling back some of our deepest layers. I love being a woman and experiencing the magic that happens between us. Our conversation was organic and just flowed, with no judgment just appreciation. I loved that each one of my girlfriends is so complex, brave, vulnerable and willing to share themselves, to let their voices be heard their stories be told and that they inspire me to let the walls I’ve built around myself to tumble down. I hope they know how absolutely much I adore them and every facet that makes them into the beautiful women who make my life whole lot more colorful. Thank you my sisters for your inspiration, encouragement,  faith, and your acceptance of me just the way I am.

Did you ever have an evening like that with your girlfriends? If you haven't please call them up, set up a date and do it! 
Did you ever have an evening like that with your girlfriends? If you haven’t please call them up, set up a date and do it!

Cute Clipboard DIY Project That You and The Kids Can Make!

This is such a simple and cute project that you can do with your kids on a snowy day. These also make cute presents for and are totally affordable. All you need are mini clipboards (mine were $1.00 at AC Moore), scrapbook paper, and Modgepodge. That’s all it takes to make this adorable project happen! Just follow these steps:




Listen to the Webinar- Teen Mom – You’re Stronger Than You Think with Tricia Goyer

Teen moms are near and dear to my heart, maybe because my mom was a teen mom and she did an amazing job. (Thanks mom!) If you know a teen mom or if you are a teen mom then you may want to tune into this webinar.

Webinar on Thursday, March 5 at Noon MT for Let’s Talk Darling: 
Teen Mom – You’re Stronger Than You Think with Author Tricia Goyer

To participate in this LIVE webinar event, simply visit: to log in shortly before Noon MT on 3.5.15. They will also post the recording on Let’s Talk Darling afterward.

I really enjoyed the webinar last week and I’m sure this is going to be just as great!

15 Habits of Happy Single Moms


Here is my list of 15 Habits of Happy Single Moms! 

  1. Find Time to Spend with God-Get recharged by spending time with God daily, he is your main source of happiness!
  2. Give Themselves Grace- We’re all full of flaws and it’s okay! Learn to give yourself grace everyday and give it to your kids as well. Treat yourself with gently and don’t beat yourself up! You’re a great gal!
  3. Are Not Too Proud to Ask for Help-This is a huge one! You aren’t meant to carry the world on your shoulders. Asking for help isn’t an indication that you’re weak instead it means you know when you need a hand, and won’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed and grouch because you’re too proud to ask!
  4. Creates a Community of Girlfriends-Girl power still rocks! Create your community of girlfriends. We all need friends, a shoulder to lean on and to cry on. Try to reach out to other single moms so you can be a support to one another. This support can come in the form of carpools, babysitting, having family dinners together, game night, or just some good old fashion girl talk.
  5. Can Forgive-Forgiveness is so much more about your well being than the other person. Whatever your situation is with your children’s father find a way to forgive and release bitterness and resentment. Holding on to anger only festers anger, robbing you of precious moments. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is beneficial to everyone involved.
  6. Pursue Their Passion-Life is short! Find something you love and take action. Pursue your passion. Not only will you be happier, but you are being a great example to your children, who will be inspired to follow their dreams.
  7. Takes Care of Themselves Physically, Spiritually, and Emotionally-When you feel good about yourself you are able to take care of others. When your temple is in good shape you feel better about yourself. Don’t neglect your body, mind or spirit. Take time each day to nourish these areas.
  8. Knows When to Take a Time Out– Let’s admit it sometimes we all just want to blow! Know when to take a time out. It’s okay to tell your kids that mommy needs a moment. Maybe this means sitting in your car in the garage listening to music or lying in the tub. Find what gives you a little peace and grab hold  of it!
  9. Designates Household Responsibilities– Mom isn’t a workhorse! Learn how to designate chores without apology. It’s good for you and the kids. Create a list of age appropriate chores for your children and stick to it daily. Families work together this is a good lesson to instill in the heart and minds of your kids.
  10. Know the Importance of Maintenance in their Household– Organization and maintenance are key  in running a smooth household. I’m not saying you should turn into the Stepfords, but find a system that works for you and once you do figure out how maintenance can work for you. The more you maintain the more time you have to spend with the ones you love!
  11. Doesn’t Compare Themselves to Other Families– Please don’t look at other families and think about what you are lacking. You have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. Focus on your family, what you hope to create and all your blessings and in that you will find all the abundance you need.
  12. Maintains an Emergency Fund-Money may be tight, but try to put away even $20 a month, if you can’t do that put away what you can afford and build an emergency fund. When you have a nest egg, it can eliminate a lot of headaches.
  13. Doesn’t Take Life too Seriously- You are one busy lady, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to laugh! Laugh with others, laugh at yourself and just have fun. Find something to laugh about everyday!
  14. Lives Within Their Means– I know, we came back to money. But, I understand the financial strains that single moms are under and the stress it brings. Living within our means brings about freedom which in turn brings happiness when we aren’t a slave to the lender.
  15. Lives Generously But Knows How to Say No- Give and live generously. But, don’t always be a yes girl. Know when to say no and don’t feel like a bad person if you can’t do something. There are only 24 hours in a day and we have to squeeze in a number of things that matter to us, so sometimes we have to say no so we aren’t neglecting the things that matter most. This doesn’t make you selfish it makes you a good mom.

Watch the Documentary “Living On One Dollar” You’ll Be Motivated to Make A Difference

Anya and I just watched a beautiful and humbling documentary on Netflix called, “Living on One Dollar” If you want yourself and your children to gain a deeper appreciation for your blessings watch this movie. Basically, these four young college friends studying international development decided to travel to rural Pena Blanca, a town in Guatemala. There they live on $1 a day to experience what life is like for those living there. They experience hunger, sickness, and poverty, but what they gain is so much more. They friendships they make and what they are now doing to help those in the village is nothing less than incredibly humane and wonderful.

First, I suggest watching the movie. Second, visit Living On One the organization they’ve started to improve the lives of the people in Pena Blanca and also in  Za’atari a refugee camp in Syria. There are a number of ways you can help from donating items, to buying goods, to learning how to spread awareness. I’ve already signed up to be alerted for when their next documentary is released and to buy a t-shirt to support Rosa, a woman in the film who is working towards being a nurse. Talk about pursuing your dream! Rosa had to quit school in 6th grade to work to help support her family. She was finally able to get a micro-loan to start a weaving business and just graduated high school in December at age 26!

If you want to watch a documentary that will settle in your heart and touch your humanness watch Living On One Dollar

A must watch documentary
A must watch documentary


March 5th is The Next Broadcast on Avoiding Single Mom Burnout Tip# 2

Listen to Tip #2 on Avoiding the Single Mom Burnout 

Don’t Bad Mouth Your Ex!

Tune in on Thursday, March 5th at 10:30 AM ET

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There is no faster way to fall into a rabbit hole of negativity and burnout than constantly complaining or bad mouthing your children’s father. If you’re constantly angry or harboring bitterness you are keeping yourself stuck in a no win situation. Emotions run high in divorce and separation. There is anger, hurt, bitterness, sadness, resentment so it is no wonder you two aren’t one another’s favorite person. But, if you feed into it negatively you only hurt yourself and eventually your kids. We’re going to discuss why it is healthier to focus on healing and some practical ways to this can happen.

Let Peace Break Through
Let Peace Break Through

10 Ways on How Pursue What It Is You Desire to Manifest in Your Life

Langston Hughes: “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly”

Are you tired of the monotony of your 9-5? Grateful yet know there is a passion of yours that you should be pursuing? Why are you waiting? This is the question I’ve been asking myself for like forever! This year I’m more determined and focused on pursuing my creative endeavors than ever. Life is short and we’re told in the bible to make the most of every opportunity and I’m asking myself more frequently if I’m taking advantage of the gifts that God has given me or am I pushing them back, making excuses and waiting for another day to take action.

If you’re in the same boat I want to share “10 Ways on How Pursue What It Is You Desire to Manifest in Your Life.”

1. Be Clear on What it is You Want To Do: First, you have to be able to define what it is you want to pursue. Focus in on what inspires, motivates and makes you feel alive! What is it when you’re doing it that you can do it all day long and it doesn’t feel like work, but it feels like a purpose. Once you can zone in on this you’re ready to go full force ahead!

2. Create a Plan: Think about the actions and steps you need to take to manifest the outcome you desire. A plan is crucial so that you’re not all over the place. Take out that notebook and start strategically thinking about the first action you have to take and go from there. Under each action write the steps you need to take for that action.

3. Get Immersed in the Field You’re Pursuing: In other words dive head first into the water! The best way to become successful at what you want to do is know what you’re doing. Do your due diligence! Research, go to meet-ups, attend webinars, read everything you can get your hands on, reach out to people who are doing what you want to do and ask them for advice, and get connected. The more knowledgeable you are the more equipped you’ll be in making your dream a reality.

4. Get an Accountability Partner: I firmly believe if you have someone to hold your feet to the fire you’re more likely to follow through. An accountability partner should be someone you can trust, who’s honest with you and will give you a kick when you need it and an encouraging word when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Schedule a time every week to either meet up for coffee or have a phone call to give an update on your progress and to discuss action items.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Invest in Yourself: Believing in yourself means investing in yourself. I know money can be tight and I’m not saying to blow your life savings, but think long and hard about what you need to invest in that will make it possible for you to achieve your goals. Don’t feel guilty spending the money for business cards when you know it will help give you exposure.

6. Ask People to Invest You: You have to believe in yourself enough to ask others to believe in you! Be confident in what it is you do even if you have to fake it! Don’t be afraid to ask, all someone can say is no and then you move on. Eventually someone will say yes, but if you never ask you’ll never know and you can’t get to that yes.

7.Don’t Give Up: Nothing is acquired without some good old elbow grease. The most important thing you can do on this journey is to keep pushing forward and not give up.  The late Miles Munroe once said, “The wealthiest places in the world are not gold mines, oil fields, diamond mines or banks. The wealthiest place is the cemetery. There lies companies that were never started, masterpieces that were never painted… In the cemetery there is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential. There is a treasure within you that must come out. Don’t go to the grave with your treasure still within YOU.” If you give up you deprive others of your gifts and you don’t have the right to let that happen.

8. Imagine Your Vision as if it was Your Reality: Stay motivated to continue to pursue your dream by imagining how your life would look if you were living out your passion. I’m not trying to be all new age here, but envision how life would be different if you could live the vision you have for yourself. Start a vision board, right in a journal, whatever it is that keeps your vision alive, do it!

9. Be Kind to Yourself: Simply said don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t get caught up in the stinking thinking. Give yourself grace, patience and encouragement.

10. Celebrate the Small Victories- Those little victories should be acknowledged and no matter how small celebrate the small victories! Small victories lead to medium victories than bigger ones! Appreciate whatever blessings come your way.

Lastly, and this goes without saying always pray for guidance and stay in God’s will for your life!

A vision that came true for me! My cards in a coffee shop. If I wouldn't of just asked it wouldn't have happened! And guess what? They all sold but  1!
A vision that came true for me! My cards in a coffee shop. If I wouldn’t of just asked it wouldn’t have happened! And guess what? They all sold but 1!