Stand Firmly in The Conqueror God Created You to Be! Romans 8:37

Romans 8_37

There are more days than less when I feel like anything but a conqueror.  Instead of feeling like a conqueror, I feel weak, tired, less than, and defeated. There are days when I just want to put the covers over my head and simply give up because the day in front of me is so overwhelming that I don’t want to face it alone. When I slip into this pit of defeat, I’m reminded that it isn’t my strength, but through the strength of God who loves me that I will get through the day. Regardless of how stressful or impossible it appears to be, God lifts me up to higher ground.

I run into trouble when I throw on depend on myself. When I think that I’m in control and a conqueror of my own is when I realize how weak I really am without fully relying on the one who loves me. God created us to be conquerors, to withstand even the unspeakable trials that fall upon us and he empowers us to stand against the spiritual battles we face every day. When we accepted Christ we were endowed with the Holy Spirit and the real power that comes through Christ.

If you’re in a season that is getting the best of you, that is tearing you down I want you to read Roman 8:37 and remember that not only are you a conqueror through His love, you are MORE than a conqueror! Sweet sister, put your full faith in the Lord and you will see a mighty blessing take place. You will experience what God is able to do in any situation big or small through you! Meditate on this scripture and etch it in your heart and mind whenever you are doubtful and ready to give up. God isn’t finished with you he is just beginning and there is much to conqueror in your path, but you are equipped with an everlasting love and the most powerful ally that ever lived…Jesus Christ. Now, stand firmly in the conqueror God created you to be!

6 Simple Steps to Pursue Your Passion

Has pursuing your passion become a distant memory? Your purpose matters! Pursuing your purpose matters, especially to God! Life is busy, kids need us, committements pile up, but that doesn’t mean you should shove your passion aside. Here are 6 simple steps you can take to work towards the goals God has planted in your heart! Look for a video this weekend on this resource.

Download (PDF, 1.26MB)

Free PDF on Breaking The Chains of Stinking Thinking From My Upcoming e-Book!

I’ve been working on an e-Book about tips on avoiding single mom burnout that I hope to release by the end of this year. So, I’ll be share excerpts with you along the way and would love your feedback! This excerpt is all about avoiding stinking thinking and recognizing who we are as women in Christ! Thanks for reading!

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28 Ideas for 28 Days of Good Will Starting Today!

I don’t know about you, but the world has been kind of bumming me out lately. I had to check myself and intentionally redirect my focus before I turned into a heap of miserable. February is a month when our culture enjoys celebrating love, right? There is Valentines Day, candy, flowers all that lovey dovey stuff. I can use a dose of lovey dovey, so I thought I’d make the theme of this month’s posts around love, serving and good will! I’ll be posting different ideas you can try each day for 28 days to show good will to our fellow brother and sister. Starting today! Hope you enjoy!

28 Days of Good Will

Who Inspires You? Take a Look at What Some Readers Are Saying



All of us have stories tucked in our heart of people who have inspired us. Inspiration may have come to you from people you’ve never met, but, they touched you through their words, actions, or resilient spirit. However, I find the most beautiful stories of  inspiration come from those that are closest to us, like these comments from my lovely readers. I was inspired by what they had to say about those who encouraged, inspired and strengthened them… I hope you are as well.


The person that inspires me is my grandmother. She was a black mother of 9, who became widowed after her husband was murdered due to racial motivation during a difficult time in our nation’s history. She was an incredibly strong woman nonetheless and went on to own her own restaurant. Now that I have to walk this road as a single mom too, she inspires me on those rough days. I miss her immensely, but I know she is in heaven with our Lord!


My Mom was my biggest inspiration in life. She was such a beautiful person, hard worker, and took such great care of my Dad and my brother and I until she passed away at the age of 48 from lung cancer. She fought so hard until the end.

I am now at the age when my Mom passed away and I, myself was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago. When I went through my 5 surgeries, year of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation, I looked back at how positive and strong my Mom remained throughout her cancer journey and that gave me the strength and inspiration to fight as hard as I could to beat mine. I miss her so much, but I know she is in my heart and I will see her again one day….


My Cousin Inspires Me. She suffered a stroke during pregnancy and never misses a beat.

Thank you for sharing who inspires you! 

What Do You Want to Keep Before Your Eyes In 2016! Create a Vision Board! I Did!



Do you have a vision for 2016? I do and I thought I’d share my Vision Board with you! In 2015 I read a book by Terri Savelle Foy that motivated me to get serious about my goals and my vision. So I decided to create a vision board! Interesting enough years ago I used to make collages from words in magazines so creating a vision board felt familiar to me as I scoured through magazines to find words and images that represented the vision I wanted to work towards in 2016. For me creating this vision board was a way to seriously think about my goals and what I’d like to manifest in my life and reflect about where I’ve been and where I want to go. It is super easy and I encourage you to do it as well!

Easy Steps to Create Your Own Vision Board!

1) Write Down 10 Goals for 2016. Terri Savelle Foy said, “Ask yourself what would make 2016 your best year ever?” That’s what I did and it was a great place to start when I was thinking about my goals for 2016!

2) Purchase poster board, a wooden board (like mine) or a cork board.  I had bought my board awhile back on sale at Michaels and had no idea what I was going to use it for I just knew I liked it so it was perfect to use for the vision board!

3) Search for images or words that match your goals. I found my images in magazines but you can print out pictures or use anything else that represents your goals.  For example, I used a card I made with a flower that literally had my name on it! It was a little sign to pursue my dreams of starting an inspirational card line.

4) Arrange them on your Vision Board. 

5) Hang your vision board somewhere you can see it everyday

My 10 Goals for 2016 Include:

  • Spend time with God everyday for at least 15-30 minutes
  • Reach my goal weight of 120 pounds
  • Lose 4-5 pounds every month by exercising 4-5 times a week
  • Submit 1 article monthly to a magazine
  • Publish 2 eBooks and gross $5,000
  • Have my cards in 3 events and gross $1,000
  • Have my cards in 1 retail store in 2016
  • Cut debt by 50%
  • Save $1000 by 12/31
  • Blog daily (increase pageviews)and record 2 broadcasts a week

You’ll notice I have more images on my vision board than my 2016 goals, that’s because I’m thinking long term as well! One of my dreams is to have my books on a bookshelf in a store so I’ve represented that through words as well as a picture of books. You can put any image you want ! Just have fun!

Of course always pray over your goals and make an action plan so that you have a strategy to achieve your dreams.

Make 2016 a Great Year!

Tips for Achieving Your Goals! Write…Repeat- Great Advice From Terri Savelle Foy!

Write Your Top Ten Goals Down and Then Rewrite Them Everyday for 30 Days!

How can we keep our goals fresh in our minds? Well, we can write…repeat…write…repeat! As I mentioned awhile back I read this great book by Terri Savelle Foy, “Dream It, Pin It, Live It,” and she discusses how to set goals and more importantly how to follow through on them. One of the steps she mentions is writing down your Top Ten Goals, not just once, but rewrite them everyday for 30 days. This keeps your goals in the forefront of your mind. If your writing and you forget one of the goals it may be a sign that particular goal may not be that important to you.

Did you write those goals yet? If you did, then get ready to write them 30 more times! Let’s get determined!

Check out her latest video on Five Rules for Successful Goal Setting