Enter to Win A Digital Download of the Kitchen Binder!

Guys! I’m so excited about launching the Kitchen Binder that I just seriously had to do a giveaway! This one is so easy! All you have to do to enter to win is Subscribe to homesweethomebinders.com! You will automatically be entered to Win all this:

  • Digital download of a full Kitchen Binder with dividers
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  • Grocery Haul List (3 design versions)
  • Pantry, Fridge and Freezer Lists (3 versions)
  • Recipe Cards (Includes: Beverage, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Veggie recipe cards. 4 versions which is 24 resources just with the recipe cards!)
  • Kitchen Cleaning List (3 design versions)
  • Kitchen Weekly Cleaning Planner (3 versions)

Do the math, that’s a lot of resources! If you are already subscribed to Home Sweet Home Binders, no worries! Thank you and you are already entered to WIN! 

Subscribe by July 14th. The Winner will be contacted and announced on July 15th the day of the Kitchen Binder launch.

Good luck!

Home Sweet Home Binders Has Launched! Receive a FREE Weekly Meal Plan Download!

I am excited to finally write that Home Sweet Home Binders is finally launched! This project has been a labor of love…long and a little painful, but I’m in love with the product. I am thrilled to share these products with you. As a single mom, order and organization helps me maintain my sanity! Not to mention it affords me to do the things I love and spend time with the people I love. A Home Binder is my command central. Everything I need is at my fingertips and I wanted to share this with you

Currently, there are over 60 individual products available at seriously affordable prices. The products include, weekly meal plans, cleaning plans, kitchen inventory checklists, to do lists, monthly budgets, expense trackers, savings trackers, summer bucket lists, account management, holiday planning, travel planning checklists, spring cleaning lists, home projects and more!

Once you purchase the download it is yours forever! If I update it you get a free update automatically sent to you! The printables come in sweet and attractive designs that I think you’re going to like 🙂 Check out the meal plan below!

Every day this week I be offering a small gift in celebration of the launch! You have options! Today’s offer is a FREE Weekly Meal Plan. Just click here to purchase and then enter the code Mealplan19. This is a fun collection, so please take a look at the other items!

Hard cover binders will be available mid July and I’m also launching Bible Binders, College Binders, and more printables. I’ve worked so hard on these printable because I know they will be helpful to you as a mom and as head of your home. If you have any questions, drop me a line.

Also please subscribe to homesweethomebinders.com to receive updates and promotions. Thank you for your support!

Having Overnight Guests? Download “Create a Haven for Your Guests During the Holidays!” It’s a Free Resource!

Let Your Hospitality Shine Through!

The holidays are nipping at our heels! Soon we will be cooking and baking up a storm, sending greeting cards, holiday shopping, decorating and having overnight guests. Hospitality is one of the greatest gifts we can give to any guest who stays at our home. I created a little cheat sheet for you to download to help make preparing for your guests a bit easier! Enjoy the resource and pass it on!

Download (PDF, 12.43MB)

5 Simple Ways to Show Your Children Kindness


If you’re like me then you love your kid(s) to the moon! So it should be easy to show them kindness right? Well, yes and no, not really no but, when life gets hectic and there are a million things tugging at you, kindness can fall by the wayside. Luckily for us, our kids are pretty forgiving. Kindness doesn’t have to come through grand gestures, it doesn’t cost money, it’s the simple things that you can do that will speak volumes to your children.

Here are 5 Simple Ways to Show Kindness to Your Kids Everyday:

Be Present: Put down the phone, shut the laptop, stop doing 10 things at once and simply sit in their presence. Maybe it is just watching a movie with them without being distracted by the text coming through, or talking to them without running from one room to the next finishing up chores, or sitting down with milk and cookies and being completely absorbed in what they are saying without your mind racing.  Simply just practice being in their presence and being present with them.

Show Them You’re Interested in Them: Being interested is more than just being present, it is being curious about their very essence. It is asking questions, digging below the surface, and developing a bond with the person they are evolving into as they grow through childhood.  It’s easy to get caught up into routine and have the same stale conversation day in and day out. When this happens we miss out on discovering  who our child really is. When you show your child you are interested in them you convey that you care about them as an individual.

Give Them a Hug and Kiss: I find one of the easiest and sweetest way to show my child kindness is with a big hug and kiss. Don’t underestimate physical contact! Your body language says so much to your child. I know the older they get they might shy away, but I say do it anyway! Sneak it in whenever you can and I believe they will appreciate mom’s touch.

Be Forgiving and Show Grace: When we give our children forgiveness and grace we show them our pure unconditional love for them, not to mention we model Jesus. Forgiveness is kindness. It says yes, there may be consequences, but I love you anyway. When we give our child grace we show the softness that Jesus shows us.

Say, “I Love You”: These three words so simple yet so full of kindness and power. Tell your child you love them, whenever you can. Let them know how you feel and that they are loved. There is no greater gift to a child then to say those words.

5 Tips for Your Evening Routine That Will Make Your Morning Easier!

Mornings set the tone for the rest of the day, so why not make your mornings run as smoothly as possible? One way to do this is to put an evening routine in place that makes your mornings easier. Here are a few tips on for a night routine that can add a little sunshine to your mornings. Before my personal tips, think about the 3-5 things that you can do in the evening that would make your mornings easier and make it a habit to do them. 

  1. Clean the Kitchen: If you clean your kitchen in the evening you wake up and have a clean slate. You aren’t staring at dirty dishes in the sink and you can move about easier and more efficiently.
  2. Put the Breakfast Dishes Out the Night Before: You can have the kids do this after dinner clean up and almost any age can is capable of this chore. It is simply one less thing to do in the morning.
  3. Prepare Lunches the Night Before: If you can do prep work for the week, do it! But, if not making lunches the night before will help tremendously.
  4. Lay the Clothes Out: How much easier is it when you aren’t digging through your closet at 7:50 AM trying to find something to wear! Make this a habit for yourself and your kids along with book bags at the door ready to go.
  5. Create Your Goal List for the Next Day: Get a plan in place so you have a vision for your day. Spend 10-15 minutes writing your to do list/goals for the next day so that you aren’t scattered, it will make a huge difference.

Form routines that will make your life easier, happier, and that set you up for success!


Our Advent Tree and Traditions!

In our home Advent has become a tradition and it is how we keep focused on Christ during the Christmas season. Celebrating Christmas is more than decorations, gifts, and cookies it is a time to reflect on Christ and his birth. Advent is a wonderful and fun way to prepare our family’s hearts and minds for Christmas and to stay Christ-centered. We celebrate Christ’s birth in a few different ways, such as an Advent calendar, Advent boxes, and last year I decided to put up an Advent tree on our porch. This is a new tradition added on to our old ones that I’m loving! We also light the Advent candles and read scriptures at dinner (I’ll post a pic of our candles this week) Here are a few pictures of what we do here to celebrate!


This is a simple tree I have on my porch that has become the Advent Tree! In our house we have a fresh pine tree, but since we want to do this every year I bought a tree last year and we decorated it very simply with burlap, white lights and Advent envelope holders with the scripture inside. Each night we take one of the scriptures and read it at dinner. I also have a nativity scene on our porch.


We’ve had this calendar for years! I put chocolates inside and there are manger figurines in a few of the boxes that we take out leading up to Christmas.



I made these Advent Boxes for Anya at least 4 years ago and they are one of her favorite things! I put little treats in them and hide them around the house each day.


How do you celebrate Advent? What are your family’s traditions? I would love to hear how you stay focused on Christ during Christmas!




































Count Your Blessings While Doing the Chores

Don’t you love chores? NOT! There are those daily chores that are so mundane that they can easily give us a case of the grumps. I have found if I find gratitude in doing them I’m a bit more thankful doing the daily things. When you’re doing chores try saying little prayers of gratitude that relate to that chore. For example, as I was washing the dishes last night with every scrub I gave thanks. It went something like this:

  • Scraping food off the plates- Thank you Lord for providing us with food for our bodies. 
  • Filling the sink with water- Lord, I am grateful for the clean water you provide us with not only to drink but to wash our dishes so that we can eat off of clean plates.
  • Scrubbing the dishes-Thank you Father for giving me the strength and use of my hands to be able wash these dishes. 
  • Drying the dishes and putting them away- I am so blessed to have a warm home where I can put my belongings away.
  • Cleaning off the dining room table- Lord, thank you for allowing my daughter and I to share another dinner together around the table. Thank you for the laughter and conversation, may we always stay this close. 

If we try hard enough we can always find the gratitude and blessings in our day to day routines no matter how mundane they may. The mundane reminds us of how event the simple things are blessings!

There are blessings in the mundane things in our daily lives
There are blessings in the mundane things in our daily lives