30 Day Gratitude Project: Day 21

Day 21

It may not be fancy, but I’m so grateful for my car! Funny thing happened today that reminded me of how thankful I am for my wheels. I parked in the parking lot of the Kennedy Center to take Anya to rehearsal. Afterward, I could not find my car! LOL! I actually had to have a a security guard help me! I started to panic, I thought who the heck wants to steal my car. We finally found it and had a good laugh. But, I’m ever so thankful for my reliable transportation that has taken me many many miles and I promise never to lose it again!


30 Day Gratitude Project: Day 20

Day 20

I am eternally grateful for my dad. I love this man. There’s no one I can count on more, who has my back and goes above and beyond my dreams for a father and a grandfather.


30 Day Gratitude Project: Day 19

Day 19

I am thankful for  my home.  It’s not a mansion, but a cozy bungalow that is a haven for us. I love all the memories we’ve made here from the holidays to the parties and much more.


Day 17

So grateful for these beautiful fall days! 


30 Day Gratitude Project: Day 16

Day 16

Everyone has an escape, mine is my parent’s home. Although, we live in different states, I go home as often as possible. Taking the four hour ride is a pleasure because I know on the other end of the ride is my momma’s bed. I’m so grateful for a family home that I can return to when I need a place of comfort, of familiarity and of well…love.


30 Day Gratitude Project: Day 13 -Those Little Nooks

Day 13

One of my all time favorite things to do is to get lost in a bookstore. Not the big chain ones, but those small bookstores with character and stories of its own. I love the treasure hunt that these hidden gems take me on. I can spend countless hours exploring its nooks and crannies, turning the worn pages and surrendering an afternoon to the allure of words that hold my heart and imagination captive.