30 Day Gratitude Project: Day 30

Day 30

I’m grateful for this blog and the words that we use to connect to one another. Words are powerful they tie us together, they allow us to share stories, inspire ideas and stir emotion . Words can promote change, give comfort, and joy to another human being. I am so thankful for a platform where I can use words every day to connect with you!



30 Day Gratitude Project: Day 29

Day 29

I’m grateful for my neighborhood. It is a safe place to raise my daughter where she can play outside, where we can take walks down pretty pathways like the one below and enjoy a peaceful existence.


30 Day Gratitude Project : Day 22

Day 22

I’m so grateful for my women’s bible study at church and especially our teacher Isabelle. I’m so sad I haven’t been there in 4 weeks because of a death in the family, 2 weeks of sickness and 1 week of Nutcracker rehearsal. But, when I am there I am so encouraged and feel so grateful to be around these lovely women on Sunday!