10 Ways on How Pursue What It Is You Desire to Manifest in Your Life

Langston Hughes: “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly”

Are you tired of the monotony of your 9-5? Grateful yet know there is a passion of yours that you should be pursuing? Why are you waiting? This is the question I’ve been asking myself for like forever! This year I’m more determined and focused on pursuing my creative endeavors than ever. Life is short and we’re told in the bible to make the most of every opportunity and I’m asking myself more frequently if I’m taking advantage of the gifts that God has given me or am I pushing them back, making excuses and waiting for another day to take action.

If you’re in the same boat I want to share “10 Ways on How Pursue What It Is You Desire to Manifest in Your Life.”

1. Be Clear on What it is You Want To Do: First, you have to be able to define what it is you want to pursue. Focus in on what inspires, motivates and makes you feel alive! What is it when you’re doing it that you can do it all day long and it doesn’t feel like work, but it feels like a purpose. Once you can zone in on this you’re ready to go full force ahead!

2. Create a Plan: Think about the actions and steps you need to take to manifest the outcome you desire. A plan is crucial so that you’re not all over the place. Take out that notebook and start strategically thinking about the first action you have to take and go from there. Under each action write the steps you need to take for that action.

3. Get Immersed in the Field You’re Pursuing: In other words dive head first into the water! The best way to become successful at what you want to do is know what you’re doing. Do your due diligence! Research, go to meet-ups, attend webinars, read everything you can get your hands on, reach out to people who are doing what you want to do and ask them for advice, and get connected. The more knowledgeable you are the more equipped you’ll be in making your dream a reality.

4. Get an Accountability Partner: I firmly believe if you have someone to hold your feet to the fire you’re more likely to follow through. An accountability partner should be someone you can trust, who’s honest with you and will give you a kick when you need it and an encouraging word when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Schedule a time every week to either meet up for coffee or have a phone call to give an update on your progress and to discuss action items.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Invest in Yourself: Believing in yourself means investing in yourself. I know money can be tight and I’m not saying to blow your life savings, but think long and hard about what you need to invest in that will make it possible for you to achieve your goals. Don’t feel guilty spending the money for business cards when you know it will help give you exposure.

6. Ask People to Invest You: You have to believe in yourself enough to ask others to believe in you! Be confident in what it is you do even if you have to fake it! Don’t be afraid to ask, all someone can say is no and then you move on. Eventually someone will say yes, but if you never ask you’ll never know and you can’t get to that yes.

7.Don’t Give Up: Nothing is acquired without some good old elbow grease. The most important thing you can do on this journey is to keep pushing forward and not give up.  The late Miles Munroe once said, “The wealthiest places in the world are not gold mines, oil fields, diamond mines or banks. The wealthiest place is the cemetery. There lies companies that were never started, masterpieces that were never painted… In the cemetery there is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential. There is a treasure within you that must come out. Don’t go to the grave with your treasure still within YOU.” If you give up you deprive others of your gifts and you don’t have the right to let that happen.

8. Imagine Your Vision as if it was Your Reality: Stay motivated to continue to pursue your dream by imagining how your life would look if you were living out your passion. I’m not trying to be all new age here, but envision how life would be different if you could live the vision you have for yourself. Start a vision board, right in a journal, whatever it is that keeps your vision alive, do it!

9. Be Kind to Yourself: Simply said don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t get caught up in the stinking thinking. Give yourself grace, patience and encouragement.

10. Celebrate the Small Victories- Those little victories should be acknowledged and no matter how small celebrate the small victories! Small victories lead to medium victories than bigger ones! Appreciate whatever blessings come your way.

Lastly, and this goes without saying always pray for guidance and stay in God’s will for your life!

A vision that came true for me! My cards in a coffee shop. If I wouldn't of just asked it wouldn't have happened! And guess what? They all sold but  1!
A vision that came true for me! My cards in a coffee shop. If I wouldn’t of just asked it wouldn’t have happened! And guess what? They all sold but 1!

Lacking Motivation? Get An Accountability Partner! I Did!

All of us have potential, but potential is left unfulfilled if we don’t fuel it with action, motivation, intention and desire.  It’s easy to talk about our ideas, goals and dreams and we may have all the spiritual gifts we need to manifest them, but if we don’t hold ourselves accountable in reaching our potential we’re basically throwing away our gifts. We have the tendency to give ourselves a lot of slack and that is why having an accountability partner, someone who will hold your feet to the fire isn’t a bad idea. Today, I was thrilled when a friend of mine brought up the idea of us holding one another accountable in accomplishing our goals. Not only did she bring up the idea she set a specific date and time for us to meet every week! So every Friday morning we’re going to meet and give each other an update on our goals. I’m excited to see how this will go and how it will motivate me and her. I thought I’d share this because one I think it’s a good idea and two it builds community with women that can encourage and inspire one another! I can’t wait to get together every Friday, have a cup of coffee and start being held accountable!


Goals Completed for October? Uh.. Not Really

Update on My Goals for October!

As you will see, I didn’t do that well on my goals. Some big things were accomplished like making the steps to move the blog over, holding Anya a party, cutting the grass and some day to day chores were reached, but all in all not a good month for reaching goals. So, I plan to keep these for November and keep plugging away!
Blog Goals
– Take the steps to get the blog transferred over to WordPress for a cleaner and more concise look. It’s time to step it up a bit!- Complete
-Create a list of topics for Blog Radio segments that would be of interest to single Christian moms. Please let me know if you have any ideas!-Complete
-Write every day or at least 5 times a week-Didn’t Reach
-Creating a schedule and topic for each day of the week to incorporate throughout the year-Didn’t ReachWriting Goals
– Finish at least half of the ebook I’m writing-Not Reached
-Submit at least 2 well written articles to magazines- Submitted 1 article
– This is a maybe, but I have a proposal for a book that I’d like to get back out there to publishing companies. This month may be a bit busy so, it may have to wait until November.

Creative Endeavor Goals
-Check on the status of my cards at Kefa Cafe

-Add more inventory to A Sweet Refuge such as invites, gift bags, etc.-Complete

-Work on sending out business cards and letters to churches with an idea I want to pursue-Not Reached

Homemaking Goals
-Host one lunch or dinner at my house-Reached Hosted a Party for 20 Kids!

-Cut the grass-Completed
-Work on the basement (arrggh)-Not Reached
-Continue creating meal plans each week-Semi Completed
-Do Some Filing-Not Reached
-Hang a picture and find a new picture frame-Completed
-Do a fall cleanup of Anya’s clothes-Not Reached

Spiritual Goals
-Attend church-Completed but missed a few days-Read the bible every day-Not reached
-Spend more time in prayer-Completed

Goals for October!

I’ve been doing good on some of my health goals, now it is time to concentrate on some personal goals that need my attention. So, here are a few things I’d like to accomplish in October.

Blogging Goals
– Take the steps to get the blog transferred over to WordPress for a cleaner and more concise look. It’s time to step it up a bit!
-Create a list of topics for Blog Radio segments that would be of interest to single Christian moms. Please let me know if you have any ideas!
-Write every day or at least 5 times a week
-Creating a schedule and topic for each day of the week to incorporate throughout the year

Writing Goals
– Finish at least half of the ebook I’m writing
-Submit at least 2 well written articles to magazines
– This is a maybe, but I have a proposal for a book that I’d like to get back out there to publishing companies. This month may be a bit busy so, it may have to wait until November.

Creative Endeavor Goals
-Check on the status of my cards at Kefa Cafe

-Add more inventory to A Sweet Refuge such as invites, gift bags, etc.

-Work on sending out business cards and letters to churches with an idea I want to pursue

Homemaking Goals
-Host one lunch or dinner at my house

-Cut the grass
-Work on the basement (arrggh)
-Continue creating meal plans each week
-Do Some Filing
-Hang a picture and find a new picture frame
-Do a fall cleanup of Anya’s clothes

Spiritual Goals
-Attend church
-Read the bible every day
-Spend more time in prayer

I won’t list my goals to do with Anya this month, because that is more of a post about fun activities for fall that I hope to do, but since it is getting late I’m running out of steam!

Update on My Car Pay Off!

Awhile back I had a post about a goal of mine to pay off my car by the end of the year. Well, I am working towards it and some circumstances have changed so I’m not adding as much extra money as I anticipated, but the numbers aren’t looking bad. Here is the snapshot of where I am currently:

July Payments
July 15th – $280.00
July 25th- $50 (extra)

August Payments
August 8th- $227.00
August 14th- $30.00 (extra)

Pay Off Amount
$1355.48 not including the payment added today

Basically, I need to pay roughly 332.50 each month to pay it off by December. I’m determined, but the fact that it is at this amount makes me happy and I see the end! I’ll keep updating you on this goal.

My Breakdown of Goals for The Remainder of the Month

My Goals Until the End Of May
Home Goals

Paint the outside door
Paint a section in the hall
Clean under the sink
Clean the basket in hall
Wipe down the garbage can
Finish raking the backyard
Paint picnic table

Family Goals
Host the Family Fellowship
Find some fun free festivals to attend with Anya
Go hiking
Have a picnic
Sign Anya up for more dance classed

Personal/Work Goals
Deliver my cards to Kefa Café (so excited about this!!!)
Put my cards on Shopify
Create business cards
Do at least 2 blog radio broadcasts
Exercise and try a new recipe

Hello 2014… Let’s Get it Started, Stop Slacking and Make it Happen!!

I’ve reflected on 2013 and have to say it wasn’t a bad year it was actually a good year. So many new things happened to us. We moved to a new house, Anya started a new school, I started a new job that allows me to work at home, I’ve been active at my church and Anya’s school, had great parties for Anya, plus I had opportunities from Grace Hill Media to review movies and interview the very sweet Pattie Mallette (Justin Bieber’s mom), became an affiliate with Bouqs, was in the top 25 single parenting blogs for Circle of Moms, and just found out that Earnest Parenting is listing me as one of their top picks for single parenting blogs!! Yes, 2013 didn’t treat me to shabbily. Of course there were challenges and heartbreaks, but it wasn’t bad. So what do I want to do in 2014??? Take a look…

Send out my book proposal again.

I have published over 938 blog posts and that doesn’t include the articles I wrote for Moms of Faith and Inspired Women Magazine along with a few other publications! That is a lot of words I have put out into cyber world and I’ve enjoyed writing every post. I love to write it is my passion! Writing is what I want to pursue as a career. Sure working from home is great and I am grateful for my job, but I want to actively do work that my heart is in, I want to touch people with words and share stories. In 2014 I want to get serious about trying to get my book published and maybe a few eBooks. I have a wealth of articles to pull from so why am I not doing it? Why am I not pursuing what I am sure is God’s purpose for me? There is no good reason! I don’t want to wake up complacent I want to wake up and say, “God work through me, let me be your instrument!” That is how I want to begin each morning.
Post my creative endeavors in my Etsy Shop
If you follow my blog you know I love a DIY! I can’t begin to express the joy I get in creating little lovely things! So I want to be more proactive in putting my creative endeavors in my Etsy Shop. It will mostly be goody bags, but we’ll see!
Read the Bible in a year
Ah, I love the scriptures. I want to really dive in and get a deeper knowledge of the word.
Record my favorite scriptures for Anya
I often speak about passing on a spiritual legacy to Anya. One of the ways I want to do this is recording my favorite scriptures and putting in a little note after. I started, but have waned so I want to continue this little love letter to my sweet girl.
 I’m keeping my other goals simple:
  • Get to the gym at least 2x a week or more
  • Continue to strengthen my relationship with God
  • Be attentive and present for Anya
  • Learn how to make Miso soup and sushi
  • Take a multi vitamin a day
  • Host a housewarming party for my dear friend
  • Send more handwritten cards
  • Create more order in my life and home
  • Host more gatherings
  • Start a magazine for single moms of faith (wouldn’t this be great!)
  • Be more patient
  • Continue to carve out time every day for bible and prayer
  • Volunteer more
  • Rest and play more
  • Write at least 4 posts a week
  • Be a better bunny parent
  • Take more road trips
  • Read one book a month and do a review
  • Save money and pay off some debt
  • Clean my car!
  • Plant a small garden
  • Be outdoors more
  • Smile and be more lighthearted!
Life is good isn’t it! Everyday s an opportunity to fulfill our dreams we just simply have to take the steps to make it happen.


Create Family Aspirations for 2014!

New Year’s resolutions we all make them right? Well, why not make some family New Year resolutions or maybe the better word is aspirations. What do you and your family aspire to do together in 2014? Take a lazy afternoon, get some yummy snacks and talk about what you apsire to do as a family in 2014. This is a great bonding experience and it gets everyone thinking about how they would like to spend their time together.

Here are a few of our family aspirations for 2014!

  • Take more roadtrips to places we haven’t visited before
  • Continue to go to church on Wednesdays and Sundays
  • Contribute to a charity on a monthly basis
  • Be more active outdoors! This means more walks and hikes!
  • Read the bible together and do devotionals
  • Eat more fresh foods and try new recipes
  • Play more
  • Do a fundraiser
  • Write more gratitude letters to family and friends
  • Visit family more often
  • Try a new activity together
  • Love hard!
Happy New Year!!!!!

Hello November! Let’s Get It Started! My Goals This Month!

I love November it is probably my favorite months with one of my favorite holidays! I’m hoping this month is a little slower and I have more time to spend outdoors and working on some personal endeavors. Here is what I hope to accomplish this month:

Welcome November!

  • Work out at least 3 times a week, whether it is walking or going to the gym.
  • Eat more salads and drink more water
  • Buy a good winter coat
  • Make more pumpkin rolls!
  • Bake a sweet potato pie
  • Spend some more time in the bible
  • Host a harvest dinner for a few close friends
  • Go home for Thanksgiving
  • Make a grateful box
  • Stay on track with our 30 day gratitude project
  • Take more walks with Anya
  • Collect leaves and make a picture collage
  • Clean out my car
  • Clean the yard
  • Continue to have more dinners at home
  • Attend Anya’s School Gala
  • Take a long ride through the beautiful fall scenery
  • Pray more
  • Write my E-book!!!!!!
  • Compile a list of publishers to send my proposal to by next month
  • Do a video to post on the blog
  • Do a faith blog radio segment
  • Post another Giveaway
  • Visit relatives
  • Go to sleep earlier
  • Do random acts of kindness
  • Work on maintenance and preparation
  • Maybe switch over to WordPress

I’m looking forward to a new month and new experiences! Feeling grateful for my family and for this precious life God has given me!