Now Offering Workshops for Women and Girls! First Workshop is Free!

Girls Workshop Picture

Happy Summer everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying some downtime and a little much deserved white space with the kids. I apologize for my absence, it’s been a crazy and busy time. It’s also been a time for reflection. My daughter entered middle school and it was an interesting ride through the first of the tween years! But, it made me start thinking about our young girls in middle school and high school and the challenges and choices they have to navigate through. Awhile back I substituted for a friend of mine for a ladies bible study class and presented some material I was writing on choices, the title was, “Do Your Choices Produce a Fruit or a Famine.” Well, after our experience with middle school, I thought wouldn’t be great to do a workshop with girls on this subject matter.  So, I presented it to our church and will be doing a workshop for girls in October as part of our Ladies Day Inspiration event! I’m beyond excited and I think God is nudging me to go in the direction of speaking more.

On my other website,  I put up 4 workshops that I will be offering! The first workshop is FREE! If you live in the Maryland, Virginia or Washington DC area and believe your woman’s group or girls would benefit, let’s talk! If you live out of state I’m happy to do this as a live webinar series as well.

I’m so excited about this new path and hope to meet some of you along the way! Please visit

Thank you!