My Groupon Christmas Gift Pick!

Photo Credit-American Laser Crafts From Qualtry

I’m so on this Groupon Deal! These Personalized Serving Boards from American Laser Crafts From Qualtry are adorable and the perfect Christmas gift. Here’s the best part, look at the price!

Choose from Three Options

  • $5 for one personalized handled serving board ($29.99 value)
  • $9 for two personalized handled serving boards ($59.98 value)
  • $13 for three personalized handled serving boards ($89.97 value)

I’m not sure when this deal expires, so if you’re interested I would totally hope on it! I’m already thinking of who I’ll be sending them too this year.

Visit Groupon for This Deal Here’s the Direct Link:

Are You Having A Church Event? A Women’s Retreat? I Have the Perfect Gift for Your Attendees!


One of my newly discovered passions in the last couple years has been creating handcrafted cards. I love the simplicity of making a card that gives an encouraging message that uplifts of the receiver. As I mentioned in previous posts I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready to think outside of the box and to pursue endeavors that enrich my spirit and is meaningful to others. So, I’m giving a second life to, A Sweet Refuge,the name I have chosen to represent my card business. Why A Sweet Refuge? I believe words are powerful. When we use words to inspire, encourage, and motivate they can evoke a sweet refuge even if for a short time.

If you are having an event or if your church is having a conference, a retreat, or even a ladies luncheon these cards are the perfect simple gift for your attendees. I decided to put a spin on the cards and add a lovely linen pouch with an emblem to give it a sweet feminine touch. You can also use the pouch to add additional items for your guests to take home. If  you’d like to see some of the cards and products I have please visit my website, A Sweet Refuge.”  Below is an example of the recent cards I did for the Ladies Inspiration Day at my church (I produced 108 cards). I was also blessed to be able to sell them at Kefa Cafe a popular coffee shop in Silver Spring, MD where they sold out.

If you are interested in receiving a sample or discussing how you can distribute these cards at your next event, please email me by using the Contact Form on the right hand side of the blog. You can also purchase them separately. I’ll be updating the inventory in the next couple weeks. Thank you and I hope one day I’ll be sending a card to you!

Women Retreat Cards

A Special Code Just For You to Get 15% Off ALL Graham Blanchard Products Until April 30th!


On February 2nd Graham Blanchard released the “Knowing my God Series Starter Set,” which includes three titles: Jesus Invites Me, based on Matthew 11:28 – 30, Jesus Shows Me, based on John 15: 9 – 14. and Jesus Saves Me, based on John 10: 14 – 16. I love that Graham Blanchard’s books aim to help kids make a personal connection with the words of Jesus, even from infancy. This makes a lovely gift for your children, grandchildren, friends, or even as a gift to your church’s children ministry. If you haven’t had a chance check out all of  the books from Graham Blanchard they are truly a delight!

Here’s the good news! When you use this Code SCM15 you’ll receive 15% off of ALL PRODUCTS!!! Including “Knowing my God Series Starter Set,” until April 30th! This code is for all you wonderful readers so please take advantage of it!

Knowing My God Gift Set

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Creating a Little Summer Dinner Fun!

Do you know how much I love dining outdoors? No you don’t because I can’t express how much l love it!!! Today was a beautiful day and I decided to have an impromptu dinner outside with a friend. The one thing I truly enjoy is trying to create memories. This weekend I was thinking a lot about how I want to live and how I want my life to look. I want life to be beautiful and to include others in that beauty. So today this was my small attempt to do just that 🙂 I suggest getting together with your friends this summer and having dinner outside as much as you can!

It started with a quick trip to Trader Joe’s to pick up some pretty sunflowers 

Then there was the table 

Some delicious grapes, cheese and crackers along with a simple salad 
My DIY tray, a few springs from my yard and a some glasses I’ve been dying to use

And a little gift for my guest (the inside says I adore her friendship 🙂

The main dish isn’t pictured but I made spinach chick pea korma with rice. We had a great time eating, laughing and listening to music on the porch in the summer air!

What Am I Reading?Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

I know I am late on this one. I’ve heard that Jesus Calling by Sarah Young was phenemonal, but wow! If you want to read a devotional every day that is a source of encouragement read this book! I already ordered a copy for my mom and know that it will defintley be under the Christmas tree for a few friends!  You can get it used for as low as $5.88 at Amazon or new for $11.38 . Carry it in your purse and whenever you can still a moment away read it and be refreshed and reminded of God’s promise!

Find Your Happy Place

Days our hectic, money is short, life is busy and time flies. So have you found your happy place? Your happy place is that place that makes your heart sing. It is when your soul is nurtured and you feel an indescribable peace and joy. Each one of us has a happy place. Maybe for you it is in the kitchen where you are cooking up a new recipe and all your senses are awakened. Or maybe it is curling up in  a rocking chair with a good book, a cup of tea and the fresh morning air. Wherever your happy place is find it! Spend time every day if you can being in that place that makes you feel deliciously content. My happy place is when I’m with my sweet girl, when I’m writing and when I’m creating. Sometimes you stumble upon your happy place and that is okay too! I never considered myself crafty nor enjoyed it so much until after I had Anya. Now I find great joy being covered in paint and glue and creating something out of nothing. This weekend as I painted each one my Advent boxes with care and attention I was reminded of how important it is to fill your life with the things you love.

Single moms have an extra heaping of busyness in their life, but take time out to indulge yourself in those things you  love. Look for ways every day to add joy and get lost in your happy space. Your passions will give you that extra boost of energy you need to live life with zest!

Creating Joy!

Be A Friend! Give a Single Mom A Gift!

Lend a Hand

I believe all women should support one another whether they are married, single, mothers, etc. But, since my readers are primarily single moms I want to direct this to you all. When you become a single mom you know how vital is to develop meaningful sustaining friendships. You need support! But, you also need to be a support to other single moms. Giving a gift to another single mom is a great way to show your genuine care for her. Now, I’m not talking about shelling out dough, instead I’m talking about the gift of generosity. Here are just a couple ideas to try:

  • If you know your friend is having a difficult time or is just plum tired insist on taking her kids for an overnight stay. If they are too young to be away from mom overnight, then take them for 4-5 hours and give mom a chance to take a bubble bath, go to the coffee shop or just simply sleep.
  • Cook a meal! Who doesn’t like to eat? One evening when you’re making dinner make another serving for your friend and her family. Bring it over the next day with a simple note and throw in dessert while you’re at it!
  • Help out around the house. Who doesn’t need a helping hand? Surprise your friend by offering to come over and help her clean up a bit, get organized, or pitch in with the yardwork. This is especially helpful for newly single moms who are adjusting to life without a partner.
  • Write a note of encouragement. Words have the awesome power to uplift and encourage and all you have to do is just pick up a pen. Write a letter or a card and slip it in the mailbox along with some homemade cookies or their favorite dessert.
  • Take them for a walk or grab a cup of coffee. Simply walking with a friend and listening to them shows your support. 
  • Give them a friendship basket. Put together a friendship basket with all their favorites! Throw in some candles, soap, their favorite tea, some chocolates, a spiritually uplifiting book, and a note of gratitude for their friendship.

I’m sure you can think of a dozen more creative ways to show your friend you love her and are there for her. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple gesture it just may make someone’s day!

Heavenly Blessings is Heavenly!

How would you like to get this darling basket in the mail?

Christmas is over but, with Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day around the corner you need to check out my friends site Heavenly Blessings! She creates beautifully Christian themed gift baskets that are perfect for those special people in your life. Oh, and did I mention she is an absolute doll! Please support her and visit her site!