A Healthy Me…Day 2

Well, I will make this post brief. To my dismay I am not feeling well. Achy and that head cold feeling in other words I’m under the weather. I think it may be due to the fact it is like 30 degrees here and I went out without my scarf and hat, yep not too smart of me! I dress Anya like she is going to the north pole, not sure why I don’t do the same, especially since I detest being cold. Lesson learned. So, I didn’t get to the gym, but I did do a work out at home. Anya joined in and I must say she is freakishly flexible! Wow!! Okay so here it is:

Day 2
100 crunches
30 squats
100 arm exercises with weights
10 push ups

Special K Bar
Apple Sauce
Salad with turkey breast, black olives, and a little mozzarella with raspberry vinagrette dressing
Bowl of cereal
Lots of water
(Should have eaten more, but the ick factor doesn’t make me too hungry!)

Oh and what you’ve been waiting for.. drumroll….. my weigh in this morning was 150. I’m not going to lie I cringed and almost cried when I saw that number. I don’t like that number for me, I am not saying it isn’t fine for someone else, but for me it isn’t where I feel comfortable or healthy. So my goal is to lose 30 pounds or at the least 25. I don’t have a specific date in mind, but I’m hoping by May I am at my goal weight of 120 pounds. I know I can do it, because I did it before so I feel motivated and positive. Well, I’m going to take some meds so I can feel better and get to the gym tomorrow morning.

Good night!

Stay Healthy This Holiday Season! Commit To Three Healthy Habits!


The holidays are busy for most moms, I know for me I’m always do something whether it is baking cookies, working, going Christmas events, there is always something going on. During the holiday season don’t forget to take care of yourself. Commit to doing three things this month to keep yourself healthy!

Here are Some Ideas:

  • Take a daily vitamin
  • Walk more! If you’re shopping get a parking space that isn’t so convenient and do a brisk walk to the store.
  • Drink more water
  • Have one salad a day or at least 3x a week
  • Have a piece of fruit instead of a sugar cookie!
  • Stretch more whether it is in the morning, lunch or before bed.
  • Schedule your Dr appointments for next year
  • Get in 8 hours of sleep
  • Go Ice skating burns tons of calories and lots of fun

Our health is important so find a way to sneak in some healthy habits during this busy and exciting month!

The Quest for a Healthier Me: Day 10-12 (I hiked 18 miles!)

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend! I did! This weekend I went beyond what I thought were my limitations and I felt great! So let me catch you up to date!

Food– Coffee, oatmeal, strawberries, almonds, grilled chicken, rice, and veggies with lots of water!
Exercise– I walked around DC for a couple of hours, and if you’ve ever been to DC you know we have some long blocks.
Me Time- I went to a fabulous art opening. The show was called, “Grieving, Grooving and Growing,” by Janathel Shaw. If you live in the DC area I urge you to see her heartfelt, powerful work at Touchstone Gallery. After the gallery I walked to the National Gallery of Art and listened to jazz for a bit, then to E Street Cinema (a fantastic theater) to catch a movie, and my final stop was the bookstore. I loved just walking in the city and allowing the city blocks to take me where they wanted.

Food-cereal, coffee, watermelon, Cesar salad from Trader Joes, and a celebratory dinner of enchiladas.
Exercise- Okay ladies get this, me and my friend hiked 18 MILES! Yes we did it and what a great time we had!! We climbed over rocks, encountered a raccoon, a snake, and a deer but we did it!! It was a great feeling to stretch myself beyond my limitations and remember how strong I am and how I do have the endurance to finish the race! It was exactly what I needed.

Food- I didn’t so good today. I had 2 bowls of cereal, coffee, and that was it.
Exercise- None! I’m recovering from the 18 mile hike!
Me time– Well, guess what I did it!! I went on somewhat of a date! I met a new guy for coffee, yes I did! It was fun. He was nice, good looking, and we had a great conversation. I finally got my feet wet! If he calls I’ll most definitely go out with him again. I also did a blog radio segment. My goal is to do one segment a week.

This was a good weekend!! I impressed myself and I am determined to find my inner athlete. I feel healthier, stronger, and ready to really forge ahead! The Healthy Quest is ON!

The Quest For A Healthier Me Day 8-9

My favorite pose

I’m moving right along! I forgot how great it feels to take care of yourself physically! Today I finally got to the gym and did the treadmill. I used to do the treadmill for an hour a day at the highest incline when I was first trying to lose weight a couple years ago and it worked wonders for me. I didn’t have too much time today, since I’m at work, but let me give you the update!

  • Treadmill-20 minutes in at a 15% incline
  • Arm weights a 100 reps (only about 3 pounds I want to tone them)
  • 40 squats
  • 100 crunches
  • I also squeezed in a few yoga poses

I finally weighed myself over the past couple days and I dropped 3 pounds!

Food Intake
Yesterday: Bowl of cereal, wheat toast with peanut butter, a cup of coffee, a turkey breast sandwich for lunch, strawberries,and a Carribbean Jerk Chicken salad for dinner and a glass of wine.
Today: Oatmeal, coffee, turkey breast sandwich, strawberries, more oatmeal, almonds, dinner tonight is turkey tacos, salad, corn on the cob and broccoli. I’m drinking my H2O also!

Other Feel Good Stuff

  • I met my friend for dinner and I threw on a cute outfit! My outfit was a pair of crisp white pants and a pretty purple tube top, I rarely wear color anymore and decided I need to brighten up! I also need to make more of an effort to wear things that make me feel good and pretty!
  • I have a date to go hiking with my friend Saturday am!
  • I caught up on the editing class I’m taking for furthering my career.
  • I’m also being dilligent about editing the chapters in my manuscript and I’ve blogged!
  •  I’ve also been praying and doing bible study with Anya.
  • I’m going to an Art opening tomorrow by myself.

So everyday is a step forward! Until next time!!

The Quest For A Healthier Me- Day 4-7

The quest goes on… Actually, I did really good this weekend. I ate well, had lots of green veggies, healthy protein, and I actually exercised! I did yoga, crunches, and weights. It felt so great to work out again! I also did some decluttering of my mind and heart which is always healthy and necessary. I also took some time to take care of myself, by giving myself a strawberry facial, steaming my face, doing a home pedicure for me and Anya, and taking a long lazy bath. I spent time berry picking on a farm and laughed with friends. I cleaned my house which always has an impact on my state of mind, started scrapbooking, and spent some time editing my book and playing games with Anya. My overall health was taken care of this weekend and I feel lighter! Until tomorrow, here’s to health!

The Quest for a Healthier Me: Day 3

Day 3- I failed miserably. It all started in the morning. I had good intentions as a treat I’ll sometimes take Anya to the coffee shop before school for breakfast. She enjoyed it and so did I but I think it began my day of unhealthy eating. So here it goes:
Breakfast– Coffee and a bagel. The problem with this is a bagel is carbs. I had no protein, so I was starving by 11:30 am
Lunch- On a positive note I’ve made lunch all week on the downside I only had enough turkey breast for Anya’s sandwich. So I bought lunch at the take out place downstairs. Now here is where the problem comes in. I had a bit of a smorgasbord. Two slices of turkey, corn, some green beans and salad and 2 small pieces of potato and an ice tea. I’m not a buffet person and this particular one isn’t that good. Afterward, I felt sluggish and kind of ick. Oh and around 4 I had a brownie bite. In the end this meal left me unfulfilled and hungry later in the afternoon.
Dinner-3 slices of pepperoni and mushroom pizza and a cupcake for dessert.

My only exercise was taking a brisk walk to the bank with a friend. SO NOT GOOD~

Things I learned:

  • I need protein in every meal.
  • Regardless of how tired I am I need to make an effort to cook a well balanced meal. I totally feel yuck.
  • I forget to drink water.
  • I need to cut down on coffee and drink much more water
  • I feel healthier if I bring lunch
  • Double up  a bit on certain groceries.
  • My face is breaking out I think because of lack of water and I need a cleaner diet.

So there is the honest ugly truth. But, tomorrow is another day!

The Quest for a Healthier Me: Day 2

Onto Day 2…

Exercise-I did get out for a long walk with my friend at work so that counts for exercise right?

Food intake was good! Here it is:

Breakfast– Coffee, oatmeal and a banana
Lunch- Turkey breast sandwich, strawberries, and grapes, and a low fat mozzarella cheese stick oh and a caramel frappe compliments of my dear friend Christina who saw a friend in need 🙂
Dinner- Grilled Chicken with salad, corn on the cob and fresh green beans
Dessert- One small chocolate cupcake and a tiny cup of coffee

On my quest I realized a few things; I used to drink much more water than I do now. I need to indulge in some serious H2O intake; I don’t get 8 hours of sleep, which means I really should be getting off the computer now; and I’m apprehensive about weighing myself.

So I have a few things to work on. But, my quest is about well being so I did do these things:

  • Steamed my face (see my Mom Tip before this post)
  • Gave myself a honey sugar facial
  • Slathered myself with a yummy smelling lotion and climbed into bed to cuddle with Anya

I want to lose some weight, but most importantly I want to rejuvenate my spirit and physical body so I’m taking care of myself in other ways also. I’m thinking about my happiness, my quality of life and how to achieve living my most authentic life. I want to stretch past my limitations and try new things so I signed up to do another blog radio segment. I’m discovering a healthier me has many aspects that I’m thinking about and pushing myself towards.

The Quest for a Healthier Me: Day 1


And I have some left over! 

   I’m keeping my word! I’m giving an update on my quest toward a healthier body! Okay so here we go:

Breakfast– Blueberry Waffle and Coffee
Lunch- Turkey breast on wheat, strawberries, grapes, mozzarella stick

Dinner– Grilled Chicken salad with tomato, green pepper and onion, corn on the cob and green beans
Drinks– Water and a small cup of homemade lemonade with mint

Exercise- I did a lot of cleaning in the house and running up the stairs, but I’m going to try to squeeze in some arm exercises and crunches before bed. Tomorrow, I plan to  hit the gym. I also forgot to weigh myself this am because it was a little hectic so that is on my agenda.

I made cupcakes with Anya, but surprisingly didn’t even want one.

My Healthy Quest

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought whoaa wait a minute, what kind of tricks is the camera playing here? Well, it happened to me last night. As I was downloading my pictures from the Harpers Ferry trip I was a bit stunned by the amount of weight I put on. the past few months I admit I haven’t been exercising like I should, I ate out way too much, and well I just haven’t been as healthy as I once was. When I was pregnant with Anya my weight ballooned to about 200 pounds, yes momma liked to eat! Then I had her and I stayed stuck at around 163 and then my life went coo-coo and the weight just hung on me. Finally I had enough and started working out at my gym at work, I’d do about an hour on the treadmill a day and ate healthier foods, such as salmon, salads, veggies,etc.  The weight started to drop off and I was the healthiest I had ever been. This past year,  I could feel it creeping back on and I’m just not comfortable so instead of complaining I know it is time to jump into action! So to hold myself accountable I’m going to start journaling my journey on my site!

I want to be clear on this, I’m not obsessed with becoming a size 0 but I don’t want to feel sluggish and blah so yes, weight loss is in order, but in general I want to get healthy! Okay so I’ll start my updates tomorrow my goal is to lose a good 10-15 pounds (I carry it in the legs uggg) but this will involve me making healthier meals and cooking more along with exercise. Look for my first update tomorrow! Here is to a healthy new beginning!

Skip the Gym… Well Not Completely

Staying fit has a number of physical and mental benefits. When you exercise you generally have more energy, you sleep better, and your eating habits improve. As busy single moms we juggle a  number of items every day, which makes it difficult to run to the gym and get forty-five minutes of cardio in on the treadmill. If your children are younger you may need to find a sitter or a gym with child care. In these economic times gym memberships are more of a luxury than a necessity. But, it isn’t an excuse to skip your work out. If you can’t afford to go to the gym or  simply don’t have the time, create your own home gym. Working out in the comfort of your own home can be both affordable and convenient.

First, pick a space in your home with an adequate amount of room for you to exercise and put your equipment in. This can be spare room, a family room, the basement, or even a covered garage. Any place in your home that is comfortable and cool will make a great place to work out.

Your work out regime will determine the equipment you’ll need. If you thrive on cardio you may want to invest in a treadmill or an elliptical machine. Check out Craig’s List or your local newspaper for deals on exercise machines. Invest in some weights I suggest 3-5 pounds, you’ll be surprised at how defined your arms can get just by lifting three pound weights 3-4 days a week. Stock your fitness room with mats, fitness magazines, resistance bands, a balance ball, a television and a dvd player to watch workout DVDs, a cd player or an iPod if music inspires you. Also have plenty of water on hand, if you have a miniature refrigerators this would be a great time to put it to use.

I find the best way to stay consistent with a workout routine is to record your progress. Hang a chart on the wall to monitor how often you’re working out, your weight loss or gain, goals, etc. Keep in mind we are constantly burning calories just by running after our kids, doing housework, running errands, and doing yard work. A great calorie buster is running up and down the stairs, you can do this instead of the stairmaster, it is a great form of cardio. Have an exercise plan before you begin to maximize your time and to get the best results.

Try fitting in at least 2-3 workouts a week, think of it as your, “me time.” When you workout you feel stronger, think clearer, and are overall healthier. You don’t have to spend $80.00 a month on a gym membership, or a ton of money on a personal trainer, make your work out feasible for your lifestyle. Your workout room can be a place where the whole family can go to get healthy.

When your kids see you working out they’re more likely to take care of themselves. Having a workout room in your house will benefit everyone. I urge you to get outdoors and go for a run or walk with spring around the corner,but keep in mind  you can bring the gym to you. Honor your God-given temple by exercising regularly, eating fresh nutritious food, and getting plenty of rest. Remember it isn’t just about fitting into those skinny jeans it’s about having a strong body so you can be your best for yourself and your family.