Wardrobe Wonders- The Classic White Shirt

The classic crisp white shirt is a must for any wardrobe. You can wear it with jeans, tailored pants, or a skirt it is so versatile that it is a great buy that is well worth your dollars! I bought this shirt at Ann Taylor at 40% off I paid $21.00. Add the classic white shirt to your wardrobe and don’t forget to accessorize!

Fall Fashion For Kids

I bought Anya a new coat for the fall season at Gymboree. Don’t you love the color! The boots were from Gap for $15.99 what a steal! I love dressing her in bright colors for the season and Gymboree has some great stuff out this season!

A Frump No More

It hit me that I’m a Frump! Somewhere between tea parties, packing lunches and racing to the metro to pick up my kid on time I realized I’ve become a FRUMP! My clothes are ill fitted, I’m always in sneakers, I never wear perfume, and I’ve let comfort take over and have evolved into a frumpy mess. Well NO MORE! I’m a young thirty nine year old woman, not just a mom but a woman who is dare I say, somewhat good looking. I’ve seen better, but hey I’m not bad so why am I being so lackadaisical with my appearance? Is it I simply don’t care anymore or through the busyness  of life have I just neglected to take the time to feel good about myself. I feel good on the inside so it is time to translate that out on the outside. 

This weekend, while Anya was with her dad, I treated myself to a little shopping spree. I took an unexpected ride to Hagerstown, MD to the Premiere Outlets. I visited all my favorite stores and took advantage of their discount prices. It was great fun, stripping off my yoga pants and pulling on skirts, and dresses, and pants it was like dress up! I looked in the mirror and saw a woman who still had a decent figure except for the love handles and little bit of extra thigh, but I looked confident and polished and felt fantastic. I rarely buy clothes, actually I was only going to go to the mall to buy Anya a fall jacket, but with the breeze blowing and the tunes blaring in the car I found myself driving down an unexpected path and I’m so glad I did.

The next day I got my eyebrows waxed, and bought a pair of classic high black leather boots that looks great with skirts and dresses and a fabulous fall coat! On Monday, I wore my new black pencil straight skirt, with a wine colored short sleeved sweater and the black boots and wow did I feel great! For once I didn’t feel like a frump! I felt sexy, polished and really was in a better state of mind. Am I telling you to get dressed up every day? No, but take time to treat yourself like a lady and not just a soccer mom in sweats, by the way sweats can look good too!  I’m totally enjoying this new out of the frump me and feel like it is the boost I needed! I’ll post pics of some of the great buys I got later. I’m also going to post weekly fashion tips that I think all moms could incorporate into their daily routine to give them a little oomph! Stay tuned!