My Budget Friendly Spring Fashion Pick!

The weather is finally getting warmer and we can finally start shedding those heavy winter clothes! I’ll be scoping out some cute springy clothes that I think look good and won’t break the budget. Like this cute denim skirt from Can’t you see yourself having brunch with the girls in this cute little number? Pair it with a casual T and some fun accessories and you have a spring outfit!


Big Sales Going on at Carter’s and Gymboree! Up to 40% Off!

Did the kids outgrow their spring clothes over winter? Now be a good time to stock up at Gymboree  Outlet Stores and Carters which are both having some pretty awesome sales!

Looking for Easter outfits? Go to a Gymboree Outlet where everything  is 40% off!

Find a Gymboree Outlet near you for these great discounts!
Find a Gymboree Outlet near you for these great discounts!

Carters has a bunch of stuff on sale for $10 and under! Get body suits, rompers and hoodies for$10 and under! They also have a 20% and 15% coupon for additional discounts on your purchases.


A Cool New Way to Shop For Clothes…

I’m always saying that I should be more fashion forward and this new app is totally making me want to get my shop on! is a cool new service that plugs into Instagram and gives people a way to browse  items you can view in your Instagram feed and may want to buy. I think it is genius! Basically, top style bloggers show us what they’re wearing and if you click on the photo in the website not in Instagram (those links aren’t live) it will take you directly to wear you can buy what they are wearing. It is easy to sign up and a tutorial tells you exactly what to do to get started. 

For example, I’ll be going pumpkin picking a lot this fall, so I’m looking for a cute outfit that’s appropriate for the farm and I come across this outfit worn by a blogger from LemonStripes. So not only can I follow her on Instagram, I can click on her outfit and it will tell me exactly where to buy each item.  On Instagram if you like the photos, you’ll get an email with ready to shop product details. Very cool! I’ve tried it both ways on the website and Instagram and find both easy to use. I’m really liking this new app! 

LemonStripes Photo

The Plaid Shirt is from Old Navy and is $24.94, the Vest is also from Old Navy and is $34.94, the Hat is JCrew and is $39.50, and the Boot are Nine West and $179.00. Some of the items are pricey, but some are affordable and you get ideas on how to throw together a cute outfit!

Zulily Has Toms on Sale! Check it Out! Sales Ends February 22nd!

If you like Toms Zulily has them right now on sale! The cool thing about Toms is every pair of shoes that are purchased a pair is given to a child in need. What a great way to spend your hard earned dollars! Check out the sale it ends this weekend. Also, spring showers are coming or if your kids are slushing through the melted snow they may need a pair of rainboots, Zulily has quite the deal!

Sweet Deals From Zulily for Girls!

I love Zulily, they have some great deals on all types of items, including adult and kids clothes, home goods, toys and more. Visit their site at to find great deals! The deals change daily so you’re bound to find something unique. Below are just a few gems that caught my eye today for my bambina! I’m dreaming of s sun in this 20 degree weather so  these sweet spring and summer styles caught my eye!

Shoreline only $7.99!



 KidCute Ture Gem

KidCute Ture and how cute is that dress!

Love Yo Baby!



Adding A Little Color to My Wardrobe!!

I’m so excited for 2014! One of my goals is to add a little color to my life and wardrobe. Since I’ve been working at home I find myself wearing the same get up every day. It makes me feel frumpy and a little dumpy. So, I did a little pick me up shopping and bought these dandy little flats that I can’t wait to wear!

Looking for Cute Kids Clothes? Try Zulily!

I am always scoping the scene for cool clothes for Anya that are different yet affordable. I came across a site that I knew of before but never really checked it out. Zulily has some great offers! I bought two coats, a dress, a sweater and two ponchos for less than $100! It was reasonable and the clothes are not run of the mill. They also have shoes, accessories, crafts, women’s clothes, and toys.Zulily hosts a different site every day that is having sales so you have more of a variety to choose from.  The delivery time is a bit longer than what I’m used to, but if you aren’t in a rush check them out at . I am in love with it!

This was $11.99

This was $19.99

A Colorful Frock

On that same trip to the mall, while waiting for my car I wandered into H&M. I came across this silky, colorful little get-up and for 7 bucks I couldn’t pass it up. It will look great with jeans and has a dressy yet casual feeling. I can wear it lounging around the house or for a night out with the girls.

Wardrobe Wonders- Live Life in Color

I can easily slip into the black trap! Meaning I gravitate toward buying black. Black is slimming, it is flattering, simple and elegant. However, why not live life in color sometime! But some clothing items in a color that compliments you and brings out your personality. A splash of color does wonders for your attitude and your look!This colorful dress is a fun new addition to my wardrobe that looks great on and is comfortable! Not to mention it adds a little pizazz to my wardrobe.

Wardrobe Wonders- A Well Fitted Coat

A well fitted coat gives you an instant polished look whether worn with jeans or a more formal look. Look for a jacket that is versatile. Remember when you’re purchasing it that you may be wearing thicker sweaters under it so be extra careful about the size. My jacket is black, but I encourage you to go for color! There are some beautiful deep purples, camel, and hunter greens trench coats that look great for fall! I purchased this at NYC.