Get Your Z’s On! 7 Tips to Help Moms Get to Sleep!

I don’t know about you, but I am one cranky mom when I am sleep deprived. The quickest way for single moms or any mom to burnout is to skimp out on getting sleep. In my upcoming e-Book, “15 Tips to Avoid Single Mom Burnout,” one of the tips is to nurture your temple physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Listen ladies, Jesus rested, so why do you think you can keep going without getting the z’s you need? I’m a night owl, so sleep doesn’t always come easy for me, so I have to be super intentional. When I get a good 7-8 hours of sleep I’m more focused, patient, and alert. Sleep affects our quality of life, so don’t sleep on sleeping!

Check out my 7 out of 10 tips that I discuss in the book to help you get your sleep on!

E-book, “15 Tips on How To Avoid Single Mom Burnout,” Launching Soon!

I’m so excited about launching my e-Book, “15 Tips On Avoiding Single Mom Burnout!” To say that this has been a labor of love is an understatement! I have a tender heart for all mommas, but especially single moms because I know how it is to carry so much on your shoulders and to feel like you have to do it all. You know you don’t right 🙂 It is exhausting and can burn you out. You are too incredible and too blessed to be burned out! Girl, you have purpose and work to do for God! It’s important that we take care of our body, mind, and spirit if we are to live an authentic life on purpose. God did not create you to just check off boxes on a task list! When you’re burned out you lose sight of God’s will for your life, your dreams and the bigger vision you have of this extraordinary life you’ve been granted! In my book we will dive into tips surrounding issues that wear us out, both mentally and physically. In the next week I’ll be launching a Facebook Group based on the book, where we can discuss the tips and be a support for one another! I’m also launching a podcast in the next month or so which I’m super psyched about! If you are interested in getting a free copy of the book and writing a review, please let me know! Just click on contact and I will put you on the review list! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!