Easy DIY Sign For Your Home in 15 Minutes!

I’ve been crafty these days, especially with the upcoming workshop I’m organizing! This is one of the easiest DIY’s I’ve ever done. Since the workshop is about homemaking, I wanted a sign that said, “home,” but didn’t want to pay $25 bucks for it. So I went to Michaels and bought 3 items to make this cute sign.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Wooden sign- $8.25
  • 4 Letters at $1.50 each (regular $4.99 and I got them 70% off)
  • Emblem- .99

Then I got an extra 25% off my whole purchase. Can you say bargain? I paid a total of $11.43 which is pretty good compared to what signs cost pre-made. Take a look at how easy this was and it only took 15 minutes!





Quick, Fun, Inexpensive DIY Picture Frame Project!

The creative bug bit me this weekend not to mention a bunch of mosquitos! But, I loved working on this DIY Picture Frame Project. I’ve had this picture for at least 15 years. I can’t even remember how it ended up in my hands, but it was time to lay it to rest. However, the frame still had a life so I decided to rehab it with a little paint, some twine, and a few of my favorite black/white photos to give it a new look. I love it! Here’s how it went down.


There’s the pic, so you get where I’m coming from? So here’s what you need:

  • An old frame
  • Twine
  • Spray Paint- I bought this white flat paint from Michaels for about $6.00
  • I was going to use shells for a summer theme but decided to use pictures, but I realized this later!
  • A piece of cardboard to put under the frame.


Remove the picture and make sure you clean off the frame to prep it for the paint. I suggest painting outside and putting the frame on top of an old piece of cardboard.



Now the fun part! Start spray painting! Most likely you will need a couple of coats depending on the size. I didn’t sand it down, but you can add that step before adding paint. It take about 10 minutes to dry, but I let it dry for about 30 minutes and reapplied a second coat and let it dry for another 30 minutes.

Then I added the twine. I simply used push pin tacks in the back and tied the twine around the head of the push pin and hammered it gently in.

I used some small black clothes clips and added old black and white photos I had of my grandparents. I was going to add the shells, but decided not to last minute. You can always switch it up and add emblems on the side.

Check out the Finished Product!


A Simple Mason Jar DIY Fall Decoration!

Fall has become my favorite season and I cant’ hold back fall decorating any longer! Are you with me? This is a simple decoration I made from Mason Jars last year that are easy and inexpensive. Basically, I collected Chinese Chestnuts by my daughter’s school which are absolutely beautiful (You can also fill the mason jar with acorns too). I got some twine and wrapped it around a mason jar and added a simple button with hot glue along with sticking a decoration I got at Michaels for a $1 to place inside.. I used this decorations for a Teacher Appreciation dinner I had last year and they were a hit!


Pretty DIY Vases for the Spring!

I’m a flower loving kind of girl! I love that I have some beautiful blooms right outside my door, so I’m trying to take advantage of them every chance I get. I also have an obsession with mason jars so I combined my love of flowers and mason jars and created what I think are some sweet vases. Take a look!


First I picked some of the flowers in my yard and put them in my dollar store flower basket


I used really basic materials like burlap, clothespins, buttons, mason and milk jars all of which I already had available


I cut a piece of burlap and hot glued it to the glass and added a cute butterfly button


On this jar I just tied some burlap around the top added a button and the word, ‘living’ …so simple!


These are so simple to make. You can get a bunch of the milk jars and put them in a line down a table or put the mason jar vases all over the house to add a little pretty! 

Easy Christmas Wreath!

Don’t you just love Christmas wreaths? But they are kind of pricey! Don’t spend tons of money when you can make one yourself. These also make great Christmas gifts! Here is my simple inexpensive Christmas wreath.

All You Need:

  • Floral Round Foam Wreath- You can get this from Michaels I actually got them from the Dollar Store for $1 each
  •  Ribbon- I purchased my ribbon for 60% off at Michaels paid about $3.00
  • Embellishment Purchased at Michaels for 50% off paid about .80
  • Glue Gun
All it takes!
All it takes!
Put hot glue where the crease is and start wrapping the ribbon around the foam evenly
Put hot glue where the crease is and start wrapping the ribbon around the foam evenly


This is what it looks like when it is wrapped all the way around
This is what it looks like when it is wrapped all the way around


Add the embellishment. I glued the leaves down to secure it on the wreath
Add the embellishment. I glued the leaves down to secure it on the wreath

Fall Leaves In A Frame? Perfect!

I could stare at autumn leaves all day. I seriously can’t stop gazing at them, so I thought why not bring them indoors! One day after school Anya and I took a leisurely walk, talking and collecting leaves. Then we arranged the leaves into a rustic picture frame for a brand new autumn decoration for the house! It was simple, fun and didn’t cost a thing! This is a fun activity you can do with your kids that doesn’t take a lot of leg work.  All you have to do is collect some leaves and arrange them in a picture frame. Luckily, there is no shortage of leaves, so you  can have each of your kids create their own picture fram and display them in your house. You can also have everyone add their leaves to a large picture  frame and hang it up. I promise it will be a show stopper!  Bringing the indoors in is easy and pretty!


Fall Leaves in a Frame
Fall Leaves in a Frame

DIY Coconut and Sugar Facial Scrub! It is Simple and Effective!

I love a good  DIY facial! For me to try it, it has to be simple and not have too many ingredient or steps. I found this coconut and sugar facial scrub recipe that fits the bill. This was so easy and moisturizing that I definitely will be using it again soon.  Here is all you need to create this delicious smelling scrub:

1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil
1 Tablespoon of granulated white sugar (I’m going to try brown sugar next)
A drop of Vanilla
A few drops of Cinnamon

Coconut Oil has so many uses it is totally worth buying a jar
Mix it in a bowl, if you want to use it as a body scrub just get a bigger container
This mixture smelled great and felt better on my skin! It lasted 3 days!