When You Are Consumed… Know That God’s Compassion is Present



January has been a rough month, taxing emotionally, financially, mentally and spiritually. December 31st filled me with promise for an amazing start to 2019 and if I’m being honest, it’s been anything but amazing. Financially, I had some setbacks, that really put me in a bad position and you know how frustrating that can be, right? Then, I found out an old friend of mine had passed away, in the most unexpected and awful way. It rocked me to my core and to be honest I think I’m still in shock. We were such good friends growing up and although we grew apart, I never stopped wondering about her and trying to keep up with her life, because well, that’s what you do when you love someone, it doesn’t fade away. It’s a complicated relationship, but I’ll just say, my heart was and still is broken. The sadness didn’t stop when another friend lost a dear loved one unexpectedly as well. On top of the fact that work was ridiculously stressful and I had to travel, I’ve been feeling really depleted.

I can feel the walls closing in and as they are closing my mind is going to that stinking thinking place filled with insecurity and doubt. Do you ever go down that road? It’s isn’t a fun trip. There are days where I feel absolutely useless. I take two steps forward and twenty steps back, and I want to scream, “God, what is going on?” I cry, uncle! I mean I’m trying here! I’m sure that’s the problem, I’m trying and not surrendering. How hard it is to just let go and let God? Although I know His way is the best way, and that he already knows the obstacles I will face and has it worked out, it’s still not always easy for me to surrender. That’s that pesky human ego side that fights the spirit tooth and nail.

I’ve been digesting the verse in Lamentations because it is a much-needed reminder of the Lord’s never-ending compassion and mercies that are new every morning. January has been a beast, but I can look back and see God’s compassion coming through. Whether it is Him calming my heart and mind, or a friend bailing me out of a tough unexpected financial situation, or help with my child after school, or a meal on the house from a kind person when I was traveling for work, God was present and his hand was in every situation. I didn’t have to do a thing but allow Him to work. He will never allow us to be consumed because His love is so great, so awesome and consuming! God’s love covers us and carries us. I pray that if you are feeling brokenhearted and weak that you read Lamentations and think about God’s mercies in your life…they are present, I promise you. Allow yourself to be consumed by his compassion and not your burdens.


The Bird Cage is Back! Bringing a Little Childhood Into My World


birdcageWhen I was a little girl my mom had a chair that resembled a bird cage. I’d spend hours in that chair swinging, reading, and listening to all my mom’s old tunes. The bird cage chair sticks out in my memory as my favorite piece of furniture. Recently, I was thinking about my old swinging chair and I asked my mom if she still she had it and imagine my excitement when she said yes! Over Easter I drove home and then drove back  to MD with my dad as he graciously packed the bird cage in his SUV and brought it back to my house, then we went back to Pittsburgh again ( I know it was a back and forth kind of road trip) But, the bird cage is back and so is a small part of my childhood! Well, now the bird cage has another admirer…my daughter! Sometimes bringing the old back makes everything feel new again! I love the way it looks in our house. I  encourage you to bring something back from your childhood and let it bring back the kid in you as well!


Help Me Choose a New End Table!

My gracious boss gave me a gift card that I still haven’t used. I’ve been mulling over what to buy and I think I want a new end table for my living room. I can’t decided between these 3.  I love the sleek clean look and I think one of these will go great in my living room, but can’t decide. I’m reaching out to all you stylish mommas out there! Take the poll and help me make a decision 🙂 Thank you!

5 Simple Tips To Transform a Room

I love coming home to a cozy house! Lately I’ve been wanting to make a few changes, but not break the bank. Here are  few simple tips I have for changing your living space cheaply.

  1. Simply move the furniture around. I find that moving a chair or switching out pictures on the wall makes a huge difference! Pull in furniture from other rooms (utilize what you already have in a different way). Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  2. Change the curtains. I had these lovely blue curtains up in the living room that I adored, but I wanted to lighten it up a bit. Changing the curtains gave the room a lighter feel and even made it feel bigger.
  3. Pillows! If you find pillows on sale buy them! I found a couple at Michaels that went perfectly with my living room that were $8. You can’t beat that!
  4. Plants add life to a room. I bought a hanging plant for the kitchen for $6.00 at Walmart and now I’m obsessed with adding them all over my house.
  5. Buy a rug that stands out and add pieces that compliment it and accentuate the room.

I’m thrilled with the new look!


Daily Dose of Scripture…Psalm 19:1 After the Storm There is Beauty



Pslam 19:1″The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

I stepped onto my porch this evening and was blown away bu the hues of the sky. First it almost appeared to be dawn and there was this yellowish glow, then it turned this beautiful pink and all I could do was just stand and stare. God’s creation is exquisite. The way he made the heavens and the earth is so spectacular that all I can say is, “My God, my God.’ How glorious is our Lord! We just had a storm and another one will be rolling in and it made me think about the storms we endure.  Storms have the potential to be powerful, forceful, and even dangerous and they make us run for cover and hunker down until they disappear. The rains batter the windows as we look out shaken by the lightning and thunder and it often seems like the storm is never-ending.

But then… it is quiet and we step out and see the most breathtaking sky sometimes even a rainbow and we’re reminded that every storm ends. Most of all we’re reminded of the majesty, beauty and grace of God. The calmness after the storm  allows us to sleep soundly and peacefully like a baby blissfully unaware of the world around him. God allows the storms to pass through, but then there is so much beauty afterward.

Easy Fall Flower Decor

Fall colors are so vibrant and beautiful aren’t they? It is so easy to utilize nature’s elements indoors. Here is an easy floral fall decoration I put together yesterday. The flowers are from Trader Joe’s only $3.99, the vase was from Ikea I think for about $1.99 and the chestnuts were picked up around the neighborhood at my daughter’s school and they were free! All I did was add some water to the vase, cut down the flowers, add the chestnuts around the base and tie some twine around the vase to add a little fall flavor. Aren’t they pretty? They added a sweet touch to my den, but I think they’d look great anywhere in the house.

Easy Fall Craft with Mason Jars

I’m doing the the decorations for our Teacher Appreciation Dinner at church. I really wanted to to a harvest theme and bring some of the beauty outdoors into the decorations. So my lovely daughter helped picked these Chinese Chestnuts or Buckeyes 🙂 and I’m using them in the mason jars. This was really inexpensive and very pretty.

Here is the breakdown:
Mason Jars:-On sale for .99 at Michaels
Buck Eyes- Free!
Button- In my craft box 
Pumpkin Decoration: $2.99 but 50% off
Basically, I just wrapped the twin around the top and super glued it to the bottom. Then I added the chestnuts and the decoration. The card in the back I made as an extra touch for the table and the garland of leaves will be on the tables with the mason jars and the cards. 
I may make a couple additional ones to keep in my house! Hope you like them!

Some Inspiration for Spring

I am ready for spring! I want to say goodbye to old man winter once and for all. But it is January so we have a little more time to go, but a girl can dream right? I was looking at Zulily and came across a little inspiration for spring. Take a look at these sweet finds!

I love these designs with the birds they are from Design Imports they scream Spring!

Canisters from Target
Colorful Bowls also from Target
These are cookie cutters! Adorable right?

Easy, Simple Goody Bags!

I know some people don’t want to have anything to do with Halloween and I totally respect that and get it. But, I’ve thrown a party for 2 years for Anya and her friends to dress up, play some games and decorate some pumpkins while collecting some good ol’ fashion treats! I really enjoy creating the goody bags and decorating to create fun memories. If you are looking for a simple creative goody bag try this, it was so easy!

  • The bags are from Michaels for .99
  • The felt stickers were $2.99
  • The ribbon was .99

Basically, all I did was use some hot glue and added the felt stickers and ribbons, put a little orange and black filling in and I got this cute little goody bag!