Daily Dose of Scripture: Seek God in The Desert


If you’re wandering through a barren season, seek God and he will refresh you with living water. Be renewed by the assurance that God is leading you through the desert and providing the sustenance that your spirit, body and mind crave. Don’t reach out to mirages, but turn to the one who provides you with a well of water that never runs dry.

Daily Dose of Scripture: Galatians 5:1 Do Not Return to a Yoke of Slavery

Galatians 5-1


Do you ever fall back? I do. I’m no stranger to rolling back the curtain and remembering how the Lord delivered me from a time of slavery. Jesus released those shackles of sin, fear, and doubt. Flinging open the door to freedom, hope, and assurance that Jesus tells us to walk through. Keep walking through the door of freedom. If you’re still holding on to the key that opens the door to slavery, throw it away, bury it because it can only lock you into a life that no longer fits who you are in Christ.