Easy DIY Sign For Your Home in 15 Minutes!

I’ve been crafty these days, especially with the upcoming workshop I’m organizing! This is one of the easiest DIY’s I’ve ever done. Since the workshop is about homemaking, I wanted a sign that said, “home,” but didn’t want to pay $25 bucks for it. So I went to Michaels and bought 3 items to make this cute sign.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Wooden sign- $8.25
  • 4 Letters at $1.50 each (regular $4.99 and I got them 70% off)
  • Emblem- .99

Then I got an extra 25% off my whole purchase. Can you say bargain? I paid a total of $11.43 which is pretty good compared to what signs cost pre-made. Take a look at how easy this was and it only took 15 minutes!





Quick, Fun, Inexpensive DIY Picture Frame Project!

The creative bug bit me this weekend not to mention a bunch of mosquitos! But, I loved working on this DIY Picture Frame Project. I’ve had this picture for at least 15 years. I can’t even remember how it ended up in my hands, but it was time to lay it to rest. However, the frame still had a life so I decided to rehab it with a little paint, some twine, and a few of my favorite black/white photos to give it a new look. I love it! Here’s how it went down.


There’s the pic, so you get where I’m coming from? So here’s what you need:

  • An old frame
  • Twine
  • Spray Paint- I bought this white flat paint from Michaels for about $6.00
  • I was going to use shells for a summer theme but decided to use pictures, but I realized this later!
  • A piece of cardboard to put under the frame.


Remove the picture and make sure you clean off the frame to prep it for the paint. I suggest painting outside and putting the frame on top of an old piece of cardboard.



Now the fun part! Start spray painting! Most likely you will need a couple of coats depending on the size. I didn’t sand it down, but you can add that step before adding paint. It take about 10 minutes to dry, but I let it dry for about 30 minutes and reapplied a second coat and let it dry for another 30 minutes.

Then I added the twine. I simply used push pin tacks in the back and tied the twine around the head of the push pin and hammered it gently in.

I used some small black clothes clips and added old black and white photos I had of my grandparents. I was going to add the shells, but decided not to last minute. You can always switch it up and add emblems on the side.

Check out the Finished Product!


A New Batch of Cards Coming Up Soon!

April and May has been incredibly busy for us. I find myself constantly attending, coordinating, or working. That is why I’ve neglected the blog and my own little creative escape, my cards. Some of you know that I create cards! I’ve sold them at Kefa Cafe in Silver Spring, MD and now I’m looking for new retail opportunities. So I finally carved out some time to at least create a few new cards. I’m trying to be more intentional about making the space to do the things I love. As women it is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget about our dreams. A friend from high school who climbed to Mt. Everest Base Camp 1 reminded me of that. Courtney is such an inspiration, I’ve share a few of her pics on the Facebook page. If she can climb to Everest well, I can create some cards and send them out right? Point is ladies remember your dreams and spend time trying to bring them to fruition!

Just thought I’d share 🙂



You Have to Read These Blogs! My Top 10 Favorite Lifestyle Blogs


I have lost countless hours pouring over lifestyle blogs, they are such a treat for the eyes. If you’re looking for home decor, crafting, cooking, fashion or lifestyle tips you’ll want to check out these blogs.

My Top Ten Favorite Lifestyle Blogs

  1. The Glitter Guide– This is a chic site that covers everything from fashion, trends, beauty, and lifestyle. You could literally spend days on The Glitter Guide getting ideas that you could implement in your own lifestyle.
  2. The Jungalow– Justina Blakeney owner of The Jungalow will draw you in with her unique style of decorating. She makes you want to live life in color! After reading her blog you’ll be inspired to create your own  jungalow. Explore her recipes, crafts, decor and you may even be inspired to buy her book or take a course.
  3. Made By GirlJen Ramos is a hip New Yorker and Christian whose topics cover art, food, fashion, home and she’s absolutely lovely. She’s also an artist who creates these darling prints and sells them at Cocoa & Hearts. She and her husband just adopted a baby and I’m so happy for them! Read her story and you’ll be thrilled for her too!
  4. Thrifty Decor Chick– If spring has got you in the mood to renew the look of your house, check out Thrifty Decor Chick. The owner, Sarah has a billion posts on DIY projects where she gives you detailed step by step instructions. The best part is that these projects are affordable and doable!
  5. Poppytalk- I just came across this dream! Poppytalk is visually beautiful! Clear an afternoon on your schedule, brew a pot of coffee and dive into all the posts on home decor, entertaining, and DIY projects. Warning, don’t be surprised if you end up spending on a whole day on Poppytalk.
  6. iheart organizing– This site is invaluable to all you organizing lovers out there! The owner, Jen covers every aspect of organizing that you can imagine. iheart organizing is a must for all of us moms who are always looking for creative ways to utilize space.
  7. hi sugarplum-This website is as sweet as it’s name! There are tons of DIY projects for every area of your home along with posts on organizing, recipes, travel and fashion.
  8. Mrs. Potter -Who would’ve thought Monica Potter from Parenthood has a serious craft side? I was obsessed with Parenthood and I’m falling equally in love with Mrs. Potter. She covers holidays, crafting, cooking, gardening, and beauty. She also opened a store in Ohio so if you live there I’m so jealous! If you check it out let me know what you  think!
  9. Lauren Conrad– Lauren Conrad has come a long way from The Hills! I really love her website. She has some great ideas on dining, crafting and decorating! I made the flower crowns DIY for my daughter’s party and they we’re lovely!
  10. Young House Love– This adorable couple Sherry and John are the ultimate go to people if you are looking on ways to improve your home. Unfortunately, they aren’t really blogging anymore, but they don’t have to because of the wealth of projects that are stored up on Young House Love.  They’ve been featured on a number of television shows, wrote a book and another one being released in October 2015, along with their own collection of lighting, hooks, and rails being sold at Target. 

I hope you love these blogs as much as I do!

10 Ways on How Pursue What It Is You Desire to Manifest in Your Life

Langston Hughes: “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly”

Are you tired of the monotony of your 9-5? Grateful yet know there is a passion of yours that you should be pursuing? Why are you waiting? This is the question I’ve been asking myself for like forever! This year I’m more determined and focused on pursuing my creative endeavors than ever. Life is short and we’re told in the bible to make the most of every opportunity and I’m asking myself more frequently if I’m taking advantage of the gifts that God has given me or am I pushing them back, making excuses and waiting for another day to take action.

If you’re in the same boat I want to share “10 Ways on How Pursue What It Is You Desire to Manifest in Your Life.”

1. Be Clear on What it is You Want To Do: First, you have to be able to define what it is you want to pursue. Focus in on what inspires, motivates and makes you feel alive! What is it when you’re doing it that you can do it all day long and it doesn’t feel like work, but it feels like a purpose. Once you can zone in on this you’re ready to go full force ahead!

2. Create a Plan: Think about the actions and steps you need to take to manifest the outcome you desire. A plan is crucial so that you’re not all over the place. Take out that notebook and start strategically thinking about the first action you have to take and go from there. Under each action write the steps you need to take for that action.

3. Get Immersed in the Field You’re Pursuing: In other words dive head first into the water! The best way to become successful at what you want to do is know what you’re doing. Do your due diligence! Research, go to meet-ups, attend webinars, read everything you can get your hands on, reach out to people who are doing what you want to do and ask them for advice, and get connected. The more knowledgeable you are the more equipped you’ll be in making your dream a reality.

4. Get an Accountability Partner: I firmly believe if you have someone to hold your feet to the fire you’re more likely to follow through. An accountability partner should be someone you can trust, who’s honest with you and will give you a kick when you need it and an encouraging word when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Schedule a time every week to either meet up for coffee or have a phone call to give an update on your progress and to discuss action items.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Invest in Yourself: Believing in yourself means investing in yourself. I know money can be tight and I’m not saying to blow your life savings, but think long and hard about what you need to invest in that will make it possible for you to achieve your goals. Don’t feel guilty spending the money for business cards when you know it will help give you exposure.

6. Ask People to Invest You: You have to believe in yourself enough to ask others to believe in you! Be confident in what it is you do even if you have to fake it! Don’t be afraid to ask, all someone can say is no and then you move on. Eventually someone will say yes, but if you never ask you’ll never know and you can’t get to that yes.

7.Don’t Give Up: Nothing is acquired without some good old elbow grease. The most important thing you can do on this journey is to keep pushing forward and not give up.  The late Miles Munroe once said, “The wealthiest places in the world are not gold mines, oil fields, diamond mines or banks. The wealthiest place is the cemetery. There lies companies that were never started, masterpieces that were never painted… In the cemetery there is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential. There is a treasure within you that must come out. Don’t go to the grave with your treasure still within YOU.” If you give up you deprive others of your gifts and you don’t have the right to let that happen.

8. Imagine Your Vision as if it was Your Reality: Stay motivated to continue to pursue your dream by imagining how your life would look if you were living out your passion. I’m not trying to be all new age here, but envision how life would be different if you could live the vision you have for yourself. Start a vision board, right in a journal, whatever it is that keeps your vision alive, do it!

9. Be Kind to Yourself: Simply said don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t get caught up in the stinking thinking. Give yourself grace, patience and encouragement.

10. Celebrate the Small Victories- Those little victories should be acknowledged and no matter how small celebrate the small victories! Small victories lead to medium victories than bigger ones! Appreciate whatever blessings come your way.

Lastly, and this goes without saying always pray for guidance and stay in God’s will for your life!

A vision that came true for me! My cards in a coffee shop. If I wouldn't of just asked it wouldn't have happened! And guess what? They all sold but  1!
A vision that came true for me! My cards in a coffee shop. If I wouldn’t of just asked it wouldn’t have happened! And guess what? They all sold but 1!

A Sweet Slumber Party for My Super Sweet 9 Year Old!

My sweet girl is 9! I really can’t believe that I’ve had this incredible blessing of a human being in my life for almost a decade! Words can never adequately express the depths of my love for Anya, she is my heartbeat and I’m so overwhelmingly grateful for her! This year we had a slumber party and since her birthday fell on President’s Day we had the sleepover on Sunday with 3 of her friends. We did spa treatments, made flower crowns, ate, watched movies and danced. It was a  great time had by all! Here are a few snapshots of the weekend.

I wrapped the chair with burlap and stuck a  butterfly on it for a little whimsy :)
I wrapped the chair with burlap and stuck a butterfly on it for a little whimsy 🙂
This was the spa station!
This was the spa station!
I made the goody bags myself and just added little touches like the rolled washcloths and bowls for soaking their hands
I made the goody bags myself and just added little touches like the rolled washcloths and bowls for soaking their hands
I made the banner out of scrapbook paper and doolies and added lanterns and balloons
I made the banner out of scrapbook paper and doolies and added lanterns and balloons
I wanted the table to be light and pretty
I wanted the table to be light and pretty
A of course is for Anya
A of course is for Anya
We made flower crowns. Warning this wasn't that easy for little kids
We made flower crowns. Warning this wasn’t that easy for little kids
Anya loves chocolate so this was a hit!
Anya loves chocolate so this was a hit!
I hope her wishes all come true!
I hope her wishes all come true!
My Beautiful Girl
My Beautiful Girl

A Little Bit of Lovely- Try This Fun Canister Craft

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Here is an easy way to dress up your canisters. I needed a few canisters for my pantry so I bought a couple at Michaels for $2.00 and dressed them up. Cheap and easy! All I did was wrap some twine around them and add some cute emblems. The green canister has a round wooden circle that was about .25 and I painted it with chalkboard paint and glued it on the twine. The other canister I wrapped twine around it and added a cute little heart I had in my craft box. Check them out!

Black Board Tray and Crate DIY Project…So Easy!

I think a little DIY does the soul good. So on Saturday, I bought a couple cheap wooden trays and I already had chalkboard paint twine at home so I literally paid about $5.00 for this whole project because both trays I bought were 40% off and the crate I already had purchased awhile back. This was so easy and I love chalk board projects.

Just a simple tray

Paint it with chalkboard paint and add a couple coats and let dry

I added some twine to the sides and used it last night at dinner.

Plain crate that can fit books or toys

Finished project! I’m probably going to add something on front just not sure what exactly yet. 

 If you like the chalkboard look don’t spend a ton on pieces just find some cheaper unfinished piece and some chalkboard paint and you can do it quickly and inexpensively! This is also a fun project for kids to do in the summer and its easy!

Once a Dish Rack Now A Bed! Our Crafty Endeavor

My dish rack broke. I’ve had it for quite some time and finally it gave out on me. But, it isn’t leaving our home that quick! Anya my child with a great imagination wanted to make a bed out of it for her dolls. So I hot glued the sides and she painted the headboard. I think there is still more painting to do and then she will make the mattress and of course add covers to her make shift bed. It’s amazing what kids come up with! Look around your house and you can find plenty of crafts just waiting to be made 🙂

Stepping Outside the Box for 42!

I hope everyone is enjoying some sun! I know we are here in MD. I’ve been working on the porch to soak up all the rays I can. Sorry I haven’t written in a bit. It’s been busy around here. I can’t believe it is almost mid April, which means my birthday is 6 days away! I will be 42, how is that possible? No worries though you won’t hear me complaining about my age. In fact I look forward to becoming older, I want to be a seasoned woman LOL! No really though every year is a blessing and I find myself thanking God every day for my health and for just being able to experience life. So what’s happening on the cusp of my 42nd year? Well, I’m stepping out of the box… trying new things, exploring new relationships, and not doubting myself.

So, let’s start with exploring new relationships. You know I never talk about dating or guys, yeah, I know I just don’t, because I really never meet anyone and I’m not that interested in dating. But, ok I’ll share… I met someone. When our trip got cancelled to San Francisco I met a really nice guy at the hotel we were stuck at that night. He lives in another state, so we’ve just been texting and talking, but I like him. I’ll just leave it at this…I’m open to the possibility. That’s a good step right?

New things! I love crafting which is something I found out about myself a couple years ago. I also obviously love words, so I created some cards that I’m going to attempt to sell. I love combining the creativity and the words together, it is very cathartic. Take a look and tell me what you think and if you are interested in them please let me know! Who knows what will happen with this but why not try right?

Also, I really enjoy doing my broadcasts. You may have heard a couple of them, one was, “Why Bringing Your Kid to Church Matters,” and “The Single Mom Survival Tips.” I like to talk! So, I’m going to try to do a few a week. I would love to do them every morning, but we’ll see if I can be disciplined enough to do get up! So look for more of those broadcasts.

Lastly, I’m going to be more willing to take risks and put myself out there even if I fall on my face. A very sweet friend of mine from church asked me to fill in for her during our Ladies Bible Study class. At first I was going to write her back when I got the request and say are you crazy? LOL but then I prayed about it and I thought about how God gives us opportunities and maybe this was an opportunity to learn something about myself and to explore something I never tried. There is a dvd for 30 minutes so I don’t have to much time to fill in, but I’m really enjoying preparing and sharing with my fellow sisters in Christ.

So 42 I’m ready for you! I’m going for it! I’m going to try new things, be vulnerable, maybe succeed, maybe fall on my face and enjoy the journey! Hope you guys follow along 🙂