Count Your Blessings While Doing the Chores

Don’t you love chores? NOT! There are those daily chores that are so mundane that they can easily give us a case of the grumps. I have found if I find gratitude in doing them I’m a bit more thankful doing the daily things. When you’re doing chores try saying little prayers of gratitude that relate to that chore. For example, as I was washing the dishes last night with every scrub I gave thanks. It went something like this:

  • Scraping food off the plates- Thank you Lord for providing us with food for our bodies. 
  • Filling the sink with water- Lord, I am grateful for the clean water you provide us with not only to drink but to wash our dishes so that we can eat off of clean plates.
  • Scrubbing the dishes-Thank you Father for giving me the strength and use of my hands to be able wash these dishes. 
  • Drying the dishes and putting them away- I am so blessed to have a warm home where I can put my belongings away.
  • Cleaning off the dining room table- Lord, thank you for allowing my daughter and I to share another dinner together around the table. Thank you for the laughter and conversation, may we always stay this close. 

If we try hard enough we can always find the gratitude and blessings in our day to day routines no matter how mundane they may. The mundane reminds us of how event the simple things are blessings!

There are blessings in the mundane things in our daily lives
There are blessings in the mundane things in our daily lives

Got Summer Household Projects? Assign Them to the Kids!

Operation bathroom sink organization  underway!
Operation bathroom sink organization underway!

Summer time is fun time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a few projects around the house finished! Why not let the kids earn some extra money by assigning them age appropriate projects? It is a great way for them to learn some homemaking skills and add some responsibility to their plate. Here are a few projects my daughter will be working on this summer to earn a little cash.

  • Grind the coffee beans and put them in a container
  • Bathroom Sink organization
  • Linen closet organization
  • Putting fruit  into storage containers
  • Cleaning out the drawers
  • Assisting me with pantry organization
  • Assisting me with cleaning the basement (this is a long project)
  • Assisting me with filing and paper organization (this includes organizing her desk)

Some of these are really easy weekly chores, like grinding coffee beans and storing prepared fruit, however some of the skills I’m teaching her are how to cut a pineapple or watermelon (don’t worry she’s not using the knife), how to properly clean fruit and veggies, where to look for an expiration date on medicine bottles (under supervision of course),  and just the overall principals of organization. She’shaving some fun, helping me out and earning between .25 and $5.00 depending on the project. Whenever, they crying how bored they are think of a project that will keep them busy, teach them some household skills, and maybe put a little cash in their pocket!

Guest Post! Simple Household Management For Single Mothers

Being a single mother is certainly a great challenge, as you need to overcome the obstacles all by yourself and to manage to educate your children in the best possible way. The role of the parent is difficult enough and single mothers need to be armed with a lot of patience and strength when their daily routine is concerned. Apart from the cares around their children, single mothers also need to organize the household management in an effective way. Sometimes this turns out to be tiring, especially when they are too preoccupied with other issues such as helping the kids with their homework, or managing with other tasks connected with their work.




Thanks to this ultimate guide for single mothers you will be able to explore new ways in which to manage with the basic chores, even when your schedule is too tight.

Here are some innovative ideas that will definitely facilitate your schedule:

Establish Strict Schedule for the Household Duties

 It would be much easier if you have a schedule with the cleaning duties that you need to provide. This way you can fit other arrangements and you will become more organized and effective when managing with your tasks. Even if you are too busy during the week, make sure that you leave at least half an hour per day to check whether your rooms need some basic cleaning. Do not leave all the household chores for the weekend because two days are usually not enough to take up with all the tasks and to relax in the same way.

Involve the Children in the Household Chores

 Although you cannot completely count on children’s help when cleaning is concerned, they will help you to maintain your home sparkling clean. Ask them to be supportive and to handle some basic duties while you are at work or when you are preoccupied with other tasks. If you can count on your children for the household management, you will quickly find out that possessing shiny and well arranged home is possible even for single mothers.

Use Homemade Cleaning Products

Single mothers often have tight monthly budgets which is why the can turn to a cost effective decision when cleaning is concerned. Instead of spending a fortune on commercial cleaning products that often turn out to be ineffective, you can try to create homemade cleaners, that apart from being less expensive are also all natural. You can use natural products such as baking soda, white vinegar, borax and lemon juice- they are the basic ingredients in a wide range of green cleaning recipes.

Turn The Household Management Into A Fun Experience

 Do not feel depressed if you fail to manage with the cleaning tasks – after all every single mother deserves to take a break and to leave some time for relaxation. Turning your household management into a fun experience will definitely save you up a lot of nerves. Be a team with your children and find pleasure in the tiny cleaning tasks that you are required to do on a regular basis.

Organizing excellent household management for single mothers is possible in case you take into account the tips mentioned above. Single mothers often sacrifice their free time to provide the utmost care for their kids and for the house, without realizing that they also need a moment for relaxation. It is true that single mothers face a lot of difficulties but when they are organized and motivated they will be able to handle the household management in an excellent way. As long as single mothers make a suitable schedule for their duties they won’t meet difficulties in managing with the chores.

The article is contributed by Edna Thomson from MainCleaners Mill Hill

Step Up The Chores for Your Kids and They’ll Rise to the Challenge

This weekend I had to catch up on some serious cleaning because the previous week was crazy busy. One of the chores I despise is cleaning the bathroom. So… why not have my daughter clean it! LOL yes, these kids come in handy don’t they? I let her empty the garbage, clean the sink, the tile on the wall and the toilet…she loved it! I cleaned the tub for safety reasons, but other than that she tidied up the bulk of the bathroom. She really enjoyed using the plunger for the drain in our sink which keeps getting clogged. I wasn’t sure if she would be able to do that with all the pulling up and down, but it was what she excelled at most! Don’t underestimate your kids! Give them more challenging chores as they get older and you’ll be surprised as they rise to the occasion.


Get A Jump Start on Breakfast! Have the Kids Help

Mornings… Some of us love them others not so much. One thing is for sure your day can start out a good note if your morning isn’t chaotic. Don’t take on all the responsibility of the morning routine hand some of it over to your kids. One of Anya’s chores is to set the table for breakfast, this consists of her putting out her plate, napkin, cup and if I’m eating breakfast she’ll put out my plate as well. This helps me out, gives her a little responsibility, and hey its one less thing I have to do! Get your kids to fix the table for breakfast the night before and shave a few minutes off of your mom routine in the am!


Don't you love how she makes the napkin a little fancy :)
Don’t you love how she makes the napkin a little fancy 🙂

My Cleaning Routine for the Living Room

Living Room Cleaning Routine

  • Polish Coffee table, bookshelf, 2 end tables, table for television-Twice a week
  • Straighten pillows on couch and throw- Every other week
  • Clean under the couch- Every week
  • Clean pictures on wall and in frames-  Every other week
  • Vacuum underneath inside couch along with underneath and behind it- Every week
  • Remove any clutter- Every day
  • Straighten up baskets- Every week
  • Clean windows, window sills, and inside window sills-Every other week
  • Wipe books down-Every other week
  • Clean floors – Every other week
  • Clean drawers– Once a month






7 Easy Tips On How To Efficiently Use Your Time When Cleaning

What is that saying? How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I never really understood that, but when I’m cleaning I guess that is how I efficiently get things done, one bite at a time. A clean and organized house does wonders for your mind and attitude. But we’re busy right ladies? So, here is a little trick that I use so I don’t become overwhelmed… I use a timer, a regular old kitchen timer to pace myself and to figure out how long it actually takes to clean a specific room and or area. 
For example, my living room for the most part stays decent, so when I need to do some dusting, sweeping and sprucing up, I set my timer for 10 minutes and get to work. When I do this I’m less likely to bunny trail off into another room leaving a bunch of unfinished rooms. The timer also helps me to determine the amount of   time it takes to clean a room, so I can plan my week out more efficiently. Kids also love timers and I strongly encourage making a chores a game for them by setting the timer and daring them to beat the clock. 
Here are a few suggestions I have for efficient cleaning:
1. Pick out a kitchen timer if you don’t already have one. You can get one at the Dollar Store or get a cute vintage one like the one above from . Set the timer for each room for the amount of time you think it takes and make a mental note of what rooms need more attention and will take more of your time. Also if you can stick to the allotted time you give yourself.

2. Start cleaning the easiest room first. Quickly finishing a room gives you a boost of confidence and is a motivator to go to the next room.

3.Stay focused on the room you are cleaning. Hopping around will only frustrate you. 
4. Take a break in between rooms. When I get tired I get cranky and then I’m done. If I take a break after one or two rooms I’m more likely to have the energy to go on. 
5. Make a list at some point during the week of the chores you want to finish, so you can cross them off your list without forgetting.
6. Before you go into a room, make a mental note of everything you need to clean that room.
7.Make the most out of every minute and don’t put off what can be done today.

If I Can Get This Done This Week…

Now that life is not so crazy, I hope to be more intentional about my goals. So, I am going to try every week to list my goals and accomplish them! So if I can get the following done this week I’ll be a happy camper:

1. Workout at least 4x this week. (I had a great workout today and am reminded of how essential it is to my body and mind!)
2. Go Grocery shopping
3. Cook at home
4. Send evite for Anya’s campout next Saturday in our yard
5. Eat healthy
6. Write 3 blogs (hoping for more 🙂
7. Go to bible study
8. Read Romans and write in my prayer journal
9. Clean up (clean bathroom, bedroom, and clean my junk drawer in the kitchen)
10. Organize papers
11. Help Anya set her goals for the week
12.  Wash clothes
13. Do two helpful things for others
14. Send a hello card to my Aunt Mitzi with some picture of Anya
15. Put Anya’s Kindergarden pic/certificate in frame
16. Create a spiritual mission statement with Anya for our family
17. Begin writing a new article to submit to publications
18. Sewed on Girl Scout Patches
19. Prepare for Campout

Okay that’s enough some of this is simple enough others will take a concious effort, but I’m ready for the challenge!

Anya’s Responsibility Chart

I purchased this Responsibility Chart at a Christian Family Bookstore, one Sunday after church. Anya loves it and so do I! Every Sunday we sit down and decided what her responsibilities/goals are for the week. At the end of the day she reviews her goals and puts the smiley faces by the responsibilities she completed that day. Her goal is to get a specific number of smiley faces for the week. At the end of a week or sometimes two weeks she gets a reward if she meets her goal. The idea is to stick to the chart. She doesn’t get the reward if she doesn’t meet the goal. I also give her chances for a do over. You can purchase the chart on Amazon for as low as $11.51! This is a fun way to encourage your kids to do chores and learn responsibility!

Get Your Kids Moving! Make Chores Fun With A Timer!

I’m a big advocate of kids having chores and responsibilities at all ages. They are totally capable and it is good for them to participate in the maintenance of their home. It gives them a sense of pride, ownership, and let’s face it, it helps us out too! Plus one day are little angels will have their own families and homes so this chores are great way to prepare them. Make chores fun, by having them try to beat the clock. Get an inexpensive timer and set if for 15-20 minutes, or whatever is appropriate and have them try to finish their chores before the time goes off. If they have a sibling you can even create a little competition! You might even let them choose the timer themself!