Back To School Sales Tax Holidays! Find Your State!

School is back into session and every little discount matters! If you are looking to save some money take a look at the days your state offers Back to School Tax Holidays. Check out Bankrate’s Interactive Map to see if your state is offering a tax break on back to school shopping. When you click on the map you’ll be taken to the original posting which will take you to your state. Happy Shopping!



Big Sales Going on at Carter’s and Gymboree! Up to 40% Off!

Did the kids outgrow their spring clothes over winter? Now be a good time to stock up at Gymboree  Outlet Stores and Carters which are both having some pretty awesome sales!

Looking for Easter outfits? Go to a Gymboree Outlet where everything  is 40% off!

Find a Gymboree Outlet near you for these great discounts!
Find a Gymboree Outlet near you for these great discounts!

Carters has a bunch of stuff on sale for $10 and under! Get body suits, rompers and hoodies for$10 and under! They also have a 20% and 15% coupon for additional discounts on your purchases.


Update on My Car Pay Off!

Awhile back I had a post about a goal of mine to pay off my car by the end of the year. Well, I am working towards it and some circumstances have changed so I’m not adding as much extra money as I anticipated, but the numbers aren’t looking bad. Here is the snapshot of where I am currently:

July Payments
July 15th – $280.00
July 25th- $50 (extra)

August Payments
August 8th- $227.00
August 14th- $30.00 (extra)

Pay Off Amount
$1355.48 not including the payment added today

Basically, I need to pay roughly 332.50 each month to pay it off by December. I’m determined, but the fact that it is at this amount makes me happy and I see the end! I’ll keep updating you on this goal.

What I Bought On My Traer Joe’s Haul.. For Under $100

Last evening was another hot date with Trader Joe’s! But, this time I brought along a friend who I think I can safely say is hooked. Yes, Trader Joe’s if you read this you should hire me to do some of your outreach work! Ok, so I big time stuck to budget matter of fact I’m under my budget of $150.00! I only spent $99.22! I do have to get a few other things they didn’t have like garbage bags, and slider buns, and a couple more things but I believe I will end up under budget. So here is what I bought:

Coffee Medium Roast- $4.99
Quart of Milk- $1.39
Lemonade  and Iced Tea- $2.99 (tastes super good)
Water .49 (was dying to thirst)
French Fries-$1.99
Green Beans- $2.69
Mexican Cheese- $3.99 (Mexican lasagna)
Asian Won Ton Chicken Cilantro- $2.99
Ice Cream Sandwiches- $2.99
Turkey Meat (2 Packages) 1@$4.29 and 1@$3.99
Organic Plain Yogurt- $2.99
Chicken Drumsticks (2 Packages)  1@$2.58 and 1@$2.49
Shu Mai Chicken Dumplings (2 Boxes) -$2.99
Frozen Pineapple- $1.79
Frozen Mango-$2.69
Roasted Turkey Breast- $2.99
Salsa Pico de Gall0-$2.99
Cuban style black beans- $.99
Goya Shrimp and Veggie Potstickers- $4.79 (love these)
Grapes- $3.69
Strawberries- $2.79
Bag of Sweet Organic potatoes-$3.69
Brussells Sprouts- $1.19
Parisian carrots-$1.69
Spinach Tortellini-$1.99
Soy Sesame Dressing- $1.9
Brown eggs- $2.39
Butter lettuce-$1.99
Champs Elysees salad- $1.99
Bananas -$1.33
Strawberry Preserves- $2.99
Clif Bars (5)- $3.45
Corn on the Cob (4 @.49)- $1.96

Grand Total: $99.22

A successful shopping trip!